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Tax Breaks for Energy Efficient Homes

Environmental News Network

offer tax breaks for home improvements that make homes more energy efficient. Residential energy tax credits. In particular, 30.7

Waste not want not: Sweden to give tax breaks for repairs

Green (Living) Review

Sweden has cut its annual emissions of carbon dioxide by 23% since 1990 and already generates more than half of its electricity from renewable sources.

2017 11

Tax breaks for vegans? A nice idea, but it’s never going to happen.


With a hellish election season underway, an old question has been making murmurs around vegan circles again: should vegans get tax cuts for their efforts in helping the environment? The proposal has resulted in tax rewards for hybrid driving Americans, and PETA took the 2007 announcement as an opportunity to push for plant-friendly rewards.

List Of Solar Energy Government Tax Breaks

Solar Power Ninja

California’s Million Solar Roofs initiative is the latest of a number of solar energy tax breaks being legislated in the US. Corporate Tax Credit: Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit. Solar and Geothermal Business Energy Tax Credit. American solar energy incentive programs are increasing every year.

Wind Power Tax Break Fails in Senate

Wind Power Ninja

The tax break will expire at the end of this year unless supporters find a way to get it extended.

Stop Oil and Coal Tax Breaks- Overturning Corporate Power


Oil 1

Holding my thumb and index finger about an inch apart

Environmental Economics

The Senate failed to get rid of tax breaks for oil companies: Energy-state Democrats criticized the initiative, saying it was misdirected and would do nothing to ease gasoline prices and could cost American jobs. Getting rid of the tax breaks could increase gas prices and could cost jobs. Republicans. via

Budget response - Philip Simpson, Commercial Director, ReFood

Green (Living) Review

Very little, I think, needs to be added to that in that department.

Increase the gas tax

Environmental Economics

Greg Mankiw discusses "four keys to a better tax system" that includes an increase in the gas tax: A good rule of thumb is that when you tax something, you get less of it. That means that taxes on hard work, saving and entrepreneurial risk-taking impede these fundamental drivers of economic growth.

UK fracking moratorium fails to pass Parliament vote

Green Blog

On Wednesday the council said that they would need to defer the decision for eight weeks in response to legal advice.

Ban 31

LA County Gets Rolling on Turning Ugly Vacant Lots Into Useful Urban Farms

Green (Living) Review

Read more here. food growing urban farming

The Bright Future Ahead for Electric Vehicles, in 4 Charts

Mother Jones

Why invest in an electric car when gas is so cheap? But don't expect that trend to last, even if oil prices stay relatively low.

Enjoy it while it lasts?

Environmental Economics

  That's why people move to Florida and Arizona during the winter (that and tax breaks, but let's stick with the weather for now). 

Guy Ritchie’s Planned Solar Array Considered A Disturbance


In an effort to be environmentally responsible, or to receive the 10 percent tax break, Guy Ritchie submitted an application to erect 200 solar panels at his Ashcombe House estate in the UK. The estate, in which Ritchie purchased with Madonna in 2001, would be completely solar powered.

Hundreds of protesters called for an end to fossil fuel subsidies

Green Blog

"Ending tax breaks and subsidies for oil and gas companies would reduce the deficit by more than $40 billion over the next 10 years.

Austerity a cover for class war against the poor

Green (Living) Review

Under David Cameron in the UK the Conservatives have cut the top rate of income tax paid by the wealthiest, and pledged to cut inheritance tax for estates of up to £1m. Corporation tax has also been dramatically reduced, while VAT, a flat tax, has gone up. 12bn cuts to the social security budget are in the pipeline.

When Will the Coal, Oil, Gas, and Nuclear Industries Stand On Their.

Sierra Club Compass

Despite record breaking profits, these corporations want to keep padding their profits with more than $100 billion in unfair tax breaks.

Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain

Environmental Economics

Boehner’s choice is the latest indication that any effort by Democrats to repeal oil industry tax breaks as part of the package would face major roadblocks. Upton and many other Republicans have consistently opposed efforts to overturn the tax breaks. to a “supercommittee” charged with developing a $1.5 via

Algeria To Boost Its Food Security

Green Prophet

Take for example the recent revolts in the Arab world. between 2009 and 2010. This, in turn, should help keep prices lower and shelves stocked.”.

Germany Investing Billions in Plug-in Electric Cars

Eco Auto Ninja

It’s expected that legislation will be signed this month that will get rid of the motor vehicle tax on plug-in electric vehicles for their first 10 years of being registered. Additionally, the German government is expected to directly purchase thousands of electric cars itself.

I see a pattern emerging

Environmental Economics

USA Today : From gas-mileage standards to tax breaks for windmills, public support for "green" energy measures to tackle global warming has dropped significantly in the past two years, particularly among Republicans, a new poll suggests. I agree with Professor Krosnick. And cake, they like cake.  

“Captain Sunshine” Takes Over Better Place as a Startup

Green Prophet

And with the country’s richest man, Idan Ofer, at the helm, the government was unwilling to offer any tax breaks. So they failed.

Three Things to Know About CarbonWA’s Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax

Sightline Daily

The CarbonWA tax would start at $15 per ton, rise to $25 per ton in year two, and then slowly and steadily increase by inflation plus 3.5

Qoros Electric Vehicle: China and Israel Partner with USA

Green Prophet

After losing the Better Place electric vehicle company , Israel Corporation moved forward with a different holding in the same industry.

All the World’s Carbon Pricing Systems in One Animated Map

Sightline Daily

Will a cap or tax on carbon work? Japan’s carbon tax is the next biggest player, covering about 800 MMT, or 70 percent of Japan’s emissions.

Planning Minister wants to relax planning laws in our National Parks

Green (Living) Review

Refurbishment does not carry the tax relief and tax break that does the building of new homes does for the developers. This is despite claims that in the past 5 years only 3 out of 140 applications have been turned down on the grounds of spoiling the rural landscape. What happened to key decisions being taken locally?

ALEC Sends Out an SOS to Breitbart Bloggers | PR Watch

PR Watch

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2012 38

I couldn't decide whether this is a Quote of the Day or a Daily Demand and Supply, so I'll go with both

Environmental Economics

Quote of the Day: Harry Reid (D) on congressional calls to remove tax breaks from Big Oil. "Let's make one thing clear: wasteful subsidies have nothing to do with gas prices. These oil handouts have existed for decades. Prices have continued to rise," via increase prices

One million homes in Mid Atlantic can have access to solar power


The government is willing to extend all possible support and policy makers are also devising methods to encourage large scale production of the same.

DC 9

See kids, economics is fun!

Environmental Economics

The business is growing fast, in part because of federal tax credits. via

Wendy's is the 6th Firm to Say It is No Longer a Member of ALEC.

PR Watch

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Green (Living) Review

The prices paid by customers do not reflect the environmental costs due to subsidies, tax breaks and the lack of a real economic value attached to the environmental damage done by aviation’s emissions. In recent years, air travel has become cheaper but the real costs are masked.

Beyond flying – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

These are the stories of how these remarkable people found easy and better ways of living and working in a globalized world with less air travel.

New Hybrids on the Horizon for the Middle East

Green Prophet

Hybrid cars have had a slow start in the Middle East in comparison to other markets. Hyundai Sonata. litre gasoline engine which provides 199 hp.

Lush Cosmetics Fights Fracking in UK


The Chancellor George Osborne said the reason behind the tax breaks was that shale gas has a "huge potential to broaden

Legislature Takes On Big Oil’s Accidental Tax Loophole

Sightline Daily

Washington state representative Reuven Carlyle introduced a bill (HB 2465) yesterday that would close big oil’s tax loophole and redirect the money to public education. When it was created in 1949, the tax break was intended to benefit sawmills. It’s game on. Sightline has written extensively about the loophole.

Two-thirds of Britons favour wind power over fracking

Green (Living) Review

In contrast, the party had already unveiled fracking tax breaks. Read more: [link

Better Place Investor Michael Granoff To Write Tell All Book

Green Prophet

It went bankrupt this year. One of its first investors, and biggest backers Michael Granoff will be writing a tell-all book.


Green (Living) Review

This means that private companies will want fiscal incentives or tax breaks to encourage them to buy or lease our woodland. The CIWEM is concerned that the Government’s plans to sell England's public forests and woodlands will be detrimental to the nation’s environmental, conservation and social interests.

Daily Demand and Supply: A flawed argument for lower gas prices

Environmental Economics

The Senate yesterday launched a high-profile debate on a Democratic plan to block the nation’s five biggest oil companies from taking advantage of a suite of tax breaks. In other words, removing tax breaks for Big Oil will increase, not decrease, gas prices. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J.,