Birding in Ecuador 2013

10,000 Birds

If you are planning a birding trip to 2013 maybe you should consider Ecuador, my home country! Thanks to Lonely Planet we hope to see a small boost in tourism this year since Ecuador has made it to Top 10 Countries to travel in 2013. Happy Birding in 2013!

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Animal Planet’s 2013 Puppy Bowl Participants Find New Homes


Perhaps Animal Planet should turn this into a weekly series. The network announced today that all of the animals featured during its record breaking Puppy Bowl IX marathon Sunday (21 Read More The post Animal Planet’s 2013 Puppy Bowl Participants Find New Homes appeared first on Ecorazzi.

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Watch Animal Planet’s 2013 Puppy Bowl Today


Animal Planet's 2013 Puppy Bowl airs today showcasing the adorable football skills of rescue pooches. Read More The post Watch Animal Planet’s 2013 Puppy Bowl Today appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Entertainment Featured Film/TV News Video

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Earth Day, Celebrating our Planet

Green Home Blog

As of 2013, we aren’t doing as well as we had hoped. Monday, April 22, the people behind the movement known as Earth Day will celebrate a global commitment to keeping earth as clean, green and habitable as humanly possible.

Remembrance Sunday 2013

Green (Living) Review

We owe it to ourselves and the Planet. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Once again we have been commemorating Remembrance Sunday, and tomorrow, November 11, Armistice Day, as per usual, a two minute silence at 1100 hrs in memory of the thousands who died on all sides in the War to End all Wars.

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Yet more evidence that Captain Planet is an idiot

Environmental Economics

" Captain Planet, he's our hero,Gonna take pollution down to zero."  "  As I tell my intro classes (econ and environment), "If you want zero pollution.stop breathing."  "  Looks like I might soon have the support of the Vatican. 

Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl 2013 Lineup is Here!


Animal Planet's releases its Puppy Bowl 2013 starting lineup for its ninth edition of everyone's favorite pooch Super Bowl event. Read More The post Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl 2013 Lineup is Here! appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Entertainment Film/TV News Top News

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Climate Solutions is Mountainfilm’s Symposium Theme for 2013

Wend Magazine

2012 was a record breaking year for high temperatures and superstorms, pointing to the planet heating up at a faster pace than ever expected by scientists and further evidence of continued growth of havoc wreaking weather systems.

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How Will Your Small Business Celebrate Earth Day 2013?

Green Home Blog

On April 22 nd , 2013 Earth Day will yet again be celebrated throughout the globe. It just may be the best thing you ever did for your company and the planet.

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Planet Lovers: The New Wave of Sustainable Earth-Savers

Living Green & Saving Energy

Planet Lovers: The New Wave of Sustainable Earth-Savers may surprise you. carbon footprint climate change sustainability Green living sustainable living

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Green Grass and High Tides: Springing into Spring 2013

Green Home Blog

However, the path to this manicured beauty can have the potential to wreak havoc on your planet. Spring 2013 means new life, new hope and most of all, new ways to enjoy it all. “In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” - Margaret Atwood. “I

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6 Eco Resolutions for 2013

Green Prophet

It’s nearly 2013 and I am grateful. But I must say, looking at next year and beyond through the eyes of my young nephews, whose planet has been so radically altered in the last few decades, strengthens my worries about the future.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of February 2013)

10,000 Birds

But, every so often, the call is sounded, and the sharpest eyes and ears on the planet are pressed into service. Birding tends to be an extremely freeform activity, demanding only we pursue our bliss to the best of our means and ability.

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Before looking for life on other planets

Green (Living) Review

Before we go looking for life on other planets can we stop killing life on this one? Therefore, we must do all that we can to clean up our act and the Planet for this is the only one that we have that supports life in all its forms.

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Climate Records Shattered in 2013

Green (Living) Review

Climate data show that global temperatures in 2013 continued their long-term rising trend. Four groups of scientists, who rely on slightly different methods to calculate global surface temperatures, ranked 2013 slightly differently compared with other years.)

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Earth Day 2013 Recap: Picnic Superlatives

Conservancy Talk

Here, our CEO Mark Tercek and his son Luke share their pledge for the planet. Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2013 Picnic for Earth. A huge Earth Day thank you to everyone who participated and made Picnic for Earth a worldwide celebration. From Washington, D.C.

2013 83

Big Win for Planet Earth, New York City Bans Styrofoam


Read More The post Big Win for Planet Earth, New York City Bans Styrofoam appeared first on Ecorazzi. New York City is now the largest city to ban Styrofoam in the United States. Causes Environment News Science Top News

10 Smartphone Apps to Green Up 2013

Green Prophet

Check out ten mostly-free apps that will help you live healthier, smarter and more sustainably in 2013. The Night Sky enables you to identify stars, planets, galaxies, constellations and even satellites in real time as you see them.

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Turn Off The Light (Earth Hour 2013)

Environmental News Network

Instead, how about joining millions of people from around the world by participating in Earth Hour , an event where you shut off your lights to express your concern for the environment and show support for planet Earth. What are you doing at 8:30 pm on March 23 rd ?

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Where Are You Birding This Final Weekend of February 2013

10,000 Birds

On my side of the planet, we’re just counting cardinals… boring! I’m glad that February is the shortest month because it also ranks as one of the most boring, at least from a phenological perspective.

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Faith and science leaders unite to save our planet – on Indiegogo!

Green Prophet

Now the group is widening its circles to scientific leaders of renown: The United Planet Faith and Science Initiative (UPFSI) was launched today to bridge the gap between science and faith. Lifestyle Christianity Islam Jerusalem Judaism The United Planet Faith and Science Initiative

2013: The Year of the Robot Unicorn. | elephant journal

Elephant Journal

on Jan 18, 2013. 2013: The Year of the Robot Unicorn. Feng Shui experts believe 2013 to be the year of the Water Snake. 2013 is expected to be a most auspicious year! The best thing about what’s coming for 2013 is that it hasn’t been written yet.

2013 94

Eat Less Meat and Save The Planet

Green Prophet

The Unep study forewarns of dark scenario for the planet. Cut your meat consumption by half to combat global warming, urges UN Environment Program. All over the US, Europe and even in the Tel Aviv University, people are adopting Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono’s Meat-Free Mondays.

2013 International Compost Awareness Week Poster Winner Announced

Green (Living) Review

BETHESDA, MD, January 16, 2013 : A high school junior from Michigan has been recognized by the United States Composting Council (USCC) as the International Compost Awareness Week poster contest winner.

2013 136

The 5 Easiest Things You Can Do to Save the Planet.

Elephant Journal

I woke up this morning and the day was so new that the light filtering in through my window was almost greenish. I pulled back the sheet that was covering my head and peered out at the tree tops. For a moment, before my brain fully reconnected with my body, I was struck with this [.].

The way to save the planet: shrink the economy

Green (Living) Review

carbon emissions between 2007 and 2013 was due primarily to the growth in fracking ( "When Human Consumption Slows, Planet Earth Can Heal" ). Earth economy PlanetThe oil and gas industry claims that the 11 percent drop in reported U.S.

Conservation Future: Announcing the 2013 NatureNet Fellows

Nature Conservancy - Science

These fellows will help the Conservancy lead in developing solutions relevant to the lives of billions of people on the planet.”. ” The 2013 NatureNet Science Fellows and their projects: 1. Image credit: Karl-Ludwig G. Poggemann /Flickr through a Creative Commons license.

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Billionaire Arab Prince Buys Planet’s Largest Private Jet

Green Prophet

Call the guys at Guinness World Records back to the Middle East: the Saudi billionaire’s newest toy will be the planet’s biggest private jet. Up in the sky! Is it an office complex? A concert hall? A Turkish bath? Or a parking garage?

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Animal Planet’s ‘Whale Wars’ Delayed Until Fall, Possibly Later


It’s June – which for the last five years has typically meant a new season of “Whale Wars” on Animal Planet. Noticeably absent however this time around is the promotional Read More The post Animal Planet’s ‘Whale Wars’ Delayed Until Fall, Possibly Later appeared first on Ecorazzi.

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Enormous Planet Solar Ship Pops into Morocco for a Fast Four Days

Green Prophet

The world’s largest solar-powered ship has been out of commission for a while, but she’s back in business for her first 2013 Port of Call in Morocco. After leaving La Ciotat in France on 8 April, 2013, Planet Solar bobbed on the high seas for nine days.

12 Sierra Club Bloggers to Watch in 2013: Part II - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

12 Sierra Club Bloggers to Watch in 2013: Part III » 12 Sierra Club Bloggers to Watch in 2013: Part II. A frack-free 2013 would be her wish for the new year. If everyone gets outdoors in 2013, Stacy will be happy. Compass.

2013 102

A New Diet for the Planet?

Conservancy Talk

Given those facts, you might expect my answer to Marc’s question to be straightforward: that environmentalists should say no to meat , and that we should focus on changing what people eat in the interest of saving the planet. Can changing your diet make a positive impact on the planet?

Planet 110

Social Dysfunction: How I Screwed Up 2013 So Far. ~ Max Zografos.

Elephant Journal

on Feb 8, 2013. Social Dysfunction: How I Screwed Up 2013 So Far. ~ Were about anything that helps us to live a good life thats also good for others, and our planet. >>> Max Zografos” Michelle says: February 11, 2013 at 06:53. Lewis Enterprises © 2013.

2013 92

Neodandi House of Couture NYFW F/W 2013 Show: Upcycled Transformations

Eco Chic

It becomes what it could be through recreation,” he said last night at his NYFW F/W 2013 show. We couldn’t agree more, for the sake of both individual style, and for a more sustainable planet, fast fashion is dead.

2013 83

The Keystone XL pipeline battle continues in 2013

Green Blog

Just as Hurricane Sandy helped convince millions that climate change was indeed real and already affecting us, weather and climate events in 2013 will reinforce that message. Environmental problems affect us all, and will continue to do so in 2013.

2013 68

A Lung Scan for the Planet: A New Global Forest Change Interactive Map

Nature Conservancy - Science

If forests really are the lungs of our planet – absorbing and storing carbon dioxide while spitting out oxygen – then the map represents a cutting-edge, continuous image scan of our collective lungs. Red blotches are eating away at the lung capacity of our planet.

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‘Battleground: Rhino Wars’ to Premiere on Animal Planet


Along with the not-so-unexpected announcement that Animal Planet was renewing its hit ”Whale Wars” for a sixth season was the reveal of another conservation-themed reality mini-series titled “Battleground: Rhino Wars.” ” Read More The post ‘Battleground: Rhino Wars’ to Premiere on Animal Planet appeared first on Ecorazzi.

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Food from Planet Vegan. ~ Dana Gornall

Elephant Journal

Earlier this year I made the switch to eating Vegan. My reasonings for this switch are many, and I have already addressed some of them before. But one thing I have noticed since this lifestyle change is how people react to my food. To be clear, I live in Ohio. A good friend of mine [.].

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Can Robots and Artificial Intelligence Save the Planet?

Green Prophet

But how is the new era of technology really helping the world we live in and, moreover, how much of a role can it play in restoring the planet’s health? If one were to use the Earth’s water as an indicator of the planet’s health, the results would turn out to be quite alarming.

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Upcoming: Offshore Windpower 2013 Conference and Exhibition in October

Sierra Club Compass

We're big fans - and we're excited to be sponsoring the American Wind Energy Association's upcoming Offshore Windpower 2013 Conference and Exhibition this October in Providence, Rhode Island. Wind power is the fastest-growing source of power on the planet. Wind energy?

2013 60

Water Condensers: Technology to Save the Planet?

Environmental News Network

Can this innovative science become a planet-wide technology that can save countless lives? This process has been a product of nature since water formed on this planet, and humankind is now able to duplicate the process in a more efficient and usable scale.

7 Eco Issues to Address in 2013

Green Prophet

It seems silly to perpetuate apocalyptic hype that NASA debunked eons ago , but as 2013 approaches, we are sensitive to a shift in global consciousness – something that spiritual leaders have long advocated as the necessary means to our survival.

2013 112

The Most Inspirational Kid on the Planet.

Elephant Journal

This young legend was diagnosed with a rare form of terminal cancer at age 14, and he passed away yesterday, May 20th, 2013. “You don’t have to find out you’re dying to start living.” ” I just spent 22 minutes sobbing in my bed watching this amazing, inspirational and heartbreaking documentary about Zach Sobiech. The sweet [.].