4 US States Have Lowered Greenhouse Gas Emissions Below 1990 Levels

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Tags: Carbon/ GHG Reduction Connecticut 27% by 2020 Delaware 18% by 2019 lower greenhouse gas emissions Massachusetts 15% by 2020 New York 25% by 2013 Renewable Energy Standards states

University of Oklahoma to Shut Down its Baboon Research


After years under scrutiny from animal rights organizations, the University of Oklahoma has announced it will phase out its baboon research program by 2019. The University’s facilities currently house 199 Read More The post University of Oklahoma to Shut Down its Baboon Research appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes Lifestyle News Science Top News

Utah Wants to Become a No-Kill State


Utah is not satisfied with rescuing animals, it wants to bring down the number of killed shelter pets to zero by 2019. The state’s Best Friends Animal Society announced on Read More The post Utah Wants to Become a No-Kill State appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News

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Vegan fast-food chain lands $22 million in funding for expansion


They anticipate doubling in size by 2019. Investors are noticing the popularity of vegan food. Grub Street reports that Californian fast-casual chain Veggie Grill has wooed new and existing investors to the tune of $22 million dollars.

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Call for Papers | Marine Resource Economics | Special Issue on Attribute Non-Attendance

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  Marine Resource Economics is soliciting contributions for a special issue on the topic of AN-A in choice experiments of marine ecosystem goods and services in Volume 34 (2019).  Call for Papers. Marine Resource Economics. Special Issue on Attribute Non-Attendance in Choice Experiments of Marine Ecosystem Goods and Services.   Special Issue Editors:  Daniel K. Lew and John C. Whitehead.

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What Incentives and Rebates Are Available for Solar Power?


It can be taken on thirty percent of the amount of investment in the solar system (after any rebates) through 2019. Construction of the system must have begun by 2019 to take advantage of the full thirty percent credit. The average payback period for.

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European Parliament vs petrol lawnmowers

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Also Diesel locomotives, bulldozers, harvesting machines for agriculture and inland navigation vessels, that is to say freight and passenger ships that use rivers and canals, as well as those on lakes, fall under those new regulations, which will come into force either 2018 or 2019.

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SeaWorld Replaces Orca Exploitation With Nicer Sounding Orca Exploitation


As far as SeaWorld is concerned, the Orlando and San Antonio parks claim to be ending their current shows by 2019. Sploosh! Let’s praise the “animal rights activists” for their tremendous work in San Diego over the last year.

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EU is now one step closer to reduce the massive use of plastic bags in Europe

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It was the European Parliament which voted in favor of a proposal from the European Commission to reduce the consumption of lightweight plastic bags by half in 2017 and by 80 percent in 2019, compared to 2010 levels.

South Korea Building 2.5 GW Offshore Wind Farm

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The wind farm will be built off the southwestern coast of South Korea will include about 500 turbines and is expected to be completed by 2019. South Korea is getting into the wind power game with a bold, 2.5 GW project will cost about $8.2 billion to build. Companies like Hyundai Heavy Industries and Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering are constructing the turbines. The government is paying for most of it, but private investors will need to finance the remainder.

A revenue neutral carbon tax in. New Jersey

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By fiscal year 2019, the tax cut component will reduce revenues by $1.07 Jared Walczak at the Tax Foundation : On November 1st, New Jersey residents will start paying considerably higher gas taxes, with the rate rising from 14.5 to 37.5 cents per gallon (cpg) as part of a broader tax deal negotiated between Governor Chris Christie (R) and Democratic leadership in the state legislature. The

Rheinmetall and Steyr Mannlicher offer new RS556 assault rifle system

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This innovative weapon is a possible candidate for the new “System Sturmgewehr Bundeswehr”: the German armed forces intend to replace their standard G36 assault rifle with a more advanced system starting in 2019.

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Pale Male is Dead: Long Live Pale Male!

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In 2019, when he would match the record for oldest wild Red-tailed Hawk ? First, before I get to the point of this post, I would like to say that no, there is no body. No mishap has occurred, no disaster, no accident. No one witnessed Pale Male’s passing, there was no funeral, no mourning. The world’s most famous hawk, the most popular denizen of Central Park, is still being seen regularly.

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Zaha Hadid Greens Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic Stadium Design

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” In addition to serving the Olympic Games, the stadium should be ready in time for the 2019 Rugby World Cup. Japan has won the bid to host the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo and Zaha Hadid has been picked to retrofit its National Stadium.

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Daily Demand and Supply: I'm all for environmental regulations until my AC stops working and I need Freon

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The order called for an immediate drop from 51 million pounds allowed in 2014 to 22 million pounds in 2015, 18 million pounds in 2016, 13 million pounds in 2017, 9 million pounds in 2018, and 4 million pounds in 2019. In 1987, the Montreal Protocol, an international treaty to address atmospheric ozone depletion, established timelines for the phasing out of Chloroflourocarbons (CFCs) and Hydrochloroflourocarbons (HCFCs). 

Zaha Hadid’s 2020 Olympic Stadium Thwarted by Japanese Peers

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More than just a temporary stadium for the 2020 Olympics, the Tokyo National Olympic Stadium to be constructed in Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park will also host the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

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With Economic Rise, Green Power Rises In Indonesia

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Presently 12 percent is contributed by geothermal; that’s set to touch 18 percent by 2019. Sofyan estimates an additional 6,000 MW from new geothermal projects by 2019 and another 6,100 MW from large and small hydro plants.

Häuser können eigene Kraftwerke zur Stromerzeugung sein

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EU-Beschluss: Gebäude müssen ab 2019 ihre Energie selbst produzieren. Eigene Energie vom Dach des Hauses zur Eigenversorgung Industrie erzeugt eigenen Strom Mit dem Anstieg der Energiepreise erhöhen sich meist auch Ihre Energie-, Strom- und Lebenshaltungskosten.

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How Much Do Solar Panel Installations Cost in the U.S.?


The most attractive incentive is the 30 percent federal investment tax credit, which was just recently extended until 2019. With electricity prices on the rise, this may be the perfect time to invest in solar energy.

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What Methanol Means for the Northwest

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per facility—and the project backers hope to begin initial operations in early 2019. On its website, Northwest Innovation Works says that it hopes to complete a first phase in early 2018 and a second phase by early 2019. Pipeline by Travis used under CC BY-NC 2.0

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Should I Get Solar Panels Now in 2018 or Wait?


Due to legislation passed in 2015, the ITC will begin declining each year after 2019 and will be phased out entirely for residential solar in just a few short years. As a homeowner, installing solar panels on.

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The Island, movie review

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In the year 2019, Lincoln Six Echo (Ewan McGregor) and Jordan Two Delta (Scarlett Johansson) live in an isolated community where behavior is governed by a set of strict rules. From its metaphoric title to its powerful end, Director Michael Bay’s The Island had me fully engaged.

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Holy cow! Bovine burps blamed for climate change?

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” The Danish study – which runs through 2019 – builds on earlier research by the lead scientist from the Penn State team, and will include testing on several organic dairy farms.

The World’s First Rural Feed-In Tariff?

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More importantly, there are new initiatives being announced all the time, including the Rockefeller foundation’s $100 million, 1,000 mini-grids in India (where Prime Minister Modi has promised solar for all by 2019 ). How do we move clean energy access beyond just a light bulb?

Obama directs government to triple use of clean energy by 2020

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percent between 2018 and 2019. President Obama issued an executive order on Dec. 5, calling for an increase in solar, wind, and other renewable energy for federal agencies , to 20 percent by 2020. That''s three times the amount that the agencies are currently using. The usage is expected to go up by 10 percent by 2015, at least 15 percent between 2016 and 2017, and 17.5

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Scientists Predict Arctic Will Be Ice Free By 2016

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However, the scientists believe there is a strong possibility that by the end of the decade, as in 2019, the Arctic may be ice free in the summer.

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Wind Energy Increases In Northwest May Be Aided By Electric Vehicles

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The states in the Northwest United States, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming, are expected to install 10 gigawatts of energy through wind by the year 2019. One of the major hurdles facing renewable energy is connecting the energy generated to the grid.

Morocco’s Hydroelectric, Wind and Solar on Track for 2020?s 42% Green Goal

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The second phase, which addresses the medium term and runs between 2013 and 2019, seeks to diversify electricity production by increasing the proportion generated through renewables and natural gas.

Company To Build World’s Largest Solar Field

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The entire solar field would be expected to be complete by 2019. The First Solar company based in Tempe, Arizona currently makes the most solar cells of any other company. In addition to that feat, the company may also soon close a deal to build the largest solar field in the world. First Solar recently announced that they had signed a so-called “memorandum of understanding” with China to build a solar field in Inner Mongolia.

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Off-Grid, Clean Energy Access For All

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In Bangladesh, 80,000 solar home systems are being installed every single month while neighboring India has promised solar for all by 2019. One in five people around the world, approximately 1.3 billion people, lack access to electricity.

Why Are Solar Panels so Expensive? Here’s a Breakdown of Solar System Costs


However, this tax credit will be valid only for solar systems installed before 2019. Solar power rising installation trend continues. growing worldwide reaching almost 300 gigawatts (GW) with a huge increased new addition in 2016 (nearly 75 GW).

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Step by Step Solar Panel Installation – A Comprehensive Guide


Solar panel installation procedures have. simplified over the last years making it possible for more than a million of U.S. households to go solar.

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Haley Barbour’s Red State Pays $100 Million to Israeli Biofuel Co for CleanTech

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The first processing plant is due to open in 2012, and three larger plants in 2015, 2017 and 2019. Climate change hits America’s Red States hard – but there’s plenty of wood waste there for clean biofuel energy production – that could head off even worse climate change.

Greenpeace Raises More Questions Over Jordan’s Nuclear Plans

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Jordan hopes to generate electricity from nuclear power by 2019. :: Greenpeace. :: Image via Greenpeace Arabic.

Can Nuclear Power Ever Be Justified For Environmental Reasons?

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Jordan won’t be making electricity from nuclear energy until 2019 and that’s if the contractors don’t experience any delays or problems. Jordan looks into the advantages of nuclear and we debunk the ‘green’ arguments for going nuclear.

New E-Waste Law In EU Increases Recycling Rate

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This will increase to sixty-five tons by the year 2019. The world today relies heavily on technology, technology which advances daily. These advancements lead to discarded technological devices, such as televisions, cell phones and computers.

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Hatem Yavuz is the King of Seal Killers

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Hatem Yavuz buys the pelts of every one of the 86,000 seal pups that are slaughtered every year in Namibia. Every year in Namibia, 86,000 Cape Fur Seal pups are butchered to death and only one man has the contract to turn their fur into so-called fashionable apparel.

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Uncertainty, Rising Costs Cloud Indian Coal Sector After Landmark Supreme Court Rulings

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As has been widely reported, all indications are that Prime Minister Modi takes solar power very seriously -- including a pledge to provide solar power for all by 2019. India’s coal bubble is perilously close to bursting.

1/3 of Women and Girls Worldwide Don’t Have Toilets: Here’s Why That’s a Feminist and Environmental Issue

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For example, in India, home to 60 percent of the world’s 1 billion people who relieve themselves in the open air, the government has pledged that all its citizens will have access to a lavatory by 2019.

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World Wind Power Poised to Bounce Back after Slowing in 2013

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Some 10,000 megawatts of wind may be installed in Brazil between 2014 and 2019.