Kentucky to Fully Ban Veal Crates By 2018


Read More The post Kentucky to Fully Ban Veal Crates By 2018 appeared first on Ecorazzi. Kentucky becomes the eighth state in the US to ban the use of cruel veal crates. Animals Causes News Top News

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Whole Foods to Label all Foods with GMOs by 2018


Whole Foods has announced that by 2018, all foods containing GMOs will be labeled so people can make an informed choice. Read More The post Whole Foods to Label all Foods with GMOs by 2018 appeared first on Ecorazzi.

2018 11

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Experience the (new, artificial, and made-in-America) Middle East! Coming to Dubai in 2018

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Leonardo DiCaprio to build world’s greenest island resort in Belize

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Upon completion (scheduled for 2018), Blackadore Caye promises to be the greenest island resort ever built, says DiCaprio, an avid scuba diver and one of Hollywood’s most environmentally active stars. | Green Travel News | Leonardo DiCaprio’s next big starring role: developer of “the world’s most sustainable island resort” at Blackadore Caye, Belize.

WV Directs FirstEnergy to Double Energy Efficiency by 2018

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On October 7, the West Virginia Public Service Commission issued an order requiring FirstEnergy to, among other things, double its energy efficiency target to one percent annually by 2018. Lincoln County, West Virginia, before mountaintop-removal mining.

GMO Arctic Apple hitting the shelves

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An Arctic Gala could be approved in 2018. First GMO apple slices to go on sale in Midwest by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The first genetically modified apples to be sold in the U.S. will debut in select Midwestern stores next month.

2018 11

Qatar to Invest Up to $20 Billion in Solar

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The $10-$20 billion plant is expected to be complete in 2018 and will be built in a concession format, Reuters reports. Like Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia, Qatar uses up a lot of its own fossil fuels – either to power energy-intensive desalination plants or complicated subsidies.

US unveils historic plan to cut carbon emissions with 30 percent by 2030

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But the plan might not come into effect until 2017 or 2018 – long after Obama has left office. Today the Obama administration announced its plan to cut 30 percent of carbon emissions from power plants by 2030.

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Recovery: Prairie Reprise

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Delta Waterfowl’s John Devney looks on the bright side, noting that the unmet CRP demand has ignited “a political firestorm” inducing politicians, anti-environmentalists included, to demand a big CRP-cap increase in the 2018 Farm Bill.

Aprés COP 18: Will Qatar Rebound with Solar?

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That project is planned to be operational by 2018. With free water and electricity, and the world’s largest carbon footprint, is Qatar’s new stance on solar a bona fide shift towards fossil fuel alternatives or are they simply catching the latest fashion?

2018 18

Jordan’s 6,000 mosques to be sun-powered

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The country aims to secure 10 percent of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2020 and expects 1,800 megawatts to be linked to its national power grid by 2018.

Four Carbon Cap-Tax Hybrids

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Switzerland’s 2012 ordinance set the tax at 36 Swiss francs (about US$37) per ton and authorized increases to 60 francs in 2014, 72 or 84 francs in 2016, and 96 francs in 2018. per ton in 2018 instead of $27.60. in 2018, instead of $27.60.

About $3750 per EPA job loss

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  The buyout fund also comes as the Trump administration considers a 2018 budget proposal that would see the EPA shed 3,200 jobs. This is tempting: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is setting aside $12 million to pay for employee buyouts, officials wrote in a memo this week.

Jurassic World 2 rumoured to focus on animal rights


As Ray Arnold famously suggested, we’ll hold onto our butts until the 2018 release. Whether or not you enjoy sequels, there might be a reason to check out Jurassic World 2.

I want to go somewhere nice

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I hope I can make it in 2018, wherever it is.

Qatar’s Polysilicon Manufacturing to Help Supply Kingdom’s Solar Goal

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Qatar to tap the solar potential of the middle east to supply 10 percent of its electricity by 2018. Image via Shutterstock.

Volkswagen AG Will Build EVs in China

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Because they are counting on China to pass GM and Toyota as the world’s biggest automaker by 2018, they are putting their chips into the nation that they believe will be able to meet the demand for cars that are less polluting. Volkswagen has plans in motion to manufacture their electric vehicles in China starting in 2013.

Remember That Catastrophic Natural Gas Leak in California? Yeah, That Could Happen Again

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In the wake of Aliso Canyon, lawmakers created a commission to develop federal safety regulations for underground storage wells by June 2018. NatureNet Science Update. The largest accidental release of greenhouse gases in U.S.

"Proof That a Price on Carbon Works"

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In Alberta, a new government announced in November that it would impose a tax of 30 Canadian dollars on most greenhouse gas emissions by the start of 2018. From the New York Times editorial page: Lawmakers who oppose taking action to lower greenhouse gas emissions by putting a price on carbon often argue that doing so would hurt businesses and consumers. But the energy policies adopted by some American states and Canadian provinces demonstrate that those arguments are simply unfounded.

The Thin Green Line Is Stopping Coal and Oil in Their Tracks

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In 2009, Enbridge announced its intention to seek regulatory approval and published a timeline that showed construction starting in mid-2014 and operations commencing in 2018. “Everybody outside the Northwest thinks that’s where energy projects go to die.”

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France offers €200 subsidy on electric bike purchases

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As published on the French government site Legifrance , citizens can claim their €200 financial assistance (one per person) through January 31, 2018, for the purchase of a pedal-assist electric bike "with a net maximum power of less than 3 kW" and not having a lead-acid battery.

Ein Hektar Sibirien für alle

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Jurij Trutnew, Russlands Beauftragter für den Fernen Osten, hofft darauf, dass es schon 2018 so weit ist, wie er zuletzt der „Rossijskaja Gaseta“ sagte. Es ist Russlands neue Bodenreform: Seit dem 1.

Lycored Replaces Red 40 With Kosher and Halal Tomato Dye

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LycoRed estimates show that the worldwide market for lycopene could reach $84 million by 2018, up from $66 million in 2010.

UniVerve Chooses Microalgae For Award-Winning Biofuel Business

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Founded in 2009, with its official Israel debut at Israel’s WATEC 2011 , a renewable energy and water technology conferenc, hosted last November, UniVerve has ambitions to take a central role in, what the company says will be, a $100 billion global biofuel industry by 2018.

Plan to Increase Access to Results of EPA-Funded Scientific Research

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  Non-ORD intramural research data effective during 2018. Phase 3 – All EPA extramural research publications and related data effective with funding agreements completed during 2018.

Energy-generating roads to be built on four continents in 2017

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A spokeman said they plan to commercialize the technology in 2018, and expect to have the product available within the next three years for installation on private roads and driveways.

What Methanol Means for the Northwest

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On its website, Northwest Innovation Works says that it hopes to complete a first phase in early 2018 and a second phase by early 2019. Pipeline by Travis used under CC BY-NC 2.0

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A Relevant Reading List to Save our Libraries. {10 Must-Read Books}

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President Trump's 2018 budget seeks to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts, which also includes the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). Why is this week particularly important right now? This means that our public libraries could be defunded within the next year. This is the time to bring attention to this issue and to #saveIMLS.

B&Q to close 60 stores and axe 3000 jobs

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Already in 2014 rival DIY chain Homebase announced that it would close a quarter of its stores – about 80 outlets – in the period up to early 2018. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) DIY chain B&Q is to close as many as 60 stores in a shake-up set to impact on 3,000 jobs. B&Q's parent company Kingfisher, which also owns Screwfix, wants to cut about 15% of surplus space through the review of its 360-strong B&Q estate.


36 Years Opposing Ringling Bros. Circus, 36 Years Wasted


So after 146 years, the Ringling Bros. Circus is coming to an end this May. PETA would have you believe that their 36 years of protests are responsible for this supposedly momentous turn of events – the reality is really quite different.

Scope of Gateway Pacific Analysis is Bad News for Coal Industry

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Hot off the presses : the three “co-lead” agencies in charge of reviewing the proposed Gateway Pacific coal export terminal at Cherry Point, Washington have published the scope of their review. The major takeaway is that it’s bad news for the coal industry. The industry did win an empty victory with the Army Corps of Engineers, the sole federal agency at the table, which opted for a narrow scope of review. But in the end it doesn’t much matter.

2018 12

I think this significantly enhances our bid for the Olympics*

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OK, maybe the 2018 World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists?**. SmartAsset, a personal-finance technology company, has named Columbus the fifth best city in the country for conferences. The group’s report looked at nine metrics, including hotels and their cost, the violent-crime rate and the distance from the airport to the city’s center. It noted that Columbus has an average hotel room rate of $123, and that the average cost of a restaurant meal is low, at $22.

Scottish potato enthusiasts go for Gold Medal hat trick at Chelsea Flower Show

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The display will feature a new variety, Vizelle, which will be launched in September 2017 ready for the 2018 growing season.

eliminating orca breeding is a step forward for Seaworld’s business, a step backwards for animals


When it was announced that elephants would no longer be featured in the circus , starting in 2018, the focus wasn’t given to the animals already there, or the ones that would replace them. SeaWorld has announced the breaking news that they will no longer be breeding orcas. And just as quickly as the media ate it up, vegans and non-vegans everywhere started posting this “victory” to their feeds.

BP has funded a book critical of the contingent valuation method

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My book review is forthcoming in 2018**.  Exactly one week after the CVM article estimating BP damages appears in Science  this book critical of the CVM is being published: Contingent Valuation of Environmental Goods: A Comprehensive Critique.

Unraveling the Mystery of Hawksbill Sea Turtle Migration

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He plans to tag an additional 10 turtles in 2017 and 2018 to see if the migration routes and foraging grounds change from year to year. An outboard motor roars in the distance, quickly approaching the island as the sun crests over the distant horizon.

Landfill Of Lettuce: Why Were These Greens Tossed Before Their Time?

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And we wondered how the fast-growing, packaged produce and salads category — which is expected to approach $7 billion in sales by 2018 — might contribute to waste. Here's a scenario lots of us can relate to: tossing a bag of lettuce because it sat too long in the back of the fridge.

The new EPA

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"We are hopeful that an updated BOSC Executive Committee and the five subcommittees can resume their work in 2018 and continue providing ORD with thoughtful recommendations and comments," he wrote in urging departing members to reapply. More cuts er.non-renewals for the EPA Board of Scientific Counselors : U.S.

The sun keeps shining bright: World solar power topped 100,000 megawatts in 2012

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Now 30 countries are on that list, which the International Energy Agency (IEA) projects will more than double by 2018. The IEA estimates, perhaps conservatively, that world PV capacity will more than triple by 2018 to 308,000 megawatts—at peak power, the generating equivalent of 300 large nuclear plants. The world installed 31,100 megawatts of solar photovoltaics (PV) in 2012—an all-time annual high that pushed global PV capacity above 100,000 megawatts.

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I bailed out at the last minute

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We look forward to next year's conference: March 14-16, 2018 in Washington, D.C.! From the inbox: The Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis Ninth Annual Conference and Meeting took place on  March 15-17  in Washington, DC. Thank you to all who attended! We had a record registration of approximately 320 conference attendees from 16 countries, and appreciate all that you did to help make this year's events so successful and productive.