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Conserving Resources

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Conserving Resources. Such a huge number of people is bound to put a strain on the environment since, at the end of the day, all of our resources – from the water we drink to the food we eat to the gas we put in our cars – has to be taken from the natural systems around us. 5 Easy Ways to Conserve Resources Every Day. The U.S.

7 Resources for Natural History Nerds

Nature Conservancy - Science

And while these are my favorites, there are many more resources out there. I’m always on the lookout for new resources.

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Eight Ways Leaving it all Behind Taught me Resourcefulness.

Elephant Journal

I literally sold or gave away everything and drove across the country. I was terrified.

"Considering John Krutilla and the Environmental Turn in Natural Resource Economics"

Environmental Economics

Spencer Banzhaf: John Krutilla, a pioneer in environmental economics, helped to shape the field as an expert at Resources for the Future (RFF) in the mid-twentieth century. Extending Jeremy Bentham's utilitarian maxim, it would conserve resources to deliver "the greatest good to the greatest number for the longest time."

6 Ultimate Ideas to Use Renewable Resources for a Greener Home

Living Green & Saving Energy

Summary When we think of a greener planet where everything is nature-loved, then we should also think of going green in our daily routines.

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The first review of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics: An Encyclopedia

Environmental Economics

The entries in this book highlight areas where market-based economic models are inadequate and need to be supplemented to protect our natural resources. Entries that address valuation models require additional resources for readers who want a working background in these methods. Muhammed Hassanali

Resources Are for Closers

10,000 Birds

I don’t know why it took me six months to encounter this brilliant and hilarious Attenborough by way of Mamet screed on migration by comedian Erin Judge on Open Salon. But now that I’ve read and loved it, you must too. Seriously, do it ! Asides

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The Unlimited Resources We Aren’t Tapping Into.

Elephant Journal

I’m always afraid that my best work is behind me. This is the fear that holds me back more than any other, the subconscious belief that keeps me tethered to a life of scarcity. There is a part of me that always fears there isn’t enough. I’m not enough. My work isn’t enough. There isn’t enough […].

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5 Green Go-To Resources to Become More Eco-Aware

The Green Samaritan

There’s more out there, so what are some of your favorite online resources to help you become more eco-aware? Thanks for post. Thanks!

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A Resource I’ve Taken for Granted (& How to actually Save It).

Elephant Journal

With so many websites and other sources of information offered, it is easy to find ways to do my part. Although it may not seem like much, the little things I can do will make a difference: Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green Z ADMIN Green Featured Today

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Environmental and Natural Resource Economics: An Encyclopedia (coming soon)

Environmental Economics

Look what we just got in the inbox! It's not the actual encyclopedia, just the cover art. 

Eleven Strategies that Help me Surrender.

Elephant Journal

Now, I get it: Health & Wellness Meditation Non New-Agey Spirituality Yoga being with it calm connecting external resources inner peace internal resources meditation nervous system reptilian brain slowing down somatic system surrenderI've always wondered what people meant when they said "just be with."

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A North Carolina Coastal Resources Commission Economic Committee (CRC-EC)

Environmental Economics

I vote yes: In addition to a new nomination process, the CRC unanimously adopted a draft charge for the science panel.  

The very first issue of Water Resources and Economics

Environmental Economics

From the inbox: We are very pleased to present you with the first issue of our new journal, Water Resources & Economics. The journal Water Resources and Economics is scienti?cally cally linked to the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE). Editor-in-Chief Prof. The rejection rate in the ?rst

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What do Environmental and Resource Economists Think? Results from a Survey of AERE Members

Environmental Economics

Timothy C. Haab  and  John C. Whitehead. link].  

Resources for Investigating ALEC/NRA Gun Bills | PR Watch

PR Watch

Resources for Investigating ALEC/NRA Gun Bills. Skip to Main Content Area. Contact Us. News Feeds. Podcasts. Privacy Policy. RSS Feeds. Sign up.

Recycling waste as a resource

Green (Living) Review

Cardboard often has plastic wrap still attached to it and in other cases the paper or cardboard is in plastic sacks, see-through and not.

Rainwater harvesting turns weather into resource

Green (Living) Review

Rainwater harvesting is the ancient practice of collecting and storing rainwater for later use.

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Walker's Dept. of Natural Resources Fails to Prosecute Polluters.

PR Watch

of Natural Resources Fails to Prosecute Polluters. Attempts to make Wisconsins Department of Natural Resources (DNR) more business-friendly by Governor Scott Walker s administration, has landed the agency in a scandal over the handling of the discipline of a suspected polluter. Skip to Main Content Area. Contact Us. News Feeds. reply.

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Unintended resource consequences of political division

Environmental Economics

Walls and fences can disrupt migratory patterns, access to food resources, breeding diversity, and proper population control. Often we forget the impact our political gestures have on wildlife. There have been many examples throughout history. One such example is the rabbit populations that lived predator free within the Berlin Wall.

Another example of natural resource firms response to endangered species listings

Environmental Economics

With a range stretching over more than 165 million resource-rich acres across 11 states, the grouse is at the center of one of the country’s most important struggles: to balance the demand for energy against the needs of nature. Remember the economic impact of the spotted owl and how much it reduced timber production on federal lands?”

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Green Living Resources

Living Green & Saving Energy

green living how to go green Green Living ResourcesI receive suggestions from readers from time to time. Many are quite good, sometimes for blog posts and infographics, other times for sites with information. I thought it would be best to simply share those that seem useful for a broad audience. Here are a couple from recent reader email.

The Foundational Trinity: Grounding, Orienting and Resourcing.

Elephant Journal

The 3rd excerpt from Awakened heart, Embodied Mind: A Modern Yoga Philosophy Infused with Somatic Psychology and Neuroscience. Because the body is our home, being at home in the body is essential —being “comfortable in your own skin.”.

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Innovative Israeli Burials Save Land Resources

Green Prophet

Old graves carved into hillsides, and remains of crypts, show that the ancients appreciated land as a resource to sustain.

Forest’s Ecosystem Management

Environmental News Network

Activism Natural Resources Sustainability ConservationFrom: Smurfit Kappa Direct.

10 Reasons Vegetarianism Can Help Save the Earth

Green Home Blog

Tagged: fossil fuels , meat consumption , ocean depletion , vegetarian diet , wasted resources , water conservation , world hunger. go veg!

Is Straw Germany's Next Big Energy Resource?


Straw from agriculture could play an important role in the future energy mix for Germany. Up until now it has been underutilised as a biomass residue and waste material. This potential could for example provide 1

Waste as resource

Green (Living) Review

While the latter is better, obviously, than those things going into the trash can and ultimately to landfill it still is a waste of resources.

Humanity Exhausts Yearly Earth Resources as Overshoot Day Passes


It comes once a year – the day Read More The post Humanity Exhausts Yearly Earth Resources as Overshoot Day Passes appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Tell Congress To Fully Fund The Land And Water Conservation Fund

10,000 Birds

Created by Congress in 1965, the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) was a bipartisan commitment to safeguard natural areas, water resources and our cultural heritage, and to provide recreation opportunities to all Americans. Photographs represent LWCF funded locations (click for large views). Future generations deserve nothing less.”

Seeing the Earth as a Source, not a Resource.

Elephant Journal

Join us and stand, Mother Earth’s stewards, protectors, guardians of her grandure. Enlightened Society Inspiring (Wow) Non New-Agey Spirituality Arvol Lakota Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ Native American Paula Horn prayer Unci Maka

A New Reliable Resource for Veterans and their Families

Green (Living) Review

The National Headache Foundation (NHF), a volunteer non-profit organization, and the War Veterans Health Resource Initiative are hard at work on this case. The War Veterans Health Resource Initiative provides military personnel with comprehensive information on dealing with migraines and their associated symptoms.


Green (Living) Review

For water allocation and abstraction management, this will be in the context of increasing demand and decreasing summer resources due to population growth and climate change. The Government’s Big Society programme aims to take power away from politicians, central government and government agencies and transfer it to community level.

How Urbanization Affects the Environment

Environmental News Network

Consumerism Go Green Green Energy/Transportation Natural Resources Nature Policy Sustainability Greenhouse Gas Emissions Health Urbanization Water From: Gotcha Wildlife.

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California Air Resources Board Paving The Way For Fully Electric Vehicles

Eco Auto Ninja

California air pollution has kept law makers and particularly Mary Nichols, chair of the California Air Resource Board , very busy. The proposal from the California Air Resources Board will include cars, SUV’s and pickups. Government / Industry California Air Resources Board hybrid electric vehicles Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Every Drop Counts

Environmental News Network

Consumerism Go Green Natural Resources Sustainability Water Conservation Tips From: Nature’s Water Ltd. How To."

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Wangari Maathai warns about resource conflicts: “If the rivers stop flowing, people will fight”

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were being fed by competition over resources. Watch her speech, I recorded it for you. [15:39] also very important for conflict [.]

Interior Secretary Jewell Announces Strong Conservation Agenda

Conservancy Talk

Mark Tercek is the president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy. T his post was originally published on the The Huffington Post.

The True Cost of Meat

Environmental News Network

Activism Consumerism Education Food Go Green Health Natural Resources Sustainability Carbon Footprint Farms Green Greenhouse Gas Emissions Tips

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M&S and Interface call for 'brave new world' on resource scarcity

Green (Living) Review

Mike Barry, head of sustainable business at Marks & Spencer and Ramon Arratia, sustainability director at Interface, both spoke out about the importance in blazing new trails in supply chain sourcing of new, more resource-efficient materials. "We need radical efficiency so we can invent new raw materials. Strange thing.