Eco Chic Weekly: July 30, 2009

Eco Chic

Eco Chic Weekly is a digest that features the best of the best in green fashion and beauty blogging. Ecco*Eco has a collection of inspiring friends and finery to get you through the remainder of Summer 2009. Eco Fashion World scoops on some fabulous eco fashion sales!

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Fashion Futures 2025: Global scenarios for a sustainable fashion industry

The Green Changemakers

Image Fashion Futures is a call for a sustainable fashion industry. Four vivid scenarios explore how climate change, resource shortages, population growth and other factors will shape the world of 2025 and the future of the fashion industry within it. The global fashion industry generates over a trillion dollars a year. describes how fashion companies can be successful by becoming sustainable.

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BiCoastal Style Gone Green: Doie’s Spring 2009 Collection

Eco Chic

Sara Kirsner moved her sustainable fashion line, Doie , from NYC to LA last year, and the first collection from her new city (pictured here) is simply called “Los Angeles.&# Tags: Fashion X Shopping X ecofashion organic cotton silk sustainable

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Conscious Holiday Gift Bazaar

Eco-Vegan Girl

Sita sustainable fashion Smart Glass Visionary Boutique Zen's Purple Garden. If you still have shopping to do, or are simple looking for something to do this Sunday, check out the Conscious Holiday Gift Bazaar near LAX.

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Do YOU Want to Be the Next Green Model?

Eco Chic

A 20 piece Eco-Fashion wardrobe. * Guidance and introductions by LOHAS to sustainable beauty, fashion and other companies. The competition finals will be held during Portland Fashion Week , the most sustainable fashion week in the U.S

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Ecco Ukka Weaves Love, Magic and Recycled Materials into Fabric Jewelry

Green Prophet

Ecco Ukka’s funky fabric jewelry pieces are green, fashion forward, and comfy all at the same time. Trained as an industrial designer, Liat founded Ecco Ukka in 2009 when she could no longer resolve her work as a fashion designer with her personal ecological beliefs.

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Eco Chic Weekly 8/21/09

Eco Chic

Eco Chic Weekly compiles the best of the best in green fashion and beauty blogging each week. Please feel free to copy and use this post on your blog with a link back to Fashion, Evolved. Check out the Eco Fashion World interview with Pivot shop owner Jessa Brinkmeyer.

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How to Go Green: In the Community

The Green Changemakers

Sustainable living has certainly become a buzz phrase. More and more people are looking at ways to reduce their ecological footprint: driving less, eating less meat, wearing sustainable fashions. By taking the concept of sustainable living beyond the narrow, individualistic approach, we can learn to see our interconnectedness to our environment and its inhabitants.

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Green Jobs Create Negative Job Growth

Living In a Toxic World

We need to redevelop our economy in a more sustainable fashion. Tags: economics sustainable development green economy government regulation Citing a Spanish study, a Bloomberg article reports that green job creation programs actually cost jobs elsewhere in the economy. I haven't been able to find the study to see for myself but some of the point raised in various news articles citing the study have been rational.

Fashion brands that are leading the sustainable movement

Green Prophet

Reformation hit a sweet spot with customers and the environment by fashioning deadstock fabric into new clothes. The topic of sustainability has become very popular in recent years. Fashion, in general, is one of the most widespread topics that has affected almost all realms of life.

Leaf // Cloud Exhibit at Fair Folks and a Goat in NYC, Featuring Eco Fashion via Kaight Boutique

Eco Chic

As you scroll through this post, you’ll see some of the gorgeous naturally-inspired works of art, along with some eco fashion pieces brought to complement the exhibit for a special trunk show I attended on June 14. John Patrick, founder of the sustainable fashion label John Patrick Organic, created an indigo painting, which is part of his wider exploration of historical natural and handmade pigments including honey, cochineal, and china ink.