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12 tips for sustainable travel in 2016

Green Traveler Guides

| Green Travel News | It’s never too late to add this New Year’s resolution: travel sustainably. more exotic.

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When Can Sustainability Drive Business Growth?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Sustainability and business growth don’t usually get talked about together. The Next Wave of Corporate Sustainability. Related Articles.

Green Living 2.0, Sustainable Communities

Green Home Blog

Green Living commune community living ecofriendly ecovillage going green green building green living intentional communities SUSTAINABLE

Which world are we trying to sustain?

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Which world are we trying to sustain: a resource to fulfill our desires of material prosperity, or an Earth of wonder, beauty, and sacred meaning? If we want to sustain a system that will sustain us then there is but one way and that is to change our ways and yes, it will mean a change of way of life.

High-Tech Trash Cans to Improve Sustainability

Living Green & Saving Energy

Trashcans are pretty straightforward: they stand there and collect trash. You remove the bag when it’s full, replace it, and it fills up with garbage again. It’s not exactly the domain of innovation and technology… or is it? Believe it or not, the trashcan is quickly becoming a site of technological advancement. In the years […].

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Sustainable Ocean Development is Possible: Q&A with Maria Damanaki

Conservancy Talk

She and I recently discussed her views on marine conservation and sustainable ocean development. I am delighted to welcome Maria to TNC.

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Sustainable Happiness – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Sustainable Happiness : Live Simply, Live Well, Make a Difference Edited by Sarah van Gelder and the staff of YES!

How to Grow a Sustainable Urban Garden.

Elephant Journal

Enlightened Society Food Green Health & Wellness Inspiring (Wow) farming garden gardening organic food patio garden sustainable growing urban farmingAfter much research, I found that anyone can do it, even with a small patio. So, that is what I did and I have never looked back.

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Sustainable Bedroom Decor Photo Ideas

Green Furniture Home Design

Coming up with sustainable bedroom decor ideas doesn’t have to be difficult. Bedroom Furniture

Sustainable consumption

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The idea of sustainable growth and sustainable consumption is about the same as having sex to preserve for virginity or having a war for peace. You cannot have sustainable growth and neither can you have sustainable consumption. It does not work. And still the economy did not fall down.

Top 6 Online Sources for Sustainable Items

Hug a Tree with Me

Below are the top 10 online sources for sustainable items, thank you in advance for purchasing your sustainable items through our affiliations.

Sustainability Advice for Small Businesses

Environmental News Network

Review your suppliers or other businesses that yours is associated, and how sustainable they are as a company. Assess your Energy. Go Digital.

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Confused About Sustainable Fashion? 5 Easy Tips for Buying Ethically.

Elephant Journal

Questions like “how can you tell if something is sustainable?” and “What does sustainability even mean?”

How to Sustain a Meaningful Romantic Relationship: 5 Simple Suggestions.

Elephant Journal

Being with someone with whom you can be best friends, share a vision for life and have great sex is being in a relationship worth sustaining.

Hydroponic Farms Sustain Urban Gazans

Green Prophet

As Moahmed Sharef, a representative of the organization remarks, “It’s definitely more sustainable than food vouchers.”. organization.

Asia’s Shangri-La hotels cited as sustainability leaders

Green Traveler Guides

Hong Kong-based Shangri-La is the first Asia-Pacific hotel group to be named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Asia’s Shangri-La hotels cited as sustainability leaders is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

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10 Ways to Use Electricity more Sustainably

Hug a Tree with Me

However, we can learn how to use electricity more sustainably. Below are ten practical ways to use electricity more sustainably.

The True Value Behind Buying Sustainable (Yoga) Clothing.

Elephant Journal

Sustainable Hydropower: Are Small Dams Really Better for the Environment?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Small hydropower dams can certainly be part of a sustainable hydropower system. It was removed in 2013. Photo: ©Misty Edgecomb/TNC. and 1.9

Save the Planet in 3 Simple Steps: A Common-Sense Mom’s Guide to Sustainability.

Elephant Journal

This stuff isn’t just for hippies anymore. It’s becoming mainstream, and it needs to be.

The Ocean Cleanup wins Katerva – the Nobel Prize of Sustainability

Green Prophet

Finalists: World Community Grid , Sustainability Consortium , GoodGuide. Impact investors: Katerva has done the due diligence for you.).

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An Interview with Jonathan T. Scott–Sustainable Business Champion

Wend Magazine

How long have you been researching and teaching sustainability? How do you communicate the message of sustainability? Jonathan T.

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Concentration, Confrontation, Collaboration: The Future of Sustainable Hydropower

Nature Conservancy - Science

Sustainable Hydropower: Is It Possible? Concentration. That’s what makes rivers so valuable — both for fish and for energy. Related Articles.

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How Can We Make Energy Security Sustainable?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Energy alternative energy Development by Design energy security fracking PLoS One sustainability wind energy Photo: Mark Godfrey/TNC.

No giant leaps, but there are small steps for sustainability in the UAE

Green Prophet

Don’t be surprised to perhaps see Dubai or Abu Dhabi top the list for the 2016 Sustainable Cities Index. It’s about 50%.”

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Dubai’s “Sustainable City” Launches Next Month

Green Prophet

Solarized and sustainable. Architecture & Urban clean tech Diamond Developers Dubai sustainable city green development Masdar solar

Orang You Glad Your Chair is from a Sustainable Source?

Conservancy Talk

The Conservancy supported the design and/or implementation of sustainable management methods for more than 80% of those sites.

Sustainable Alternatives to Petroleum Based Products

Hug a Tree with Me

Sustainable Alternatives. glass, aluminum, cellulose, sustainable fabric , wood, bamboo, cork, reusable bags. Petroleum Based Products.

Dubai Sustainability City Phase 2 Awarded to Baharash Architecture

Green Prophet

Architecture & Urban Baharash Architecture clean tech Dubai sustainable city eco-city green design solar power sustainable design

Egyptian Organic Farm Declared Sustainability World Leader

Green Prophet

These ‘New Sustainability Champions’ include just one company from the Middle East and North Africa region- SEKEM.

Bambu offers Beautiful, Sustainable Kitchen Products

Green Living Ideas

But Bambu has created a line of sustainable kitchen products that is amazingly beautiful, totally eco-friendly, and best of all, very affordable.

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14 Simple Actions We Can All Take Right Now Towards Living More Sustainably.

Elephant Journal

Here are 14 simple actions we can all take right now towards living more sustainably.

13 Principles of Sustainable Architecture From Nader Khalili Student

Green Prophet

Hit the jump for a look at our adapted list of Hart’s 13 principles of sustainable architecture. Think Small. Heat With the Sun.

15 Practical Tips for Sustainable Travel

Environmental News Network

The answer is sustainable travel or simply put, traveling responsibly. This is one way to help sustain tourism in the countries that you visit.

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Respecting Human Rights is Essential for Sustainable Conservation

Conservancy Talk

Gina Cosentino is The Nature Conservancy’s Director of Indigenous and Communal Conservation. Image source: Gina Cosentino].

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Green Versus Sustainable

Environmental News Network

However, as a rule, things which are sustainable tend to be green, though not everything that’s green is sustainable. How To."

Emotional Bank: Sustain or Drain.

Elephant Journal

How can we ensure a boost to the emotional bank? Love & Relationships (see below for Sexy) drain emotional bank friends relationships self-care

5 Steps toward a Powerful & more Sustainable Resistance.

Elephant Journal

This feels dark because it is dark. It feels crazy because it is crazy. We feel trapped because. Enlightened Society Health & Wellness Non New-Agey Spirituality WAYLON: Today Only donald trump energy narcissist politics Power resistance self-care take action vibrations

WATCH: Clooney Talks About Nespresso’s Sustainability Efforts


George Clooney, who’s been a brand ambassador for Nespresso in Europe for years, talks about the company’s sustainability efforts as well as stars in a new U.S. “There is Read More The post WATCH: Clooney Talks About Nespresso’s Sustainability Efforts appeared first on Ecorazzi.