Limestone Genre Expo—July 2015

The Alien Next Door

I recently attended the inaugural festival of the Limestone Genre Expo (July 25, 2015) in Kingston waterfront Kingston, Ontario. Aurora-winning short story author Douglas Smith gave an informative workshop on how to market and sell your short stories.

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Mapping Ocean Wealth – Informing a Sustainable Ocean Economy

Conservancy Talk

The theme of my tweet and my Economist Summit talk is informed by a long history of NGO rhetoric. This post first appeared on National Geographic’s Ocean Views blog. I’m a somewhat recalcitrant tweeter.

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2015 Kenneth G. Elzinga Distinguished Teaching Award

Environmental Economics

The winner was announced at the 2015 meeting of the Southern Economic Association in New Orleans, LA on Sunday, November 22, and was awarded a plaque and a cash award. Called the “Food for Thought Cluster,” this collection of courses encourages students to integrate their economic reasoning with other disciplinary approaches to become informed consumers in what they eat and how it affects their health and well-being, using the Asheville area as a laboratory for these investigations.

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An Open Letter from a Trauma Therapist to Yoga Teachers: 12 Simple Ways to Make Your Classes More Trauma-Informed.

Elephant Journal

What I offer you here are some simple suggestions from a trauma therapist who loves yoga that teachers in all styles can take into account to make your classes safer for a general public. Health & Wellness Yoga Adjustments advice compassion health safety studios teachers therapy trauma

How to Anchor the Mind to the Present Moment.

Elephant Journal

When we think of "meditation," we often visualize a person sitting in lotus position with their fingers perched on their knees in a certain mudra. This is one of thousands of ways we can meditate.

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Prespa Lakes National Park, Greece: the largest Dalmatian Pelican colony in the world

10,000 Birds

As mentioned above, the best topographic maps of the area, accompanied by a walking guide describing 14 nature tours in full detail, can be obtained at the Society for the Protection of Prespa (or order it online ) Also, there is a National Park Information Centre in the village of Agios Germanos.

A Little Tern flagged in Taiwan visits Australia

10,000 Birds

The engraved blue leg flag read “M1” and there was also a metal band around the right tarsus, but it is no longer necessary to get that information with the presence of engraved leg flags. There are people out there that do manage it and information can be gained from the reading! You can never get too much information on an individually marked shorebird! The next observation was right here in Broome on 11th December 2015!

Scientists (Re)Re-discover the Australian Night Parrot. Now What?

Nature Conservancy - Science

April 4, 2015. Murphy and Barr also gleaned more information about the species’ calls. Ornithologist Steve Murphy and Rachel Barr are tramping through the bush at a secret location in southwestern Queensland, Australia.

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Camera Traps, Reef Restoration & Satellite Imagery: Meet the 2015 Science Impact Project Class

Nature Conservancy - Science

The 2015 class of SIP participants includes scientists from Africa, Oceania, and North and South America tackling conservation problems as diverse as artisanal fisheries management, sustainable agriculture, and tropical deforestation.

SESYNC Postdoctoral Socio-Environmental Immersion Program 2015

Environmental Economics

The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) invites applications for two-year postdoctoral fellowships that begin June 1, 2015. For the 2015 postdoc cohort, the scholars will come from ecology, economics, anthropology, and sociology. Visit for additional information on Research Collaborators. Visit for additional information.

Big White Bird survey

10,000 Birds

Although the official date for the Big White Bird survey is on October 11th 2015 the organisers are happy to receive any information on Sulphur-crested Cockatoos and Australian White Ibis now anywhere in Australia. Some birds have been fitted with GPS tracking devices and move information on their movements will be discovered with this new modern technology. Information on the research is available on the Royal Botanic Garden website.

Wellness Guru Faked Cancer: Why it Matters to be an Informed Consumer.

Elephant Journal

I am distressed by the vitriol in the arguments on this topic. I am dismayed by the lack of objectivity. And, I am horrified by some of the marketing and advertising ploys that take advantage of this. Food Health & Wellness app Belle Gibson blogger chemicals faked cancer GMO organic The Whole Pantry

Bananas to Bats: The Science Behind the First Bats Successfully Treated for White-Nose Syndrome

Nature Conservancy - Science

When white-nose syndrome was first documented, we were scrambling to find information,” says Katie Gillies, director of the imperiled species program at Bat Conservation International (BCI). “We A little brown bat successfully treated for white-nose syndrome is about to be released.

Can Big Data Save the World’s Fisheries?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Two large NGOs recently rolled out big data technology platforms that utilize satellite information to monitor and detect illegal fishing activity. Photo: © Nick Hall. By Lotus Vermeer.

A Terek Sandpiper flagged in Japan visits Australia

10,000 Birds

It is actually more likely on an out-going tide that the shorebird will sit down and you don’t get all of the information! We are still awaiting the exact information from Japan as to when it received its engraved blue flag and plain white flag, but as soon as we know the history of Terek Sandpiper “023” we will let you know!

San Francisco – short of time and money.

10,000 Birds

However, my latest trip reminded me that when an out-of-town birder arrives in a strange city (in this case San Francisco ) pertinent information should be to hand. Redgannet, the blog, has taken a back seat while 10,000 Birds does most of the driving and Mrs Gannet does the navigating, so it has slightly lost its way over the last year or so.

Wolf? Coyote? Coywolf? Understanding Wolf Hybrids Just Got a Bit Easier

Nature Conservancy - Science

As geneticists debate, policy makers and wildlife managers base their decisions on confusing information. 2015 RAD sequencing and genomic simulations resolve hybrid origins within North American Canis. Eastern wolf in Algonquin Park. Photo: © Michael Runtz. By Matt Miller.

Eavesdropping on the Sounds of the Rainforest

Nature Conservancy - Science

If it works, this landscape-scale acoustic assessment could help inform conservation decisions that rely on biodiversity metrics, here in Papua New Guinea and elsewhere. I’m sitting in the rainforest of Papua New Guinea, and I’m surrounded by sound.

The Verdict is In: We Can Grow Safe Food and Conserve Nature at the Same Time

Nature Conservancy - Science

Applied Conservation Science to Inform Food Safety. “Working with a NatureNet Science Fellow, who focused on this project for two years, was what it took to execute the project that is now informing the solutions.”.

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A Prayer to Solve All Your Problems.

Elephant Journal

Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Non-New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) Yoga awareness current events empath information overload technology Light mantra media meditation morning routine news prayer religion social media spirituality

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The Most Birds

10,000 Birds

Let’s take a look at some of what I found so you can make an informed decision as to if this is something you want to get involved in. A recent comment thread on Facebook about absurdly high counts of some species in the eBird database got me curious. Who has seen the most Green Herons at one time? Painted Buntings ? Gyrfalcons ? What is the most of any one species that has ever been reported at one time? And how reliable is this data?

Linda Hufford: A Rehabber Comments on “Collecting” Rare Birds

10,000 Birds

He said researchers were of two types: the sincere and dedicated people who were producing extraordinary information while observing the natural environment carefully and without causing damage; and the Truly Arrogant (generally younger, privileged, self-important, and totally uncooperative researchers) who arrived with a superiority complex that made them unwilling to adhere to the basic rules so strictly enforced by the oil companies. Researchers can and do provide valuable information.

Pied Oystercatcher nesting

10,000 Birds

Only a long term study will show this sort of information and we have also noticed how different individual Pied Oystercatchers react to different situations. Since discovering our first Pied Oystercatcher nest on Cable Beach in July 2000 we have observed the breeding of these local shorebirds along the coast between Gantheaume Point in the south and Willie Creek in the north, which is a distance of 23 kilometres.

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Feeding Wild Birds in America: Culture, Commerce & Conservation: A Book Review by a Curious Bird Feeder

10,000 Birds

But, not a lot of information about how this national passion (52.8 Texas A&M University Press, 2015. I came late to bird feeding, and when I was finally able to put out a “thistle” sock and a seed feeder (or two or six), I was amazed by the learning curve.

10 Field Guides for the Serious Naturalist

Nature Conservancy - Science

It includes information on taxonomy, food and foraging, breeding, migration and conservation. And it will help you find birds: a lot of the information is loaded with useful tips on where to look for bird species at different times of year.

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Indigos Return: A Florida Breeding Program Raises Eastern Indigo Snakes for Reintroduction

Nature Conservancy - Science

More Information on Indigo Snakes. Something’s moving — I can hear soft bumps and faint slithering coming from the stacked rows of 70-odd bins in the center of the room. The crisp label on the edge of each tray reads: D. couperi. More slithering.

The Thin Green Line Is Stopping Coal and Oil in Their Tracks

Sightline Daily

Project backers submitted a permit application in June 2012, hoping to complete construction of a new 8-million-ton-per-year export terminal for US coal on the Fraser River by the end of 2015. In December 2013, project backers filed permits that showed construction starting fall 2015.

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A Tale of Three Magnificent Frigatebirds (Two I help, one tries to kill me)

10,000 Birds

A side benefit of the unfamiliar patient is the sudden need for information that leads a pile of new and interesting facts – for example, ‘Hurricane Bird’ is another of the old names, along with ‘Man o’ War’ and ‘Pirate Bird.’). Today’s post is written by Monte Merrick, wildlife rehabilitator and co-director of the Humboldt Wildlife Care Center/bird ally x in Arcata, CA. The species name is long enough to be the middle line of a formal English haiku.

Ellendale dam “bonus” birding

10,000 Birds

I can inform you that the four Australian Pelicans decided to feed after the sunset! Last week I told you of the amazing birding at Ellendale dam and you may have noticed I shared a lot of colourful birds, but only mentioned the huge variety of honeyeaters that were present. There was a good reason for this and that was mainly due to the fact that I had taken so many photographs that I did not want to overload the post!

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Communicating Climate Change and the Scientific Delusional Disorder

Nature Conservancy - Science

It only delivers a cumbersome process for attempting to gather unbiased information about the elements of truth that can be measured. If it is, it risks losing the specific value it offers to society — a particularly credible and unbiased source of information. Mad scientist.

Duncan Road birding

10,000 Birds

The Duncan Road was originally built between 1950 and 1956 to aid the cattle industry with transport, but it has since been decommissioned and it is now designated a “local road” It was very hard to find recent information on the state of the gravel road and for this reason alone I will write this now and expand on various locations along the Duncan Road in future weeks. Azure Kingfisher -300th bird for 2015!

5 Simple Tips to Turn Your Yard Into Pollinator Paradise

Nature Conservancy - Science

Here are five tips to get you started, with thanks to The Xerces Society , an organization devoted to invertebrate conservation that has much more incredibly useful information on creating pollinator habitat in yards , farms , roadsides and even golf courses.

Monumental portraits of the world’s oldest trees (PHOTOS)

Green Prophet

She researches locations using historical and botanical books, tree registers, newspaper articles and information gleaned from friends and travelers. These scenes are akin to visual poetry – open to interpretation by each viewer, revealing new information with each examination.

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Deer Management Solutions: It Takes a Village. Literally.

Nature Conservancy - Science

Concerned citizens and local leaders partner with agency and extension experts in a process that educates and engages stakeholders at every step and offering clear, frequent communication along the way to keep the broader community informed. A white-tailed deer. Photo: Kent Mason.

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28 ideas for hotel management to upgrade as eco, without huge costs

Green Prophet

Provide information for guests on green practices. Environmentally friendly hotels not only save money for the owner, but also resources for the world, while at the same time letting their guests continue doing good things for the environment. For some people, like us, this is super important.

Why Applied Science Can Often Be Truly Brilliant

Nature Conservancy - Science

It’s costly, too: The collection of data on stocks to inform these assessments can run in the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Heather Tallis, lead scientist, The Nature Conservancy. Image courtesy Heather Tallis/TNC. By Heather Tallis , lead scientist, The Nature Conservancy.

Why do Coastal Communities Invest in Nature? It’s Not Science.

Nature Conservancy - Science

Instead, they focused on perceived benefits rather than objective information or data. The reality is, the likeability of the messenger influences how much weight we give to information,” says Reddy.

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve: the Tiger Afternoon

10,000 Birds

Our mobile phones had no signal inside the reserve, yet, the guides were communicating on some local network, informing each other where the tigers are. The number of tigers in India has seen a sharp rise to 2,226 tigers from just over 1,400 seven years ago,” Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said on Tuesday, January 20, 2015. Maharashtra, February 2013. Trying not to inhale so much of the dust cloud that envelops us, I am sporting a bandana tied bank-robber style.

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The Secret Hummingbird

10,000 Birds

one of the tenants of our community, and one tightly held by many of us, is that information about unusual birds should be freely accessible. There’s probably nothing in the birding world that engenders as much ire as the perception of suppression. That’s why we have listservs, and rare bird alerts, and the like. When a bird that people want to see is discovered, the idea is that people should get to see it. Of course, that’s the ideal.

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Sightline Sues Obama Administration over Crude Oil Exports and Illegal Secrecy

Sightline Daily

To shed some light on the government’s behavior, the environmental law firm Earthjustice filed a formal Freedom of Information Act request in February on Sightline’s behalf , but it was greeted only by stony silence.

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