The Nemesis Cat Defeated!

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I had spent six months living in suitable rainforest habitat in Uganda, and been on innumerable safari walks , drives and cruises were they might be found. If I were to describe my long time wildlife nemesis, my ultimate dip of dips, I would reach for a nemesis cat, not a nemesis bird. For there is no species that I had more comprehensively failed to see than the Leopard.

15 expat-friendly countries for a birder to move to

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Uganda (987 / 1083). What are the best countries for a passionate birder to move to? And why? I discovered this map a while ago, hidden somewhere at the not so easy to navigate BirdLife International’s website, and I have used it as my computer wallpaper ever since. Usually, I interchange some birdy wallpapers several times per month, but this one has stayed for several months already. It makes me think what is the meaning of life, the universe and everything? Why am I here?

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Obama sends US troops to Uganda to help combat the LRA – but is oil the true reason?

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Oil have been found in the underground below Lake Albert on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Production of 150,000 barrels of oil per day by 2015 place Uganda among top 50 oil producing nations is planned.

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Danum Valley: Simply the Best

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But a a package, if I had to rate the best places I’ve ever been birding, the only place I can think that comes close is Mweya, in Uganda, or maybe Tikal, in Guatemala. Danum Valley is the finest birding location I have ever been to. … I typed the above sentence and then dared myself to defend it. It’s a strong sentence, and one I’ll struggle to justify with my poor grasp of English and reputation towards hyperbole.

Tribes and Birds of the Lower Omo Valley by Adam Riley

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Even more so, was locating a family of Dusky Babblers , these rarely encountered birds occur mostly in inaccessible regions of South Sudan and northern Uganda, and this was my only lifebird of the trip. Ethiopia, a landlocked country situated in the Horn of Africa, has firmly established itself as one of Africa’s top birding destinations.

Global warming expert fine tunes weather predictions

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The night before the Israel Defense Forces’ 1976 mission rescuing over 200 hostages from hijackers in Entebbe, Uganda, Tel Aviv University’s Prof.

The Next Decade's Top Sustainability Trends

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As former Shell Oil CEO Jeroen van der Veer said in a 2008 email to employees, "Shell estimates that after 2015, supplies of easy-to-access oil and gas will no longer keep up with demand." Existing cities in Latin America (Havana, Cuba--pictured above--and Quito, Ecuador), Africa (Dar Es Salam, Tanzania; Kampala, Uganda) and Asia (Seoul, South Korea), have produced significant quantities of produce or aquaculture within their city limits.

Urban Research Symposium 2009

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