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Americans might remember that when the first mad cow was confirmed in the United States in December, 2003, it was major news. Skip to Main Content Area. Contact Us. News Feeds. Podcasts. Privacy Policy. RSS Feeds. Volunteer. Optional Member Code. Sign up. Reports Lisa Graves. Mary Bottari.

You're Less Likely to Get Sick If You Actively Socialize

The Alien Next Door

Yet a study by Sheldon Cohen and his colleagues published in Psychological Science (2003) showed that less sociable people caught colds more often than those who socialized.

2009 130

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Vegan Dining in Somerville, MA at The Pulse - Eco-Vegan Gal: Live.

Eco-Vegan Girl

Vegan-Related Recipes Eco-Related Health Calendar Contact Eco-Vegan Dog ENGAGE Productions Saturday, June 4, 2011 Vegan Dining in Somerville, MA at The Pulse Café & True Bistro I became a vegan in Boston in 2003, but at the time there were limited options.

2011 75

Electrons vs. Molecules - Who’s Winning?

Blue Earth

Facebook, founded in 2004 has an Enterprise Value of $456B, while Tesla, founded in 2003 has an EV of $54B. Everywhere I turn electrons are making headway. Let’s compare the market value of two highly respected 21st Century founded companies, Facebook and Tesla. The ability to generate stockholder value falls clearly in the electron camp. Facebook, the company that primarily moves electrons around has an EV of 9x that of the metal-bender Tesla.

2019 100

Peace on earth?

Environmental Economics

Has Paul changed his mind since 2003 about how the bond market works?    If anything, I would have thought that the fiscal situation is more dire now and so the logic from 2003 would apply with more force.  I

Earth 170

The Red Door

Elephant Journal

The Red Door Fifteen years ago today, on November 11, 2003, I was hired at my first job as a fitness professional at New York Sports Club in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.

2019 83

A Simple way to trade Stress for Tranquility in our Daily Lives.

Elephant Journal

The dying words of the samurai warrior, Katsumoto, in the 2003 movie "The Last Samurai" sum it up so beautifully: Academy Apprentice/Audit Blogs Elephant Academy Health & Wellness Meditation Non New-Agey Spirituality distractions elephant magazine finding peace meditation nature put down your phone reduce stress small nature stress the perfect blossom tranquility

2019 70

Precious Memories

Elephant Journal

I have been living in Johannesburg, South Africa since 2003. Johannesburg is largely know as the business hub of South Africa, if not Africa. I grew up in a small town called Pietermaritzburg which is about 500kms from Johannesburg. It’s also where my parents lived until my father’s death in September 2014. My mother now […].

"EPA is soliciting comment on issues related to water quality trading" @willwheels

Environmental Economics

Other aspects of the 2003 Policy and the 2019 Memorandum (including potential conflicting or ambiguous policy advice) that may benefit from additional policy or clarification from the EPA. This might be the first good thing to be coming out of the EPA in quite some time. via

2019 130

The Most Powerful Act of Compassion & Healing.

Elephant Journal

In 2003, researchers Andrew and Michelle Gulledge and Robert Stahmann found that the more couples massage, hug, kiss, caress, and hold hands with each other, the happier they are. Adult Family Health & Wellness Love compassion dating family intimacy love relationship tools sex Stahmann touch

2003 84

One million dollars per mile?

Environmental Economics

According to my 2003 paper , the cost of the hurricane evacuation to North Carolina residents will be about $32 million (in 1998 dollars [I think, geez, did I not state the dollar year?]).

2011 164

Dear Michael Stone, you Saved my Life.

Elephant Journal

He started the Gravity Zen Meditation group in 2003 in his garag. Michael Stone was a yoga teacher, author, psychotherapist, and meditation facilitator. Enlightened Society Meditation Yoga Z ADMIN Spirituality Featured Today Z ADMIN Yoga Featured Today death Dharma grief loss meditation Michael Stone spirituality

2003 66

Can my students now use The Onion as a legitimate news source?

Environmental Economics

In March 2003, soon after the U.S. invaded Iraq, a news outlet predicted the war would be a colossal disaster that would ultimately destabilize the Middle East and fuel the rise of anti-Western forces willing to die for a fundamentalist cause. That outlet was The Onion. And the satirical news site nailed it.

Why War with Iran Would Go Global.

Elephant Journal

If Americans wish to invade Iran, they should be prepared to fight a much larger, more unified, and wealthier population than that of Iraq in 2003. Iran’s per capita. Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) WAYLON: Editor's Picks—Hidden Gems Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today iran Iraq war nuclear proliferation war

Iran 77

Daily Demand and Supply: The impact of expectations

Environmental Economics

Between 2003 and 2012, Latin American and Caribbean exports averaged 11.7 Import prices for bananas in 2013 have reached $900 per ton, compared to $375 in 2003.

Impact 176

The Rise of the Global Grassroots.

Elephant Journal

February 15th, 2003 is believed to have been the largest demonstration in history, with millions of people in at least 600 cities, including an estimated three. Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) WAYLON: Editor's Picks—Hidden Gems Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today globalization. Iraq Obama politics protests united states war

2003 64

"Did legalizing ivory trade reduce elephant poaching?"

Environmental Economics

Chris Blattman quoting Hsiang and Sekar: International trade of ivory was banned in 1989, with global elephant poaching data collected by field researchers since 2003. A one-time legal sale of ivory stocks in 2008 was designed as an experiment, but its global impact has not been evaluated. We find that international announcement of the legal ivory sale corresponds with an abrupt ~66% increase in illegal ivory production across two continents, and a possible ten-fold increase in its trend.

2016 126

Australian White Ibis Survey

10,000 Birds

This survey started in 2003 and needs your help! Are you going to be in Australia this weekend? As you go about your weekend, how about helping out and counting any Australian White Ibis that you see? You can report your sightings easily online.

2012 205

Daily demand and supply

Environmental Economics

This year they are falling, after a record production boom nearly replenished stockpiles left at their lowest since 2003 by last winter's freeze. From the WSJ Micro Review: Natural-Gas Prices Fall Even With Chill Nearing by: Timothy Puko Oct 20, 2014. TOPICS:  Supply and Demand. SUMMARY:  When cold weather looms across the U.S., natural-gas prices usually rise.

2014 153 Providing Energy Efficient Roofing in Select Cities 

Hug a Tree with Me

Serving areas in Arizona, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, California and more Cool Roofing Systems is a commercial roofing company operating since 2003.

Pronounced "Reggie"

Environmental Economics

RGGI (pronounced “Reggie”) has, in fact, a Republican pedigree, dating back to 2003, when Gov.  From the NYTimes editorial page :  New Jersey, under its new governor, Phil Murphy, a Democrat, will join — more precisely, rejoin — the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a consortium of nine Eastern and New England states that has achieved substantial emissions reductions from large power plants since its start in 2009.

2018 116

Traffic in central London moves at the same speed as horse-drawn carriages

Green (Living) Review

MPH bump caused by the implementation of the congestion charge in 2003 (which is a 15% improvement -- nothing to sneeze at). The 1800s have called. The theoretical maximum speed of all kinds of things is constantly going up; cars, trains, planes, boats.

2015 138

AGRICULTURE IN THE CITY A Key to Sustainability in Havana, Cuba

The Green Changemakers

AGRICULTURE IN THE CITY A Key to Sustainability in Havana, Cuba Maria Caridad Cruz and Roberto Sánchez Medina Ian Randle Publishers/ IDRC 2003 ISBN 9-76637-158-X e-ISBN 1-55250-104-3 244 pp.

2010 52

Here is one for the 2014 top 10 list

Environmental Economics

The reissue will also include bonus tracks that appear on the album’s 2003 reissue; songs taken from their 1983 self-released Live and Otherwise cassette; and five cuts off the band’s 1987 demo Colorblind and Rhymeless.

2014 187

What Buddhism teaches us about Doing the Things we’re Scared Of.

Elephant Journal

In 2003, I was diagnosed with an advanced form of a rare disease called syringomyelia, a chronic disease in which the grey matter of the spinal cord erodes, creating a fluid-filled cavity within the spinal cord, known as a syrinx. I was told that there was a good chance I would die on the operating table. There was also a good chance I would never be able to walk again.

2018 64

Filling in the mystery of the newly discovered ghost whale

Green Prophet

When first classified as a species in 2003, Omura’s were only known in three locations – the Sea of Japan, the Solomon Islands east of Papua New Guinea, and the Keeling Islands, west of Indonesia.

2019 83

Measuring Wealth in Footsteps

Environmental News Network

In 2003 the Global Footprint Network (GFN) was established in response to this problem and to help countries and businesses measure their impact and as a result live more sustainably. Many people consider the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as the best way to measure a country’s wealth.

Rhythm and melody

Environmental Economics

household enjoys $2/gallon gasoline (average 2003 price = $2.02/gallon), drives 20,000 miles in a 20 MPG automobile. According to this model a 100% increase in gas prices (2003 to 2008) would lead to a reduction in miles driven of 0.3% (i.e.,

2012 158

Music Monday: Earl Greyhound

Wend Magazine

It also includes four previously unreleased tracks originally recorded in 2003. Earl Greyhound from L to R: Ricc Sheridan, Matt Whyte and Kamara Thomas. It’s been a while since I’ve stumbled upon a band that caught my attention as sharply as has Earl Greyhound.

2013 188

AERE Workshops: 1985-2009

Environmental Economics

2003, Spatial Theory, Modeling, and Econometrics in Environmental and Resource Economics -- Madison, Wisconsin.

2013 176

Australian White Ibis Survey 2013

10,000 Birds

This survey started in 2003 and needs your help! Are you going to be in Australia this weekend? As you go about your weekend, how about helping out and counting any Australian White Ibis that you see? You can report your sightings easily online. You may even see a tagged ibis, like we did on our trip to Sydney last year. This bird “040″ had been banded at about 5 weeks old in 2005 and given a tag as an adult in 2008 within Centennial Park.

2013 133

Are You Smarter Than A Trash Can?

Environmental News Network

BigBelly Solar, the company responsible for these innovative trash cans, was founded in 2003 with “the goal of transforming one of the least efficient and resource-intensive industries on the planet — waste collection.

Trash 90

Living Single With a Sexually Transmitted Disease. ~ Anonymous

Elephant Journal

I was raped after passing out at a party in 2003 and ended up infected with genital herpes. The last thing I remember from that night is falling asleep on the floor, drunk and alone. The next morning, I woke up in some bed, alone again, but completely naked and sore.

2003 100

Cashback On “Premature Slaughter”


According to a Berkeley-based law firm, more than 500,000 cows were “slaughtered early” between 2003 and 2010 as part of a “herd retirement program” to “reduce the supply of milk” and “inflate its costs to consumers nationally.”

2016 80

Some thoughts from the plane ride to Seattle

Environmental Economics

One surprising finding is that, at least through 2003, contingent valuation and hedonic pricing were the two dominant valuation methods. " My guess is that last sentence would change significantly if the data were examined since 2003. On the plane to AERE Conference in Seattle I read Adamowicz's " What's it worth? "

Biofriendly’s fuel additive makes dirty fuel burn cleaner

Green Prophet

Besides the consumer at-the-pump solution, Biofriendly also a fuel transition product that works with marine, freight and oil companies to help them reduce their emissions as well, with a track record going back to 2003. .

2020 81

That might be the only snake that doesn't strike fear into Tim

Environmental Economics

They have found nearly 3,500 violations since 2003, and confiscated a dizzying and, to many people, a sickening array of wildlife and wildlife parts — including a protected dead snake inside bottled wine, a reputed aphrodisiac. People always ask me what is so great about Louisville? From monkey skin coats to ivory pool cues to endangered-snake wine, Louisville International Airport has become a main battleground in America’s fight to halt wildlife smuggling.

A sign of economic recovery?

Environmental Economics

The last time the figure dropped was in 2003. McDonald's Corp. says a key sales figure fell in October, marking the first monthly drop in nearly a decade for the world's biggest hamburger chain. The company, based in Oak Brook, Ill., says global sales at restaurants open at least a year fell 1.8 percent for the month. The figure is a key metric because it strips out the impact of newly opened and closed locations. The fast-food chain says the figure fell 2.2

Friday beer post: "Economics paper retracted for plagiarism after citing its twin"

Environmental Economics

Original article details: Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, Volume 320, 15 March 2003, pages 512–524. Ooops! wrong title (sigh). As we’ve pointed out before , economics and business journals have few retractions compared with the other academic literature. Opinions vary on why this is, but the fact that only a few journals have plagiarism policies can’t help.

2014 138

The Crocodile Safari (Botswana)

10,000 Birds

Published in the Canoeist, UK, July 2003. What happens when you put a naturalist in a kayak, adrift in Africa? There are no crocs around here,’ said a smiling bartender.

A valuation book I won't buy

Environmental Economics

Nick Hanley, David Bell and Begona Alvarez-Farizo (2003), ‘Valuing the Benefits of Coastal Water Quality Improvements Using Contingent and Real Behaviour’ PART III HEDONIC PRICE 7. Nick Hanley, Felix Schläpfer and James Spurgeon (2003), ‘Aggregating the Benefits of Environmental Improvements: Distance-Decay Functions for Use and Non-Use Values’ 14. Graham Loomes, Chris Starmer and Robert Sugden (2003), ‘Do Anomalies Disappear in Repeated Markets?’

2012 133

The cost of a statistical life is.

Environmental Economics

Bush in 2003 with a five-year, $15 billion investment in global AIDS in 15 countries. We often to talking about the value of a statistical life (John, why don't we have a primer on VSL in Env-Econ 101?) , but less frequently talk about the cost of saving a statistical life.    So here you go: A U.S. aid program aimed at helping foreign countries battle the AIDS epidemic saved 740,000 lives from 2004-2008, according to a study published Tuesday. The U.S.

2012 142

World Trade Centers = USS New York

Green Earth Journey

When it was poured into the molds on Sept 9, 2003, 'those big rough steelworkers treated it with total reverence,' recalled Navy Capt. Photos are not linked.

2010 141