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6 Ultimate Ideas to Use Renewable Resources for a Greener Home

Living Green & Saving Energy

Summary When we think of a greener planet where everything is nature-loved, then we should also think of going green in our daily routines.

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IRENA Produces Free Global Renewable Energy Atlas

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The Global Atlas is the most comprehensive information platform on the potential of renewable energy. Click here to view the embedded video.

Renewable Energy Vital For Jordan & Lebanon’s Future

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Whilst the Middle East may be known worldwide for its oil, many nations are now starting to look to renewables for a sustainable source of energy.

Renewable energy provides 6.5 million jobs globally

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The number of people working in the renewable energy industry grew by 14 percent to 6.5 With 6.5 million people globally. million jobs.

Renewable energy will not support economic growth

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But this does not, actually, have to be a bad thing at all. Solar, wind and small-scale water, cannot provide for such requirements. We must act now.

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Masdar Launches Plan to Desalinate Water Renewably

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Masdar held a packed press conference late last week to announce its launch of three renewably-powered desalination pilot projects.

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Private electricity grids fueled by renewable energy the future for communities

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In “The Lead south Australia” Andrew Spence wrote: CONNECTING new housing estates to their own private electricity grids fuelled by renewable energy is the cornerstone of ZEN Energy's plan to put power back in the hands of consumers. alternative energy renewable energy renewables solar energy

MENA must push – NOW! – for 100% renewable energy

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Dynamic change is taking place in the global energy sector, with renewable energy becoming mainstream in many countries, including MENA nations.

Kingdom renewables so slow, Saudi Aramco may take over

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Cities alternative energy energy news renewable energy Saudi Aramco solar power But as Bloomberg notes, progress is slow. Too slow, apparently.

Renewable energy overtakes nuclear and becomes Scotland's top power source

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According to newly released statistics from the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change, renewable energy sources produced 32 percent of Scotland''s electricity in the first half of 2014 – beating both nuclear power, which used to be Scotland''s main source of electricity, and fossil fuels. Scotland produced 10.3

Bill Gates to Invest $2 Billion in Renewable Energy


One of the richest men in the world is investing a lot of money in renewable energy but not divesting from fossil fuels. In an interview with The Financial Times, Read More The post Bill Gates to Invest $2 Billion in Renewable Energy appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Environment News Top News bill gates

Start Fresh in September—A Time For Renewal.

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Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Health & Wellness Inspiring (Wow) WAYLON: Editor's Picks—Hidden Gems autumn be happy dealing with trauma early menopause eating disorders Equinox fall rebirth renewal september start fresh taking inspiration from nature

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Unsubsidised renewables now cheaper than subsidised fossil fuels- Australia.


A study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) in Australia has discovered that renewable energy is cheaper to produce than the old conventional fossil fuel sources, and that is without the subsidies. However even without a carbon price (the most efficient way to reduce economy-wide

Renewed interest in wild edibles

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But the use and knowledge of wild edibles fell by the wayside in our recent decades of plenty. This is not sustainable.

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Turkey Ripe For Renewable Energy Boom – So Why The Delay?

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What’s holding Turkey back from becoming the renewable energy behemoth it could be? Business & Politics Energy renewable energy

How 40 Trump Supporters renewed my faith in America’s Future.

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So step out in the sun today and commit with me. We can do this. Editor's Picks Enlightened Society Inspiring (Wow) Meditation Non New-Agey Spirituality WAYLON: Today Only Yoga basic goodness compassion courage kindness KKK meditation Row vs. Wade Trump Supporters

Turkish Architects Reveal Plans for Renewable Energy-Generating Mosque

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First Turkish mosque designed to run on renewables. Read more about renewable energy in Turkey: Mosque in Turkey Goes Solar.

E.ON dumps fossil fuels and nuclear, goes all-in on renewable energy

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will clearly add credibility to Energiewende and boost Germany’s renewable energy sector while encouraging further investments in renewables.

Saudi Arabia Announces Plans For 100% Switch To Renewables

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A bright and renewable future for Saudi Arabia? Energy Nuclear energy renewables Saudi Arabia Saudis Solar Energy

Gulf Nations Among Most Attractive Renewable Energy Markets

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Cleantech, Science & Technology clean tech Ernst & Young renewable energy solar wind” :: Saudi Gazette.

IRENA to Pitch Morocco as Africa’s Renewable Energy Pilot at Rio+20

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“The scenario projects that the share of renewables in Africa could increase from 17% in 2009 to 50% in 2030, and nearly 75% by 2050.

Masdar Launches the Seychelles’ First Renewable Energy Plant

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This is not the first time that Masdar has helped a less well country gain access to clean energy.

Jordan Gets REEL About Renewables

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The time is now for Jordan’s renewable proponents to demonstrate the viability of alternative energy. Last April, Jordan’s Parliament adopted the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Law (REEL). NEPCO will also be required to cover costs of connecting renewable energy projects to the national electricity grid.

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Mark Ruffalo Urges Businesses to Go 100 Percent Renewable


Actor and environmentalist Mark Ruffalo took to his Twitter to urge businesses to go one hundred percent renewable.

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What Holds Israeli Renewable Energy Back?

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Susan Kraemer | February 23rd, 2011 | 11 Comments | Email this Share How is Israel ever going to meet its 10% renewable goal? It’s KW.

Sun-Believable Solar Nanotechnology Paint May Revolutionize Renewables

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Paint researchers at University of Notre Dame go green, and not just ‘cause they’re the “Fighting Irish”. Low cost may counterbalance low efficiency.

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The 6 Stress-Relief Practices that Renewed my Sex Life.

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Why was it so hard to make love? Why did the stress in our lives seem to impede our sexual appetite?

Obama signs executive order to cut government’s greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent, increase use of renewable energy

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Alongside of this, the share of renewable energy used by the federal government will increase to 25 percent.

Renewables 2014 Global Status Report Highlights Another Year of Impressive Renewable Energy Growth

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Worldwatch Institute researchers contribute to leading global study on renewable energy development Washington, D.C.

Using renewable materials instead of man-made ones

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Renewable materials, predominately, are those given to us by Nature in a number of ways, though most of them grow in one way or another be this cotton, linen, hemp, etc., Wool is another renewable cloth material as it grown on the back of sheep and other such animals and the shearing does not harm the animal.

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In Germany, Renewable Energy surpasses nuclear and coal power

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In 2011 Germany finally saw their renewable energy production top that of almost all other sources of energy. The country produced more energy from renewable sources than from nuclear, hard-coal or gas-fired plants this year after boosting investments in projects from wind to biomass. percent last year.

Why You Should Be Optimistic About Renewables, In One Chart.

Mother Jones

Why You Should Be Optimistic About Renewables, In One Chart. Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content. Mother Jones. Politics. Environment. Culture.

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Renewable Energy Tour of Cuba


Cuba provides us with that. Cuba has already undergone an energy famine."siad siad Richard Heinberg in the documentary "The Power of Community

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IRENA says: it’s not too late to turn to renewables

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The good news is that renewable energy provides a viable and affordable solution to address climate change today,” Mr. Amin added.

Who's Killing Renewable Energy?

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A promising offshore wind energy project has languished on the East Coast for 15 years—and its enemies range from a Koch brother to the Kennedys.

Possible End of Kyoto Accord Threatens MENA Renewable Energy

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Like many others, Derwent holds out little hope about the state of international talks on renewing Kyoto, and its potential impact on carbon markets and the CDM. This has funded renewable energy projects in Egypt and Morocco and other MENA region countries, and boosted  Egypt to Top 22 Nations for Renewable Investment Potential.

9 Celebs Crazy About Renewable Energy


Thanks to their eco-friendly choices and outspoken activism, the world is gradually becoming a cleaner, greener place. Read More. Causes Environment Featured News alicia silverstone cate blanchett daryl hannah ed begley jr. ian somerhalder jason mraz pierce brosnan richard branson woody harrelson

Is Facebook Ready To Switch To Renewable Energy?


Have you been following the recent Greenpeace “ Unfriend Coal &# campaign? Rumors are swirling as to what this vague invite means. Maybe.

Meet Morocco’s Renewable Energy Market at EneR in November

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Meet billions of dollars in human capital and renewable energy finance at the EneR event in November. It will take place this November 22 to 26.

Parenting in the Wilderness: Finding Our Own Ways to Renew.

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Family, Youth, Enlightened Education Health & Wellness family gratitude life Nico Wood Kos parenting renewal self-care wilderness