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No evidence wind farms directly impact health

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The review found evidence supporting a link between wind farm noise and indirect health effects such as annoyance, and sleep disturbance.

Wind farms: "In the end, the economics trump Trump"

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From the NY Times :  Last fall, five turbines in the waters of Rhode Island — the country’s first offshore farm — began delivering power to the grid. Wind power has finally become viable for a number of delicately interlaced reasons. I should add a question mark to the end of that post title. Last year in Massachusetts, Gov.

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NASA photos reveal scale of massive London Array wind farm

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Phase one of the project includes 175 offshore wind turbines and two offshore substations, which can generate up to 630MW of clean wind energy.

Next for Enlight – a Wind Farm

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It will build and run a new wind farm on the windy Golan Heights, the site of Israel’s first wind farm, a now very outdated 10 wind turbines.

Google Invests in Africa’s Largest Wind Farm


In their continuing push to invest in renewable energy sources, Google is taking part in a major development in Africa: a wind power plant in Kenya that when completed will Read More The post Google Invests in Africa’s Largest Wind Farm appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Environment News Top News

Meteo-Logic Gives Predictive Power to Wind Farm Weather Stations

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Already working on wind farms in Israel, this company launches a full scale solution for wind farms worldwide. This is done while dramatically reducing the direct and indirect expenses of wind farms, maximizing profits and reducing financial uncertainty. Wind farm logic.

London Array: Masdar Celebrates World’s Largest Wind Farm Inauguration

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Located 20km off the southeastern coast of Kent in the Thames Estuary, the London Array is officially the world’s largest wind farm.

Official ground-breaking ceremony: vortex energy builds 22MW "Gadegast" wind farm

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After commissioning, vortex energy will also take charge of the wind farm’s technical and commercial management. megawatt. z o.o.

Court rejects Northants wind farm plan

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Every building must become a power station with PVs and small wind. Large wind installations in Germany also do not seem to be perceived in the same negative way as they are in Britain and one can see turbines all along the ridge of the Harz Mountains, for instance, on the line that once was the German-German border.

Hawa Akkar Wind Farm to Illuminate 60,000 Lebanese Homes in First for Country

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But now it is in the middle of building its first wind farm at about 60 MW in the country’s north. .

Enlight’s 58 MW Wind Farm Gets Israeli Approval for Golan Heights

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It ain’t Chicago, but Israel does have a little bit of wind potential on the Golan Heights. What’s left is fed into the grid.

Egypt’s Next Huge Wind Farm

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A tender for a 200 MW wind farm to be built on the Gulf of Suez, at a cost of $500 million was announced by Energy Minister Hassan Yunis.

Tafila Financing In As Middle East’s Biggest Wind Farm in Jordan Takes Shape

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The consortia of investors released the news that the Tafila Wind Farm is fully financed to its expected cost of $290 million.

Egypt’s 1st Private Wind Farm To Power More Boring Brown Buildings

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Expect to see more of these as Suez Cement secures its long term viability in Egypt with private wind farm. GW Wind Power by 2016.

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Malta to Get State-of-the-Art Floating Wind Farm from Hexicon

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Sweden’s Hexicon to supply Malta with 10% of its electricity with a platform-mounting floating wind farm. The Swedish company Hexicon has filed a project description statement (PDS) with Maltese authorities for an intriguing offshore wind farm with 36 turbines set on a hexagon-shaped 460-metre-wide platform.

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Trump Loses Lawsuit to Stop Construction of Scottish Wind Farms


When the Scottish government approved the building of 11 wind farms, it was aiming to stimulate the local economy and encourage renewable energy use so who would have a problem Read More The post Trump Loses Lawsuit to Stop Construction of Scottish Wind Farms appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Hidden Costs of Constructing Wind Farms in Turkey Include Many New Roads

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Even main roads sometimes need to be rebuilt, because the trucks bringing the wind turbine equipment cannot maneuver sharp curves.

‘Cape Spin’ Offshore Wind Farm Doc Airs Tonight


The documentary “Cape Spin: An American Power Struggle,” which takes a look at what would have been the United States’ first offshore wind farm (Cape Wind), airs tonight on KCETLink. The Read More The post ‘Cape Spin’ Offshore Wind Farm Doc Airs Tonight appeared first on Ecorazzi.

CHART: Which Kills More Birds, Cats or Turbines? | Mother Jones

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Behind the fell deed: a wind farm, caught red-turbined. Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content. Mother Jones. Politics. Environment. Study.

Tarfaya: Africa’s Largest Wind Farm in Morocco is a Go

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No new timetable has been revealed,” Wind Power Monthly reports. Image credit: Wind turbine against blue sky , Shutterstock.

Egypt Now Contracting a Whopping 1,000 MW Wind Farm!

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Egypt is now close to awarding a contract to build a 1,000 megawatt wind farm, to be up and running in 2016, that it first announced last year.

Morocco’s Hydroelectric, Wind and Solar on Track for 2020?s 42% Green Goal

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These new installations include a 140-MW wind farm near Tangier and a 472-MW solar power plant in the north-east area of Ain Beni Mathar.

Wind Farm Company Pleads Guilty to Bird Fatalities

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Photo of a Golden Eagle at a Wyoming wind farm by Dina Cappiello/Associated Press. wind-energy company has admitted that its farms have killed birds, and has settled with prosecutors. law against causing the deaths of protected birds without a permit (and no wind-energy farms seem to have such permits).

UK’s First Wind Farm Reopens After Renovations

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Many of the world’s wind turbines, for instance, have been installed for decades. However, the wind farm has since made massive changes.

Israel’s Bird King Yossi Leshem: Jordan’s Tafila Wind Farm is a “Real Problem”

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” No one from the Jordan wind turbine consortia has consulted him, he says. Yossi Leshem.

New South Wales Wind Farm Opens

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Adding to the 50 wind farms are currently in operation around Australia, Capital Wind Farm was officially launched by Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, NSW Premier Nathan Rees and Minister for Climate Change, Senator Penny Wong. The Capital Wind Farm is the largest wind farm in New South Wales.

Europe’s Largest Onshore Wind Farm Expands

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Europe’s largest onshore wind farm, which is located in East Renfrewshire in Scotland, is expanding. The 140 turbines currently at the wind farm, to the south of Glasgow, can produce enough electricity to power 180,000 homes. Government / Industry europe wind farm scotland wind farm

Masdar Launches the Seychelles’ First Renewable Energy Plant

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This is not the first time that Masdar has helped a less well country gain access to clean energy.

GE Wins Oregon Wind Farm Contract

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General Electric has won a contract to build the biggest wind farm in the United States in Oregon. The wind farm will be located in Shepherds Flat, Oregon and when completed will be the biggest wind farm in operation in the world. Government / Industry general electric oregon wind farm oregon wind farm

Government Approves Wind Farm Off Ocean City

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The Obama administration opened Maryland’s coast to offshore wind farms Monday and is seeking bidders to erect more than 300 turbines in a 206-square-mile area off the coast of Ocean City. The move makes Maryland the second state in the nation, after Delaware, to have reached this stage in off-shore wind development.

China helped wind power climb to new record levels in 2011

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Wind energy developers installed a record 41,000 megawatts of electricity-generating capacity in 2011, bringing the world total to 238,000 megawatts.

New U.S. Rule Extends Length of Eagle-Death Permits for Wind Farms

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As mentioned earlier in these pages , wind farms and eagles don’t always go well together—the birds, which often scan the ground for prey instead of looking straight ahead while they’re flying, thus don’t see wind turbines until it’s too late. (It’s News Bald Eagle Golden Eagle wind farms Wind turbines

Construction Begins On Oahu Wind Farm

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Hawaii is joining the wind farm party. “The goal is to be generating power in the early part of 2011,” said Paul Gaynor, First Wind CEO. ” First Wind says the turbine farm project will cut Hawaii’s oil consumption by almost 140,000 barrels a year.

Hundreds Protest Scotland Wind Farm

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Over 300 people turned out this weekend to protest a proposed wind turbine farm in the Scottish Borders region. Wind Power News north british windpower say no to fallago scottish wind farm protest

Now that’s huge! Record-breaking wind turbine being built by Siemens

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German manufactuer Siemens have constructed off-shore wind turbines with record-breaking rotors. Well it’s simple really.

Germany’s First Offshore Wind Farm

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Germany’s first offshore wind farm was made operational today, 45 kilometers off the coast in the North Sea. million, the consortium of energy companies that built the wind farm reported. Wind Power News germany offshore wind farm

UK Wind Power Projects Delayed

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A massive project planned in the UK that would erect an offshore wind farm consisting of over 8,000 wind turbines by 2020 is likely to now be delayed. The government is looking to contract out a major project that would connect the wind farm energy to the grid.

Offshore wind farms may slow down hurricanes, study shows

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Wind turbines generate renewable electricity, but new research shows they could have another major benefit: weakening hurricanes before they make landfall. Archer and Mark Jacobson, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford University, had previously calculated the global potential for wind power. Read more: [lin

Seals discover offshore wind farms are all-you-can-eat seafood buffets

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The “Kiss from a Rose” singer has been soaking in the North Sea sun as he frolics amongst the offshore wind farms. Andrews.

Viking Wind Farm in Scotland to generate 370MW of clean power


Northern parts of Scotland are best suited for wind farms that can be some of the most efficient and consistently productive units on the planet.