Heroines for the Planet: Emmy-Award Winning Filmmaker Marilyn Weiner, Creator of Journey to Planet Earth

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Marilyn: Let’s deal with the fear first: In April of 2001 we were in Dhaka, Bangladesh to film a celebration called Pahela Baishakh –- the Bangla New Year. Journey to Planet Earth is one of the most important TV series you’ll watch.

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Reclaiming the Streets: Urban Transportation Innovations

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Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoë, who was elected in 2001, inherited some of Europe’s worst traffic congestion and air pollution. Mobilizing to Save Civilization (New York: W.W. By Lester R. Brown Earth Policy Institute Cars promise mobility, and in a largely rural setting they provide it. But in an urbanizing world, where more than half of us live in cities, there is an inherent conflict between the automobile and the city.

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The Flawed Economics of Nuclear Power

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The cost of this repository, originally estimated at $58 billion in 2001, climbed to $96 billion by 2008. Mobilizing to Save Civilization, available at www.earthpolicy.org for free downloading. [link] Lester R. Brown Over the last few years the nuclear industry has used concerns about climate change to argue for a nuclear revival.

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