The Verdict is In: We Can Grow Safe Food and Conserve Nature at the Same Time

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A new paper published today in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that removing habitat around farm fields does not make food safer. Applied Conservation Science to Inform Food Safety. Mexico, and Chile between 2007 and 2013.

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Conservation and Food Security: The $115 Billion Question

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Conservationists love talking about the role we can play in food security. Be it increased fish production in MPAs, water availability for household gardens, or grass cover during times of drought, conservation has a range of plausible ways to influence food security.

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"Promiscuous" Bees and Vanishing Insects Mean Less Food for Us.

Mother Jones

"Promiscuous" Bees and Vanishing Insects Mean Less Food for Us. Rufus Isaacs The foods that make our meals more colorful and delicious—coffee, watermelon, almonds, to name a few—depend on pollinators like bees. 2007 December. Skip to Navigation.

7 Evergreen Books on Sustainable Food for Your New Year

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Now that your New Year’s resolutions to eat better have come into effect, check out your local bookseller for seven recycled titles that will help bolster your New Year’s food resolutions. Manifestos on the Future of Food & Seed (South End Press, 2007).

Britons only throwing away “enough food to fill Wembley Stadium!”

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Tighter household budgets and soaring house prices mean people in Britain are throwing away 13% less food than three years ago. tonnes of food in 2007 but only 7.2m However, that is still enough waste food to fill Wembley Stadium right up to the roof.

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Arab Protests Affect World Food Prices

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Now, however, commentators are drawing a link between protests in the Middle East and further rising global food prices. You probably won’t be surprise to learn that rising oil prices is at the heart of the reason why the protest are driving up food prices.

Top Green Trends in 2007

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JWT, the world’s fourth largest advertising agency and the largest in the US has announced the trend setting products and services which will be the focus in 2007. Red Orbit has published the list of the Top Seventy Trends for 2007.

Behind the Greens

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Circle of Life E Magazine : What is the most pressing environmental issue in 2007? Julia Butterfly Hill: The most pressing environmental issue in 2007 is actually our disconnected consciousness.

How Food Insecurity Fuels Anger in the Middle East

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As popular uprisings continue to spread in Middle East , rising food costs for stable crops like rice and wheat cannot be ignored as underlying factors in the political unrest. It would be very difficult to foresee a scenario that would eliminate food insecurity in the Arab countries.

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The Tech Museum Environmental Awards 2007

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These are the 2007 winners in the environmental category. The Tech Museum Awards is an international award and gala ceremony honouring people’s efforts in “technology benefiting humanity.”

Sustainable World SourceBook

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Printed version is sold out; new edition expected in late 2007. PERSONAL / COMMUNITY • Principles and actions for "greening" one's personal life and lowering one's ecological footprint, covering energy use, purchasing & investment guidelines, waste, transportation, food choices, etc. • Download entire book as a pdf (free ) It's fairly large and may take a minute or two.

Population or Environmental Food Crisis, Part 4: The end of cheap food

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In 2007, food prices increased dramatically and the world quickly ushered in a global food crisis that lasted until late 2009. The global price increase mainly affected basic food commodities such as wheat, rice and corn, but not so much products such as coffee and cacao.

Overfishing Threatens Critical Link in the Food Chain

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The fish near the bottom of the aquatic food chain are often overlooked, but they are vital to healthy oceans and estuaries. Unfavorably warm waters and an anchovy catch averaging 8 million tons per year depleted the food base for cormorants, gannets, and pelicans in the mid-1960s.

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The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

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With imports of oil cut by more than half – and food by 80 percent – people were desperate. Link: [link] When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1990, Cuba's economy went into a tailspin. This film tells of the hardships and struggles as well as the community and creativity of the Cuban people during this difficult time. Cubans share how they transitioned from a highly mechanized, industrial agricultural system to one using organic methods of farming and local, urban gardens.

Sustainable Technology Education Project

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Starting with STEP Teachers' notes Activities Finding out more Key Stage 3 - Resistant Materials Less is More Reuse it - Food Technology Fair Food Food for Thought - Textiles Technology Fair Textiles Waste to Wear Case studies - Food Technology Honey production Neater nut processing Hygienic cheese production Organic baby food Yeo Valley organic desserts - General Interest Eden Project Identifying plastics Degradable rubbish bags Is your school sustainable?

The New Values of the 21st Century Citizen

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How important is eating organic to you compared to eating the normal foods? Link source Values guide decision making Values guide decision making. They provide a shorthand to help your mind figure out what actions to take when a decision has to be made. If you were faced with a choice, for example, between buying a hybrid vehicle or buying an SUV, the decision would be based partly on how much they cost and how much room you needed for groceries, kids, etc.

21 Practical Ways to Help the Environment

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Use small, efficient devices to cook food. See this interesting website from the City of College Station about food cooking costs to help you decide what devices are best for you. Source: [link] Concerned about the environment but feeling overwhelmed by all the issues out there? Feeling discouraged about how you as an individual can really make a difference? Not to worry. Here, we’ve compiled a short list of easy and practical ways that you can help the environment.

Plan B 2.0: Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble

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Beyond the Oil Peak (pdf) Introduction The Coming Decline of Oil The Oil Intensity of Food The Falling Wheat-Oil Exchange Rate Food and Fuel Compete for Land Cities and Suburbs after Peak Oil The World After Oil Peaks Data 3. Emerging Water Shortages (pdf) Introduction Falling Water Tables Rivers Running Dry Disappearing Lakes Farmers Losing to Cities Scarcity Crossing National Borders A Food Bubble Economy 4. Table of Contents Lester R. Brown - 2006 Preface (pdf) 1.

The Hi-Tech Gift Economy

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They must exchange food, things, and "knowing" in order to effectively meet their needs. You give to the GiftingNetwork based on your talents and skills, donating whatever action, "knowing", things, or food you can create. [link] Towards a Gifting Culture Timothy Wilken, MD Yesterday, I posted Eric Steven Raymond's article The Hacker Milieu as Gift Culture as a preface to a series of articles on Gifting, Gifting Networks, Gifting Exchanges, Gifting Economys, etc.

Green Deeds: Don't Waste Food, Man (10 Tips)

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Even the food God provided for people is a “trust&# that needs to be consumed in -keyword here- moderation. We do not check food labels often enough to know what we’re putting into our bodies. While some cannot afford basic green foods, we cannot afford to waste ours.

Who's Watching Your Food? Plea Bargain in Infant Formula Scandal

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Plea Bargain in Infant Formula Scandal Hannah Katsman | March 1st, 2011 | 2 Comments | Email this Share The death of helpless newborns makes us wonder about the quality of all manufactured foods. This light sentence leads us to wonder about the accuracy of our food labels.

Can Traditional Agriculture Restore the Reef?

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In this story, the partners need to accomplish a lot of goals at once: reduce sedimentation on the reef, provide food security, mitigate the impacts of climate change, manage invasive species, provide habitat for rare, endemic birds. A lot of our food right now comes from California.

Can Sustainable Food Feed the Whole US? | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

Food and Ag. Can Sustainable Food Feed the Whole US? "Whats the sweet spot for scale for the sustainable food movement?" "Weve got this beautiful niche happening," Philpott said of efforts to de-industrialize food production in the last decade.

San Francisco’s new ‘sustainable’ air terminal

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The new terminal includes Slow Food vendors that serve local and sustainably-sourced cuisine. Inspired by San Francisco ‘s historic Ferry Building , T2 offers a food marketplace that showcases restaurants from Food Network host and Bay Area-based chef Tyler Florence and Iron Chef Cat Cora , as well as notable Bay Area vendors serving locally sourced, organic menu items. MacArthur Place: Sonoma green & slow Slow Food Nation. | Green Travel News |.

France’s new ban on plastic throwaways should be extended globally

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Derambarsh is an environmental action figure; he previously led a successful campaign to ban French supermarkets from throwing away unsold food products. The French law moves beyond bags to include food industry single-use plastics.

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Drive less?

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Good news / bad news: Americans logged more miles in their cars last year than in any year since 2007, bouncing back from a steep decline in driving spurred by the recession and the 2008 run-up in gasoline prices.

Organic Farming On the Rise In Emirates

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Since 2007, land dedicated to organic greenhouse farming across the United Arab Emirates has increased by 15 percent. According to statistics from the Ministry of Environment and Water, the total area of organic greenhouse farms reached 2,196 acres in 2010, up from just 110 acres in 2007.

Writing About Truth…and Other Lies

The Alien Next Door

Here’s a bit of truth from New York Times reporter Stephanie Strom in an article on September 19 th , 2012, entitled Uneasy Allies in the Grocery Aisle : “Giant bioengineering companies like Monsanto and DuPont are spending millions of dollars to fight a California ballot initiative aimed at requiring the labeling of genetically modified foods. Other food companies who have thrown in funds to help defeat the bill for transparency include PepsiCo., Nesl é , and ConAgra Foods.

New toolkits to help students love food, hate waste

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Food waste is a complex environmental, social and economic problem. billion worth of edible food each year and businesses in NSW send a staggering amount of food waste to landfill. In Sydney 300,000 tonnes of food waste is thrown away each year.

Are Rain Gardens Mini Toxic Cleanup Sites?

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A 2007 study published in Chemosphere using faux stormwater contaminated with copper, lead, cadmium, and zinc in a lab simulation found that between 88 to 97 percent of the metals were captured in the soil media and up to 3 percent was trapped by plants. Oily puddle, Flickr user Banalities.

Pesticides may increase nervous system diseases like ALS

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Then there are entire classes of pesticides that are believed to be killing us in various ways: An entire class of pesticides (organophosphates) ingested in food are linked to 3 million poisonings, 200,000 deaths a year, many of them suicides in poor agrarian countries, (Internal Medicine, 2007).

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Fund an Awesome Bike Film, Win Cool Prizes

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In 2007, the Ginger Ninjas set off on their first tour. Without cars or any planned concerts—but with the hope of showing their passion for bicycles as a form of major transportation—the Ginger Ninjas left their home in the mountains of Northern California at the start of winter in 2007. Bikes + Food + Film = Brooklyn’s Bike-in-Theater. Click here to view the embedded video. Through Mexico. By bike.

No, Animal Products are not being removed from the Canadian Food Guide


Vegans shouldn’t be quick to share excitement for a new and improved Health Canada food guide. It’ll take a lot more meetings than just redesigning the angles of the food pyramid or finding a new way to divide those dinner plate diagrams into trendier, colour coded sections.

Monsanto and GMOs: a Model of Greed

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Suzuki adds that, “the safety of GMO foods is unproven and a growing body of research connects these foods with health concerns and environmental damage. Canadians are often unaware that the foods we choose contain GMO ingredients.

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GIANT FOOD helps customers feel “green” on Earth Day

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This is “green” as in environment and not “green” as in envy by Michael Smith (Veshengro) As part of its year-round commitment to sustainability, Giant Food will celebrate Earth Day in its shopping aisles. Encouraging its customers to "think green," Giant Food is partnering with General Mills to promote the use of environmentally friendly reusable bags. The company was the only supermarket chain in the country to be named an ENERGY STAR Leader in 2007.

Good Food for All Agenda

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In 2007, the area contributed $12.6 billion to the regional economy; so why does most of that food never see L.A. This new report raises that question, among others, and makes over 50 recommendations for the city's brand-new food policy. The report, a collaborative effort of the LA Food Policy Task Force and many other individuals and organizations, defines “Good Food” as food that is healthy, affordable, fair, and sustainable and lays out an agenda to make L.A.

Organic Vegan Donuts Take Over LA


LA cements another vegan food win as Donut Farm opens up it’s fourth location. The Northern California brand has already won over tastebuds in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley since their 2007 conception. You know what you’ll never hear me say?

Intermittent Fasting for Fat Loss and Optimal Health an Old Prophecy?

Green Prophet

Sort of “fasting lite”: he recommends cutting back to ¼ of your normal food intake (about 600 daily calories for men and 500 for women) while drinking plenty of water and plain tea. But no home stocks of cookies, ice cream, and salty chips; no microwaveable instant food (no microwaves!);

Courting Families in Portland

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In 2007, Portland saw that nearly all the new housing being built in the city were dense multifamily apartments or condos, and that single family detached homes were increasingly unaffordable. Food & Sustainable Living

Food Carbon Footprint Calculator


I've posted plenty of times about the fact that food is one of the biggest contributors to our carbon footprint (20-33% depending on who you ask). Unfortunately most 'carbon calculators', including the UK Government's , do not count food. Fear not, because someone, and it's not clear who, has developed a Food Carbon Footprint Calculator. My food footprint was 1.375tonnes CO2 per year compared to an average of 2tonnes - mainly 'cos I shop local and organic were poss.