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Is Maple Water the new Coconut Water?

Elephant Journal

This beverage might be a new drink fad, but it also might provide an economic incentive to keep more trees standing.

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Water and Climate Change

Conservancy Talk

We can harness the power of Paris—notably the impetus it gives to climate change adaptation—to help tackle a related challenge: the water crisis.

Why the California Water Crisis is a Foretaste of Water Crises to Come

Nature Conservancy - Science

The California water crisis is a harbinger of things to come. The growth of urban water demand is striking. Water meter in Richmond, VA.

Field Test: Can We Use Drones to Monitor Water Quality?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Traditionally, testing and monitoring water quality is a lot of work. Mosquitoes, Heat & Floods: The Challenges of Monitoring Water Funds.

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Launch of "Water Is." Celebrates Our Connection With Water

The Alien Next Door

with a water blessing of Mimico Creek and various water-engaging activities. Praise for "Water Is." We ARE water. Dr. B.

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Budgerigars need water!

10,000 Birds

Both of these species have left the ephemeral lake where they were due to the fact that the rains have not come and there is very little water left at all. Any source of water in such a dry area of Australia is worth stopping and checking out and as we approached an Australian Bustard flew off after taking a drink. 58 East!

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10 Inventions to Save Earth’s Water

Green Prophet

Sea “water cone” evaporation. Purifying contaminated water supplies in SODIS plastic bottles. Water reservoirs.

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Cool innovation shocks salt from sea water

Green Prophet

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink! Going Green ends with Water from the Sea.

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Shorter Showers, Water Sense Toilets & Fixing Leaks Won’t Fix our Water Woes.

Elephant Journal

Taking shorter showers and fixing leaks won’t help solve the world water crisis. Neither will installing Water Sense toilets, fixing leaks, or xeriscaping your yard. These things will lower your own water bill, but that’s all.

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Reviving the Commons: Using Incentives to Protect the Nation’s Sources of Fresh Water

Nature Conservancy - Science

After all, clean fresh water is the lifeblood of our planet, and without it most living things in our watersheds cannot survive. Sweeney).

Water Rail at midday

10,000 Birds

As we watched, the rail skipped into the water and made its way to the edge. The Water Rail was just as confiding as it had been before.

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Reflection: A Water Story.

Elephant Journal

When will we wake up to our inseparability from the life and health of water? A new documentary film addresses just that.

More on pricing water

Environmental Economics

Public appeals for reductions in energy and water use are ubiquitous. And it is easy to see why. Effects are summarized by treatment “cycles”.

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New Science: Helping Businesses Understand What Water is Worth

Nature Conservancy - Science

When natural water supplies run dry, companies that depend on a reliable flow of water must spend time and money to purchase water elsewhere.

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Bamboo WarkaWater tower harvests potable water from air

Green Prophet

He thinks these water-trapping WarkaWater Towers will help. . Related: Billboard captures water from thin air in Peru.

The Way of Water (La natura dell’acqua)

The Alien Next Door

Water is a shape shifter. She's been standing for an hour in the queue for the public water tap. “La L’acqua è un mutaforma.

Mavea Elemaris Water Pitcher Review

Green Earth Journey

This is the best water filter pitcher I have tried by far! This is the Mavea Elemaris Water Filter !

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Bruce Lee Quotes: Be Water, My Friend.

Elephant Journal

Sometimes Water is Thicker Than Blood: The Day that Changed my Life.

Elephant Journal

Enlightened Society Family Non New-Agey Spirituality break up child grandparent modern family parenting water is thicker than blood

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From Davos: Water Is a Valuable Asset – Let’s Treat It like One

Conservancy Talk

Many communities around the world are running out of water. The water saved can then be allocated for other uses. Mark R.

Maintenance Tips: Keeping A Tankless Water Heater Efficient

Green Living Ideas

A little knowledge goes a long way when it comes to keeping your tankless water heater efficient.

Israeli WaterGen gadget pulls drinking water from thin air

Green Prophet

Finding ways to augment supplies of fresh drinking water have been around for years. Tap into Auxiliary Water Supplies With Your AC.

20 Days of H2O: World Water Day 2013

Conservancy Talk

140 liters of water to make a cup of coffee… 185 liters of water to make a bag of chips… 1,500 liters of water to grow cotton for a t-shirt.

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VOSS Water

Green (Living) Review

This is water, period, however much you wish to wrap it up in a designer bottle. Oh, sorry, I forgot, they demand it be spelled VOSS. Help!!!

Brian Richter’s ‘Chasing Water’: Smarter Solutions for the Coming Water Scarcity

Nature Conservancy - Science

Water shortages aren’t just for California. Managing water from a crisis mode, though, seldom produces the most sustainable outcomes.

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If You Don’t Invest in Your Water Supply, Someone Else Will and It Won’t Be Pretty

Nature Conservancy - Science

Water purification systems at Bret Lake, Switzerland. The good news is that our tap water is very clean and safe and relatively inexpensive.

New Water Fund in Mexico for People and Nature

Conservancy Talk

That’s why I was delighted to be in Monterrey, Mexico today to celebrate the launch of the Monterrey Metropolitan Water Fund (FAMM).

Walking for Water

Conservancy Talk

Sarah Davidson is the International Water Policy Advisor at The Nature Conservancy. Do you know where your water comes from ?

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Orphan Black Clone Dance: Love the Water.

The Alien Next Door

From the fluid "water" moves of Cosima to Sarah''s lithe animal power to Alison''s uptight staccato steps and finally to Helena''s unbridled abandon.

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Aloe Vera Water Recipe

Hug a Tree with Me

By blending the Aloe Vera flesh with water and lemon, the texture loosens, making it a more drinkable consistency. 2 cups of filtered water.

It’s World Water Month: 5 Simple Things We Can Do to Help. #EveryDropCounts

Elephant Journal

A few simple steps that we can all take to help the world water crisis.

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Holy Water Is ‘Unsafe for Human Consumption’

Green Prophet

A recent report by the BBC has revealed that holy water from Mecca known as ‘Zam Zam’ is contaminated with high levels of arsenic.

Press Release - Takeya Glass Water Bottles

Green Earth Journey

Takeya USA has introduced two revolutionary Glass Water Bottle collections, and with them, a healthier way for all Americans to hydrate.

2010 78

A Water Ouzel Nest at Lassen Volcanic National Park

10,000 Birds

I call this bird the Water Ouzel because I like saying it – Water Ouzel. Click on photos for full sized images. v=Sq_ZGAe6h_g.

Watermark: the Meaning of Water.

The Alien Next Door

Xiaolangdi Dam, China Water has been on my mind a lot lately. It changed the way I look at water. Water is all around us. Simple.

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Powdered Water Hydrates Drought-Stricken Farms

Green Prophet

A highly absorbent substance with a potassium base, Solid Rain stores one liter of water in just 10 grams! But how does it work?

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Urban Water Footprint: Extensive and Expensive

Nature Conservancy - Science

But without a consistent global database of urban water sources, we couldn’t get very far. Water Travels Long Distances to Get to Cities.

New Report: Blueprint for Urban Water Security

Nature Conservancy - Science

Cities: Investing in conserving your watershed just might help secure water for your city. View of New York City from Central Park.

Nina Talks Writing and Water on "Liquid Lunch" That Channel TV

The Alien Next Door

I recently appeared on That Channel to discuss the writing process and my upcoming book on water called "Water Is.", due early in 2016.

2016 21

H2.O: Announcing a New Platform for Water Activists

Conservancy Talk

Kennedy believed that “ anyone who can solve the problems of water will be worthy of two Nobel prizes – one for peace and one for science.”

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