One Square Meter of Prairie

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What can be found in a square meter of prairie? You’ll be surprised. From the Field Natural History Plants Traveling Naturalist

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A New Year Begins! But First–A Celebration of My 2018 Top Ten Birds

10,000 Birds

Baird’s Sparrows are true prairie birds, and their population is declining as their grassland habitat is cultivated for agriculture. Happy New Year, 10,000 Birds readers and writers, listers and photographers, friends and fellow travelers near and far!

2019 219

Collaborative list – December 2018

10,000 Birds

Best wishes to you all for 2019, keep safe and keep birding. So what do you want first? The numbers? The accolades? The lifers? December’s collaborative results also summarises the year’s efforts, so this is December 2018 and the rest of 2018 all rolled into one sentence.

2019 141

Well, it’s about bridging the cultural divide, with an initial focus on the death of a young woman.

Elephant Journal

A Prairie View A&M University graduate. You might remember Sandra Bland. Young. Beautiful. Newly employed. Eager. Her name is now commonly mentioned in discussions on criminal justice reform. If you don’t, let me remind you. Her death may have taken place in 2015, but it feels like another time, another era. Because on a normal […].

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Collaborative List – July 2018

10,000 Birds

And so to summer. Traditionally, the slow season, but the beats have mopped their collective brow and outdone their previous efforts. The UK has been birded clean by Tom as he ends his Little Big Year (Part 1).

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Collaborative List – November 2018

10,000 Birds

A big thank you goes out to Tristan, who demonstrated that at least one person reads this drivel. He pointed out that Illinois had been sadly neglected up to this point, so Redgannet made a special visit to Chicago to redress this oversight.

2018 141

Collaborative list – August 2018

10,000 Birds

Is it wrong of me to go birding to get away from the kids now that they are at home all day? August is the make or break month for relationships. Can the whole family live together in harmony during the school holidays? Bravo if you have. Happy birding if you suddenly find yourself single.

2018 130

Collaborative list – September 2018

10,000 Birds

The nights are drawing in and the mornings are cooler and noticeably damper. It’s September and time for birds to start their southerly journeys. The beats have been out to line their route and cheer them along, wishing them bon voyage and a safe return next spring.

2018 141

Combined Beats’ List – September

10,000 Birds

Duncan has been in Africa, sweeping all before him like a brush fire. Through Botswana during the first week of September, then into Ethiopia with a late flourish, he has carried the list to 2191 as at September 30t h.

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