IEA says World Crude Oil Production Peaked in 2006


According to the IEA the crude oil production in the world has already peaked in 2006. Australia's Broadcasting Corporation's Catalyst program had a peek at Peak Oil and made some fairly stark discoveries. Existing fields are declining sharply. Worse, we need to find the equivalent of four new Saudi Arabias ! Let me repeat that 4 new Saudi Arabias needed somewhere , anywhere !

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Another successful conference presentation (i.e., I didn't poop my pants) #IIFET2016

Environmental Economics

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Who Killed the Electric Car (2006)

The Green Changemakers

And destroyed the US auto industry in the process? See the Film for Free Here! link] Link: [link] "In 1996, electric cars began to appear on roads all over California. They were quiet and fast, produced no exhaust and ran without gasoline.Ten years later, these cars were destroyed." Part 1: Part 2: Tags: Technology Documentary Energy

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Review of 2006


The year ended with the market research group Mintel publishing a report saying: "2006 has proved to be a tipping point for the eco-warrior, as environmental issues and greener lifestyles have gone mainstream," So what has triggered this sea change? If you've come here to avoid all those lazy 'review of the year' articles in the dead tree press then you've come to the wrong place!


Environmental Economics

year update » March 11, 2011 Hole-bait* I've covered this ground before: After navigating turbulent financial waters since opening in 2006, the U.S.

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Honduras?Land of Love & Peace? ~ Richard Phares | elephant.

Elephant Journal

Since the rule of Mel Zelaya , who became president of Honduras on January 27 2006, the number of senseless gruesome killings has multiplied. Want to stay in touch with elephant? Get 10 free articles a week: subscribe free to our Best of the Week newsletter.

Green Home Improvement - Insulation pt 2


If you live in an old house like us, it's really worth having a poke about the nooks and crannies. Having topped up insulation in our main attic, I had a look in the space above a small offshoot at the back of our house.

Green Home Improvement - Paints


We used the multi-award winning Ecos paints. They may not be the most eco-friendly paints on the market as they contain non-organic materials like titanium dioxide, but they are excellent. Pros: - NO solvents (VOCs) which cause local air pollution and health problems. - No toxic materials.

Earthships Vid


If you want to learn more about the Earthship , check out this video. It cuts off rather suddenly, but the second part can be seen here. Apologies for the spacey muzak

Winter is coming.


sometime soon. I don't think I've ever seen leaves on the trees in mid-November before, but I assume the temperatures will drop in the coming days.

Green Home Improvement - Insulation


My consignment of Thermafleece insulation arrived on Friday, so I've spent the weekend topping up the existing rockwool insulation with 100mm of waste sheep's wool.

The igmony of being slated by British Gas!


I got a card with my British Gas bill offering a free energy review based on answers to a number of multiple choice questions, so I thought I'd give it a punt. I got my report back this weekend and they absolutely crucified me - an E on a rating of A to G.

Ali G(reen)


As Borat offends half the world in his new film, I thought you might enjoy this clip of his long-lost brother from Staines discussing environmental issues

Earthship Ahoy!


This summer I visited the Brighton Earthship , one of the most sustainable forms of housing being designed to be completely "off grid" in terms of energy, water supply and sewerage.

Green Home Improvement Tip No.4


Windows & Doors When we bought our house, it was completely single glazed and leaked heat like nobody's business. We replaced all our windows with slow-grown softwood triple glazed units and put in a new, matching front door.

The Art of Climate Change


In a recent e-mail from Creative Concern I saw this image from the anti-consumerist magazine Adbusters. This made me think about the amount of recent art inspired by climate change, and how powerful art can be at getting a message across.

A Nation of Energy Wasters


The UK has come bottom of a survey of the energy saving habits of European consumers - see the BBC coverage here.

New Toys for the Eco-Boy


Yesterday I got two new toys in the post from the Centre for Alternative Technology. The first measures the current, voltage or wattage drawn by any device with a plug and costs £28.

Strike a Light


Today I was at a Carbon Trust training session on energy management. It was fairly heavy stuff on power factor correction and other dark arts, but to lighten the load the trainer did a quick demo of domestic lighting.

Review: Sam Smith's Organic Ale & Lager


As I'm trying to wean myself off my addiction to New World wines (goodbye Stellenbosch, farewell Napa Valley) I thought I'd try these two beers brewed not too far away in Tadcaster, Yorkshire.

Green Home Improvement Tip No.3


Use materials with a high recycled content. The building industry consumes 90% of the UK's non-energy related minerals - using 420 million tonnes every year and creating 150 million tonnes of waste. Using materials with a high recycled content is one way of reducing this impact.

Biodiesel: The answer to transport emissions?


Biodiesel is diesel fuel made from vegetable oils rather than crude oil. The diesel engine was originally designed to take raw vegetable oil, but modern diesel engines require the oil to be reacted with methanol to form an ester.

Feeling smug.


cos we holidayed in the UK this year - for once - and it was fantastic. Have you noticed that eco-aware people usually also have an addiction to long haul flights

Green Home Improvement Tip No.2


Use Recycled Materials When we rebuilt our porch (a horrendous 70's mess which was falling over), we bought some lovely reclaimed brick from a salvage yard. They were four times as expensive as standard brick, but only a bit more expensive than 'aged' new bricks, and they look much nicer than either.

Ground Source Heat Grump


In today's Observer, Lucy Siegel repeats the old chesnut about Ground Source Heat Pumps producing 3-4 units of energy for every unit that is put in. What she doesn't say is it takes 1 unit of electricity to get 3 units of heat. To get 1 unit of electricity you need to burn 3 units of gas in a power station. A modern condenser boiler is 90% efficient, so you'd get 2.7 units of heat if you just burnt the gas directly. On top of this I've been told that GSHPs struggle in practice to deliver 2.5

Did You Have A Green Christmas?


On reflection, mine wasn't bad from an eco-living point of view (much better than the telly anyway). - We had an almost totally organic and local Christmas dinner, with the turkey coming from a farm 25 miles away, the veg from our organic box scheme and the goodies from our local organic shop. All absolutely delicious (apart from the sprouts needless to say). -

The grass is greener on the eco-friendly side of the fence


The Energy Savings Trust have reported that eco-friendly Britons are more likely to experience a general sense of happiness and wellbeing, according to research from Imperial College London. This chimes with my not-scientifically-proven-but-strongly-held-anyway belief that eco-living is fun and not the hair-shirt-fret-a-minute it is often made out to be in sections of the media.

Eco-products: What makes a product green?


Do you ever find yourself wondering whether a product is 'green' or not? Do you ever think you're being conned by 'green wash'? Fear not, here's a very simple guide, or the start of one anyway. Basically there are two different ways a product can be green: 1. It requires/uses less stuff*. Examples: energy efficient light bulbs, hybrid cars, lightweight packaging etc. It is made of/uses 'better' stuff.

Revenge of the SUV


You'd think they could read - not long after I posted my ' death of the SUV ' blog, a Landrover Discovery wrote off my push bike and left me somewhat battered and bruised on the tarmac. This could get personal

Hastings: Puppet or Muppet?


I've been passed some background information (thanks David!) on the "Renewable Energy Foundation" whose 'independent' report Max Hastings quoted in the Guardian yesterday: "According to the Guardian (July 15th 2004), REF is backed by anonymous wealthy individuals and hopes to gather the 80 or so groups opposing wind farms around the country " Independent? You really have to be careful what you believe, don't you?

Personal Carbon Trading


Here in the UK, the Government has just published a 41 page report on personal carbon trading. This is the idea that everyone gets a carbon allowance and if you produce more carbon than that, then you have to buy credits off someone who hasn't. Your credits would probably be stored on a card which you would use to pay your fuel bills. I was going to comment on the idea, but the authors note that the debate so far has been based on gut instinct which in turn is based on untested assumptions!

S(h)UV off!


More good news. According to The Times , The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders have announced that "sales of new 4x4s fell by more than 15 per cent last month compared with November 2005, and have fallen in every month this year except March. Sales in the year to date are down 6 per cent compared with growth of 4 per cent last year. By contrast, sales of small cars and people carriers are up significantly."

Carbon Offsetting: The Case for the Defence


This is the second part of a piece on carbon offsetting - read the case for the prosecution here. In terms of carbon offsetting deflecting from the real problem, the very act of measuring your own carbon footprint can be an eye-opening experience, adding to, rather than buying off your guilt. My initial reaction to the results is always to wonder how to reduce the excesses of my lifestyle.

Green Driving


As the Guardian reports that the Chancellor is considering higher taxes for the most polluting cars , readers may be interested in these two sites: 1. Green Future's review of green cars (hat tip to eco-worrier ). Although I dispute the idea that the Saab featured is the only vehicle that will run on biodiesel - see the blurb on my Golf. Vicenze's video reviews of the same

It's That Time of Year Again.


The publication of the Green Guide to Christmas has provoked interest from the Times and The Guardian , each giving their hints and tips on how to be a little greener this year. My biggest dilemma at this time of year is choosing presents. Nothing to do with fretting over their environmental impact, I'm afraid, just choosing presents full stop. Every year I trudge round the shops, my eyes glazing over as I try to remember what I've bought people in previous years and to spot that perfect gift.

Good News! (for once)


Most environmental statistics are bleak and getting worse, but edie is reporting a 3% fall in the waste produced by households last year, and a 10% fall in the amount being sent to landfill. To put this in context, most councils plan that waste will increase by 3% each year so this is a significant turnaround and shows that the war can be won. The edie report talks at length about various recycling initiatives, but is silent on the reasons why overall waste levels have fallen.

Switching to Green Electricity? It's a ROCky road.


I could say that one of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to switch to a 'green electricity tariff'. Unfortunately it is not quite so simple. There are two types of green tariff: 1. Green Supply" - you purchase electricity which is guaranteed to come from a renewable source. Green Fund" - you pay a premium which is invested in building new renewable energy projects. Straightforward so far?

Is Carbon Offsetting a Con? The Prosecution Case


There has been much recent interest in 'carbon offsetting' - the idea that companies and individuals can ‘offset’ their carbon dioxide emissions by buying into low carbon projects such as renewables, energy efficiency and, most controversially, tree planting. George Monbiot certainly does not mince his words when it comes to offset schemes. Writing in the Guardian , he likened offsetting to the 15th Century Dutch practice of paying for God’s pardon for crimes such as incest, lying or murder.

Indy asks: "How Green is Your MP?"


Following Friends of the Earth's Big Ask campaign ( saucy version posted here ), The Independent has surveryed every MP in the land on their attitudes to the environment. The Indy's verdict: "If you take our responses as a guide, the LibDems care the most: 56 responded, with just 7 absentees. And David Cameron has clearly had an effect on the Conservatives: 114 replied, 82 didn't.

What can I do with.


The Times' eco-worrier blogger Anna Shepherd has found this great website where people can suggest uses for waste materials - anything from take-away materials to out of date condoms. I love doing this sort of thing: - I picked up a tip once from the Guardian that tetrapak bottles make great BBQ firelighters. They do as they are made from waxed paper - but make sure you cut out the plastic spout first. -

Green Canaries


The Independent is reporting that Norwich is the most eco-friendly place in the UK. Peterborough comes second - things must have changed since I worked there 12 years ago and the buses stopped running at about 5:30pm

Fishy Business for a Friday


As I'm defrosting some organic trout from Graig Farm for tea, I got thinking about the wild fish stocks crisis. Last week's copy of Science published research warning that if current trends continue there will be no viable wild-caught seafood at all by 2050. There seems to be a stark choice for Government - whether to slash the industry now or wipe out the stocks and the industry in a couple of generations' time. Seems straightforward to me.

Flight of Fancy - A plane better than a Prius?


The Guardian is reporting that engineers have designed a 'flying wing' called the SAX-40 which would achieve 149 passenger miles per gallon compared with 121 for a Boeing 777. A Toyota Prius hybrid car (or a good diesel) gets 144 passenger miles per gallon. I don't know over what distance they make the comparison as obviously an aircraft has to go up and down as well as across, if you know what I mean. This won't save the planet on its own, but it would be significant progress.