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Got a question about environmental economics? Why do economists like benefit-cost analysis? Tradeable permits? Your comment has not yet been posted.

Renewable Energy Sources May Provide Political Breakthrough


Why are we even talking about Iran's nuclear program when renewable energy offers a clear way out of this conundrum? The answer to this

Google Invests in Africa’s Largest Wind Farm


In their continuing push to invest in renewable energy sources, Google is taking part in a major development in Africa: a wind power plant in Kenya that when completed will Read More The post Google Invests in Africa’s Largest Wind Farm appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Environment News Top News

Costa Rica is now running on 100 percent renewable energy

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Costa Rica has been getting all of its electricity from renewable energy sources since the beginning of the year. million people.

Renewable energy overtakes nuclear and becomes Scotland's top power source

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According to newly released statistics from the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change, renewable energy sources produced 32 percent of Scotland''s electricity in the first half of 2014 – beating both nuclear power, which used to be Scotland''s main source of electricity, and fossil fuels. Scotland produced 10.3

Fighting climate change and poverty in the Third World at the same time?

Green (Living) Review

cannot support our current energy consumption and ever larger wind-farms and solar-arrays are not the answer. We can't. It cannot be done.

2017 11

Israeli Parliament Plans to be Solar Secure by 2014

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Green Tech and Gadgets clean tech Energy security green tech Knesset Rooftop Solar Image of Knesset , Shutterstock.

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Dubai Imports NASA-Developed In’Flector Solar Deflectors for Greener Glass Buildings

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This in turn gobbles up energy and also releases unnecessary pollutants into the conditioned airstream.

Renewable Energy Vital For Jordan & Lebanon’s Future

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Whilst the Middle East may be known worldwide for its oil, many nations are now starting to look to renewables for a sustainable source of energy.

Solar project brings affordable energy to Palestinian homes

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We don’t often hear good news coming from Palestine, but solar energy advances for Palestinian households are something to celebrate.

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Global CO2 emissions flatlined in 2014 while the economy grew

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New data from the International Energy Agency (IEA) shows that global CO2 emissions stalled at about 32 billion tonnes in 2014, the same number as in 2013. This remarkable change is most likely due to an increase in more sustainable and renewable energy sources. In 2014, however, the global economy expanded by 3%.

IPCC: Climate efforts not sufficient, huge increase in green energy required to avert climate disaster

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To accomplish this, the world needs to urgently switch to clean and renewable energy. One low-carbon energy option is nuclear power.


The world's largest tidal energy project is now one step closer to reality

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If all goes well, Northeast Scotland might soon be home to the world’s largest tidal energy park. Atlantis Resources, majority owner of the MeyGen project, announced earlier that the energy project had now successfully met all conditions required to start drawing down finance through the UK’s Renewable Energy Investment Fund.

Polar Vortex ? Climate Change

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could reduce energy use by 25 percent and save money simply by wasting less energy. Image Source: © 2002 Corbis ].

28 ideas for hotel management to upgrade as eco, without huge costs

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Install energy efficient interior light bulbs. Form an environmental committee to develop a green plan for energy/water/solid waste use.

Turning words into energy at ‘Powering the Middle East’ in Jordan

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And since quality is better than quantity, some of the most important businesses involved in the Middle East’s renewables industry will be there.

Iran Blows Past Sanctions with Wind Energy

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Determined to stay its unpopular nuclear course , Iran is now turning to wind power and other renewable energy sources to blow past sanctions.

Majority of Americans say we should do whatever it takes to protect the environment

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When it comes to the question about energy priorities for America there is a strong consensus. And 59% believe strongly in that.

France’s new ban on plastic throwaways should be extended globally

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The law requires all plastic single-use items to be made from biologically-sourced materials that can be composted after use.

Meet the NatureNet Science Fellows: Sanaz Vahidinia

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Adventures in Alternative Energy: Giant Clam Edition. Giant clams as alternative energy powerhouses. Diving Deep for Alternative Energy.

Jordan’s 6,000 mosques to be sun-powered

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Jordan imports more than 95 percent of its energy needs, spending as much as 16 percent on energy, or more than 40 percent of the nation’s budget.

Energy Sprawl is the Largest Driver of Land Use Change in the U.S.

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Most people recognize that air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions are a significant problem associated with energy development. Hausheer.

DESERTEC Power Launch in Saudi Arabia Ushers in Clean New Era

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Among the challenges will be establishing the necessary regulatory framework to encourage investment in renewable energy plants throughout the Kingdom.

Save Money Using Solar Hot Water Systems

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One way to save money and lower bills is to look into renewable energy sources for the home. Bills are going up.

China’s ‘Silent Spring’ has many more political hurdles to jump

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As my colleague and I have argued , concern over China’s energy security has become a key driver of its renewable energy industry.

Solar panelled parking canopies proposed for 11 campuses in Irvine District


Now plans are in progress to install solar panel parking canopies at 11 different campuses for further cutting down energy costs.

UN and World Bank says no to nuclear in universal energy plan

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Access to electricity could make all the difference for the people who are without it today – but it needs to be modern and sustainable energy. The UN believes access to clean and modern energy is key to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. But not all energy sources are welcomed. “We Around 1.3

Citizen Science Tuesday: PooPower!

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They are working to transform the poo problem into an energy solution with biogas made from doggy doo. Dog poop on the street. PooPower !

5 Steps to a Carbon Neutral World Cup in Qatar

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15 percent of the tournament’s energy will be generated by on-site renewable energy sources. Well, that depends.

IRENA says: it’s not too late to turn to renewables

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A convergence of social, economic and environmental forces are transforming the global energy system as we know it. What energies to we need?

The Benefits of Owning an Electric Car

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If your community has options for renewable energy sources, you can further lower your impact on the environment. No Pollution.

Next for Enlight – a Wind Farm

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The company specializes in initiating, developing, constructing and operating clean electricity production projects from renewable energy sources.

Wharton’s Looking for Middle East Green-novation at Innovation Tournament

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How could the consumption of non-renewable energy sources be controlled in order to provide for a sustainable future.

UAE 21

MENA must push – NOW! – for 100% renewable energy

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Dynamic change is taking place in the global energy sector, with renewable energy becoming mainstream in many countries, including MENA nations.

Next BrightSource US Solar Projects Make More Energy than Fossil-Fuel Plants

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BrightSource Energy. Related stories: BrightSource Energy Has Potential to Supply 13% of California’s Electricity.

Nuclear Plant Closures in Germany Could Signal a Nuclear Energy Exit

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On all environmental channels and even others, the topic of the day remains the nuclear disaster that’s seems to be growing worse each day in Japan.

Japan 19

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Environmental Economics

Beginning this year, energy companies must buy an increasing proportion of their credits in national auctions. That has caused prices to plunge.

Is Anaerobic Digestion the Future of Renewable Energy?

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With renewable energy sources becoming more popular, could anaerobic digestion offer a viable solution to reducing energy costs?

NASA study confirms society is on the brink of total collapse

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Energy Climate Change collapse of industrial civilization economic collapse global warming NASA Palenque ” .

Desertec Plans Get Boosts from MENA and EU Renewable Policies

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On the MENA side, the Moroccan Solar Plan unveiled last November is aimed at achieving a hugely ambitious 42% renewable energy target by 2020.