Evidence-based Conservation: An Economic Perspective

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At its core, economics is about using scarce resources smartly to maximize the production of desired outcomes. Most human endeavors are constrained by available resources and their pursuit therefore has an economic dimension. Forest Policy and Economics 34:1-16.

The Venus Project: Bombastic Dream or Realizable Future?

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The Alien Next Door Musings of Nina Munteanu, SF writer and Ecologist Thursday, March 19, 2009 The Venus Project: Bombastic Dream or Realizable Future? The very use of the word “resource” implies exploitation. At March 19, 2009 12:32 PM , SF Girl said.

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The Nordstrom Way: The K-Selected Model of Doing Business

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The Alien Next Door Musings of Nina Munteanu, SF writer and Ecologist Wednesday, November 18, 2009 The Nordstrom Way: The K-Selected Model of Doing Business “I come from the land of Nordstrom customer service,” blogger and author Kimmelin Hull tells us.

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West Bank and Gaza’s Economic Growth Isn’t Sustainable

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percent and a staggering 71 percent of the population benefited from some form of social assistance in 2009.”. They pointed out that the recent easing of restrictions by Israel had played a positive role in the economic growth in the West Bank and Gaza.

World Habitat Day, Monday, October 5, 2009

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further states that both developed and developing countries, cities and towns are increasingly feeling the effects of climate change, resource depletion, food insecurity, population growth and economic instability. Kissick, et al: 2006) The theme for World Habitat Day 2009 is " Planning our Urban Future " Celebrations of World Habitat Day in Washington, D.C.

Resource Based Economy

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Precepts of the Venus Project A Resource-Based Economy is a system in which all goods and services are available without the use of money, credits, barter or any other system of debt or servitude. All resources become the common heritage of all of the inhabitants, not just a select few.

Big Clean Energy News Just Keeps Coming: "Solar is Most Economical Option," Says Energy CEO

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Look at this quote from Xcel spokesperson Michelle Aguayo : "Based on generation needs, the most reliable and most cost-effective resources happen to be solar and wind. We are not taking on solar because we have to, but because it is cost-effective and economical."

People First Economics

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Elinor Ostrom inspired chapter in People First Economics book Toxic debt, rising job losses, collapsing commodity prices and expanding poverty. People First Economics buzzes inspiration and action. Tags: Sustainable-development Economics

Core Services Reduces Its Impact on the Environment and Its Use of Natural Resources

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June 2009: Core Services Corporation (“Core Services”), an Oracle Certified Partner, has taken steps to minimize the environmental impact of its data centers’ heating and cooling systems and plans to integrate additional green practices into future data centers. As building plans move forward on Core Services’ next datacenter in late 2009 (and future data centers beyond that), green policies have already been put into place and additional options are being considered.

Elinor Ostrom has transformed economics.

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I was amazed to find that Elinor Ostrom, a 76-year-old professor, had won the Nobel Prize for economics. Hardin's ideas, distasteful as they are, look like common sense and have been used to fuel the seizure of communally owned resources. Tags: Survey Economics Green

The Controversy Surrounding Fracking Part II

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Economic growth. The number of drillers that have flocked to these areas have added significant economic value. And because the fracking industry in exempt from the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976, the hazardous waste created in the process is unregulated.

"Crazy Climate Economics"

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Paul Krugman: What do I mean by crazy climate economics? But when House Democrats actually passed a cap-and-trade bill in 2009, it was attacked as, you guessed it, Marxist. Normally, conservatives extol the magic of markets and the adaptability of the private sector, which is supposedly able to transcend with ease any constraints posed by, say, limited supplies of natural resources. First, we’ll see any effort to limit pollution denounced as a tyrannical act.

Sustainable Transport Resources

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Mb HTML-Version 1d: Economic Instruments English 2.43 Mb 6: Resources for Policymakers This module is being constantly updated and hence an online version has been made. Mb Resources, Annexes and References English 1.20

North Carolina Moves to Toss Out Regulators | Mother Jones

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At the Coastal Resources Commission, for instance, the governor would no longer have to appoint at least one person associated with a conservation organization. 2009 December. Inspiring, relevant, smart audiobooks: sustainability, progressive economics, health, engaging fiction.

Water Education Resources

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[link] [link] In support of EE Week's 2009 Be Water Wise! theme, we bring you these additional resources to assist in teaching and learning about water. Visit the Curricula Library for lesson plans on water and the Water Quality Testing page for resources on conducting water quality tests with your students. offering cartoons, activities, lessons, and workbooks for students to learn about water and ways to conserve our most important natural resource.

A presidential candidate that doesn't make me even a little uncomfortable

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Newell named next president of RFF: Resources for the Future (RFF) today announced the appointment of Richard G. From 2009–2011, Dr. Newell served by presidential appointment as Administrator of the US Energy Information Administration, the agency responsible for official US government energy statistics and analysis. He also served as Senior Economist for Energy and Environment on the President’s Council of Economic Advisers during 2005–2006. Richard G.

Export Oil, Import Water = Risky Economics for Middle East

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A recent study of NASA satellite data published last month found that parts of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran along the Tigris and Euphrates river basins had lost 144 cubic kilometres of water from 2003 to 2009 – roughly equivalent to the volume of the Dead Sea.


Teaching Economics As If People Mattered

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[link] Defining Economics How do you define economics? How does the economy relate to our lives and what's the difference between democracy as a political system and capitalism as an economic system? What changes have families seen in their economic condition between 1976 and today? Signs of the Times What are the signs we are told to look for to gauge economic success? What would a pro-family economic agenda look like?

In Search of a New Paradigm—Part 1: Is Our Love Affair with.

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The Alien Next Door Musings of Nina Munteanu, SF writer and Ecologist Monday, October 5, 2009 In Search of a New Paradigm—Part 1: Is Our Love Affair with Capitalism Over? Wolff asserted that a political democracy cannot be sustained without an economic democracy underpinning it.

Plan B 4.0 – Book Review

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It took the worst economic meltdown since the Great Depression to lower grain prices.” It then climbed to 915 million in 2008 and jumped to over 1 billion in 2009. Can we move onto an economic path that is environmentally sustainable? Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Plan B 4.0:

The Economics of Climate Change in Southeast Asia: A Regional Review

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ISBN: 978-971-561-788-8 Publication Date: April 2009 In stock This report provides a review of the economics of climate change in the Southeast Asian region. The basic policy message is that efforts must be made to apply all feasible and economically viable adaptation and mitigation measures as key elements of a sustainable development strategy for Southeast Asia. Economic and Social Development C. Land Use and Natural Resources D.

Pope says neglect of environment as great a threat as terrorism

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) VATICAN CITY, December 2009: Neglect of the natural environment is as great a threat to peace and prosperity as global terrorism, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI said in his most extensive ecological statement to date, released by the Vatican on Tuesday, December 15, 2009. But Benedict's message notably called for "efforts to protect creation through a better internationally-coordinated management of the earth's resources."

Urban Research Symposium 2009

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pdf) ( presentation - pdf) André Meunié, Université Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV, France; Guillaume Pouyanne Climate change and urban economic development: A CGE analysis (pdf) ( presentation - pdf) Fabio Grazi, CIRED, France; Henri Waisman Does climate change make industrialization an obsolete development strategy for cities in the South?


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Economic and social progress has lifted nearly 250,000,000 people out of poverty in Asia but poverty rates in Africa lag, with the region unlikely to meet the MDG of halving extreme poverty by 2015. Climate change highlights the interaction between economic development, environmental degradation and social inequity. billion suffer from obesity; and if all countries achieved UK levels of wealth, the global population would need the natural resources of four or more planets.


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Environmental damage to air, water and land continues to be caused by the unregulated exploitation of natural resources, land mines and unexploded munitions, movement of heavy artillery and troops, chemical and oil spills, fires, and displaced people. Protection of the environment and sustainable resource management are inevitably low priorities compared to accommodating refugees and establishing regional security.


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The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) supports the UN’s World Habitat Day 2009, which is raising awareness of the need to improve urban planning to deal with the major challenges of the twenty first century. In both developed and developing countries, cities and towns are increasingly feeling the effects of climate change, resource depletion, food insecurity, unsustainable population growth and economic instability.


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The current destruction is driven by habitat loss, over-exploitation of resources, invasive species and pollution. There must be an end to the presumption that economic growth is essential for a successful society, with environmental health and societal wellbeing afforded greater status in this respect. Without unprecedented commitment and cooperation, future generations face a bleak outlook characterized by a hostile climate and greatly diminished resources.

A 1.5 year update

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Got a question about environmental economics? Recent Comments John Whitehead on What I did today instead of blogging Rene Salinas on What I did today instead of blogging Timtaylor Home on My name is Kingof Socks Tim Haab on How is economics like Fight Club?

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TIMELINE: Shell's Year of Arctic Screwups | Mother Jones

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Its a potential gold mine for the company— up to a fifth of the worlds untapped oil resources are in the Arctic. 2009 December. Inspiring, relevant, smart audiobooks: sustainability, progressive economics, health, engaging fiction. Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content.

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Because of concerns over the disposal of radioactive waste, the wider carbon emissions of uranium extraction and processing, and a lack of clarity regarding the availability of economically extractable uranium reserves, the CIWEM does not support Ed Miliband's statement that nuclear power is a “proven, reliable source of low carbon energy.” As it stands, the Government’s proposal would deflect scarce resources and attention away from the real solutions: renewables and energy efficiency.


Civil Society Denounces US Bullying Tactics & Backroom Deals

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Plan for Fast-Tracking Warming, Worsening Humanitarian Crisis, and Fueling Ecological Collapse by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Copenhagen, Denmark, December 2009: Despite President Obama's assurances and claims of progress at the UN Climate Talks, the negotiations continued into the early morning as civil society leaders were left out of the sessions at the Bella Center and protesters gather outside.

Chernobyl-blighted land to be used for biofuel crops

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Belarus Foreign Minister Sergei Martynov said: "Belarus depends on imports of energy resources, which is why we invest considerable effort in building up technologies which can work on local and renewable energy sources. "We can link the economic rehabilitation of these lands to agricultural production of biomass for the energy sector." "The benefits will be economic, of course, but above all they will be social and environmental."

Activists to target Danish Ministry of Defense to highlight fate of climate refugees

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This protest comes at a time when global economic policies and war are causing mass global displacement, while the effects of climate change will be a major cause of further mass migration from the poorest regions of the earth, on a scale we have never seen. On the Franco-English border in Calais repression escalates against migrants everyday with both countries attempting to create a 'migrant free zone' by the end of 2009.


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CAMBRIDGE, MA, April 2009 : The first annual, entirely student-organized MIT Sustainability Summit, titled “Discovering New Dimensions for Growth,” will be held on Friday, April 24 in MIT's Walker Memorial building, as the conclusion of MIT’s Earth Week celebration. Our current economic, political, and academic institutions, though highly interwoven, mainly work in isolation from each other.

Forests and not biomass needed in fight against Climate Change

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The UK’s accessible offshore wind resource is potentially among the greatest in the world and we also has very significant tidal and wave resources. Instead we seem set to pillage our forests to feed our hunger for economic development, with little regard for the value they provide in the fight against climate change.

Green Issues Will Rise To The Top Of The Agenda Again

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by Michael Smith In today’s economic climate, some companies may see ‘green’ issues as something to put on the back burner. Publishing your energy ratings alongside improvement programs will help your business gain accreditation whilst building a more positive profile in the tougher and greener economic landscape. “A The economic climate has taken over headlines for the time being…but very soon green issues will rise to the top of the agenda again,” said Sally.

Bill on Renewable Energy Omits Huge Source

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Unemployed loggers all over the country could have a future in sustainably gathering and selling tons of clean-burning woody biomass to power plants were it not for the fine print in The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 that's now under consideration in the House of Representatives. I saw some of the economic trends for logging a few years ago," Birchem said.

Britain must do more to secure wind energy jobs

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The British Wind Energy association (BWEA) has said this is the latest in a long line of reports to show that, despite having the best wind resources in Europe, the UK is failing to cash in on a potential boom area. Dr Gordon Edge, BWEA director of Economics and Markets, said: "A host of independent studies has shown that the wind sector in the UK can be a motor for economic growth.

One Hundred-Day Countdown to WILD9

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Latest in World’s Longest Running Public Environmental Forum 9th World Wilderness Congress November 6–13, 2009 in Mérida, Mexico Organizers say planning is intense during the final 100 days leading up to the 9th World Wilderness Congress, WILD9 the high-profile global forum of debate, agenda-setting and action on wilderness-related environmental issues.

Reducing CO2 to cool the Planet

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Other ways to lower our impact on the Planet Reducing consumption This is something that is very important even though in the current economic climate at time of writing in the Derepression (yeah, just invented that word here to represent a Recession/Depression even though no one wants to admit that we are headed deeper and deeper) of the early 21st century those that refuse to consume are being seen by the governments as similar to terrorist – and I kid you not.