The red line that runs through Hungary after a massive sludge spill

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In western Hunguary in October 2010 a retaining wall around a reservoir filled with toxic waste from an aluminum company burst open and released hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of deadly sludge. Culture & Celebrity accident art eco disaster environmental disaster Europe Hungary photos pollution toxic

Butterflies or business - Europe can have both!

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The European Environment Agency (EEA) on November 30, 2010 released its fourth Environment State and Outlook report — SOER 2010 — a comprehensive assessment of how and why Europe’s environment is changing, and what we are doing about it.

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Tesco caught breaching EU rules on harmful chemicals

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In the case of Carrefour, later tests showed a Cosmetic bag on sale in stores in Belgium contained high concentrations of harmful chemicals listed as SVHC, while Tesco stores in Hungary were selling flip flop shoes also containing harmful chemicals.

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Human Rights in China. and the global trade

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We are losing one manufacturing place after the other and it is all going to China, in the main, with one or two moving to Hungary and the likes. by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The more we look at China the more we must come to the conclusion that we, the so-called “free” world, should stop doing business with them, period. This would also be better for our economies and the Planet.

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The Danube Backwaters

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But, published in 1921 in Budapest, Hungary, it was written in Hungarian. In 2010 the League for Ornithological Action, a local NGO, initiated the protection of the Danube foreland , which was accepted by the authorities.

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Egypt Resists Monsanto’s Genetically-Modified Maize

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A 70-ton shipment of seeds followed soon after in December, 2010; these were then planted in ten governorates throughout the country. Peru recently banned the import of all genetically modified foods for a decade (pending safety reviews) not long after Hungary burned 1,000 acres of crops contaminated by Monsanto GMOs, which are banned in that country. When an insect feeds on Monsanto’s genetically-modified MON810 maize plant, it is in for a nasty surprise.

World Water Day (March 22, 2012) - Water management initiatives to conserve resources around the world

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Bridgestone Corporation has announced group-wide initiatives in conjunction with World Water Day to ensure that the company plays a proactive role in promoting the sustainable use of water during manufacturing processes.

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Shocking analysis by country of years left to zero emissions

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In 2009 the German Advisory Council on Climate Change (WBGU) determined that for a 75% chance of avoiding a 2 degree C temperature rise, the World must pollute less than 600 Gt CO2 between 2010 and essentially zero emissions in 2050. Further, the average world population in the period 2010 and 2050 will be 8.321 billion (see UN Population Division, 2010 Revision ).

Island Nations can fight Climate Genocide with Carbon Debt & Carbon Credit Analysis

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The contribution of each country to elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) can be calculated as Historical Climate Debt (1751-2006 CO2 pollution) minus Climate Credit (its fair share of the World’s terminal CO2 pollution budget of 600 Gt CO2 between 2010 and zero emissions in 2050). The atmospheric CO2 concentration reached 394 ppm in 2010 with a rate of increase of 2.4 million in 2010 and accordingly the “Rest of Europe” has a population of 738.2

Analysis by country of fossil fuel burning-based Carbon Debt and Carbon Credit

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In 2009 the WBGU which advises the German Government on climate change estimated that for a 75% chance of avoiding a disastrous 2C temperature rise (EU policy), the World must emit no more than 600 billion tones of CO2 between 2010 and zero emissions in 2050. Indeed Germany finally paid its last reparations for World War 1 (1914-1918) in 2010 and 96.5% Fossil fuel burning yielding the greenhouse gas (GHG) carbon dioxide (CO2) is a major component of man-made global warming.