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Daring Moroccan university recycles urine as drinking water

Green Prophet

“These tiny pores can filter out unwanted compounds in water, in particular nitrate.” This is huge.

Mavea Elemaris Water Pitcher Review

Green Earth Journey

This is the best water filter pitcher I have tried by far! This is the Mavea Elemaris Water Filter !

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A traveler’s guide to upcycling & recycling

Green Traveler Guides

| Greening on the Road | Here’s a cool infographic which aims to increase awareness of the environmental effects of traveling and features a number of typical travel essentials such as sunscreen bottles, suitcases, towels, books and plastic water bottles. Community Xtras

New Study: How Cities Can Finally Get Smart About Water

Nature Conservancy - Science

Urban water conservation, recycling and desalination aren’t silver bullets. Take personal water conservation measures? Why? .

Press Release - Takeya Glass Water Bottles

Green Earth Journey

Takeya USA has introduced two revolutionary Glass Water Bottle collections, and with them, a healthier way for all Americans to hydrate.

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A Traveler’s Guide to Upcycling & Recycling. {Infographic}

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Conscious Consumerism (Sustainable Business) Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Featured Today Z ADMIN Green Featured Today infographic plastic recycling traveling upcycling water bottles

Israel’s Maccabi Soccer Kits by NIKE are Made From 13 Recycled Plastic Water Bottles

Green Prophet

Since 2010, NIKE has recycled 115 million plastic bottles for use in their state-of-the-art soccer kits. But it’s true.

The politics of recycling vs reusing

Green (Living) Review

But recycling is not environmentally benign. Furthermore, recycling is not a closed-loop system, even if it is being sold too us as such.

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100+ Ways to Conserve Water

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You don’t have to have a million-dollar set up to save water. Follow the links to 100+ simple water-saving tips. Join the campaign.

Gulf Greywater Recycling Could Cut Water Use by 30%

Green Prophet

Currently the average Emirati consumes roughly 550 liters of clean water every day, 30% of which is flushed down the toilet. Literally.

Conserving Resources

Green Home Blog

Such a huge number of people is bound to put a strain on the environment since, at the end of the day, all of our resources – from the water we drink to the food we eat to the gas we put in our cars – has to be taken from the natural systems around us. Recycling a ton of mixed paper saves the energy equivalent of 165 gallons of gasoline.

4 Simple Ways to Recycle your Hair

Hug a Tree with Me

The routine trip to the trash can lead me to investigate the recycablity of human hair. green up your body

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Environmental Implications of Bottled Water

Green (Living) Review

Buy, Grab, Drink, Trash: Environmental Implications of Bottled Water by Michael Smith (Veshengro) A plastic bottle is NOT the problem either. It is the water which is, more often than not, from “public” sources, which means it is but tap water in a bottle. The United States consumes about 50 billion bottles of water each year.

Arizona Ski Resort Plans to Pump “Snow” Made of Treated Sewage Water on its Slopes

Wend Magazine

As Mother Jones puts it, “ Yes, you read that right: snow made from recycled poop water. &# About 180 million gallons of poop water, to be exact.

What Is Your Carbon Footprint?

Green Home Blog

Also make sure to set your water heater no higher than 120° and to wash clothes and dishes in cold water. Recycling will also reduce the amount of fossil fuels used for manufacturing, since it takes less energy to make products from recycled materials. In fact, the EPA estimates that recycling in the U.S.

How to recycle or upcycle old mobile phones

Green Prophet

This is how you can recycle or upcycle your old phone so that you’ll stay in touch with others and still be doing your bit for the planet. 1.

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Bottled Water Goes Organic With llanllyr Source


So are we surprised that, llanllyr SOURCE , a bottled water company out of Wales in the UK, is now labeling its bottled water organic?

The edible Ooho water bottle could save us from plastic

Green Prophet

Plastic in the bellies of baby birds ; plastic strangling marine animals; plastic leaching chemicals into our water supply. Plastic. Oh Ooho!

Transformable water bottle Dopper supports clean drinking water projects

Green (Living) Review

Dopper is a Cradle-to-Cradle water bottle company that is bringing clean water to Nepal. Or you can put in municipal plastics recycling.

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Empower to Cool Dubai With Recycled Sewage

Green Prophet

He plans an innovative solution to Dubai’s water scarcity. Using sewage or recycled water represents a huge step in water conservation.&#.

Sweden recycles so well it needs more trash


When it comes to recycling, Sweden is incredibly successful. The rest winds up either recycled or used as fuel in waste-to-energy power plants.

LEED-seeking eco mosque recycles precious ablution water in Dubai

Green Prophet

Perhaps most important, though, is the water recycling system. Water is a precious commodity in Dubai. Image via Gulf News.

After America’s fossil water goes dry, will the Middle East follow?

Green Prophet

The water trapped in this aquifer in not replenished through annual rainfall; so once it is used up, it’s gone – possibly forever.

Stunning products made using recycled paper


Recycling. Stunning products made using recycled paper. The world is gradually entering into an era where use of recycled materials is increasingly gaining momentum. These reasons are also the inspiration behind designers enthusiasm for creating unique products from recycled paper. 1. Modish recycled paper furniture.

How Does It Work: Hydropower

Green Home Blog

Hydropower – power generated using water’s downhill flow – is one of the most common alternatives to fossil fuels. Water has been used for power in almost every society since ancient times. The Egyptians harnessed the Nile for irrigation , and Romans used water-powered mills to grind grain. How Does It Work: Hydropower.

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Where do your recyclables (really) go?

Green (Living) Review

PLASTIC/PLASTIC CONTAINERS/-BOTTLES The recycling of plastic is also very much an issue. But that is, in most cases, plain wrong.

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Where Low Flow Water Fixtures Make Sense & Where They Might Not

The Green Samaritan

That’s about the same amount of annual water use in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami combined. feel it in my gut. Think about it. My advice?

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Water And Israel – The Facts

Green Prophet

Water rich or water poor? Get the facts on Israel’s water situation. Israel as 5 th Water Short in MENA.

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More uses for recycled plastic bottles

Green (Living) Review

made from recycled plastic bottles. There are also other products made from recycled bottles. are made.

8 Green Items Every Home Should Have

Green Home Blog

water filter. Look for a water filter system that uses both reverse osmosis and activated carbon for the safest possible water.

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Jerusalem’s water contamination scare hits both Arabs and Jews

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Residents of Jerusalem were told yesterday to boil their water for two minutes until further notice. Cities Jerusalem water

Keira Watering Can – Product Review

Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The Keira watering can is of a very snazzy and funky design which is beautiful but also practical and useable.

Reusable water bottles are also better than recyclable paper bottles

Green (Living) Review

By Michael Smith (Veshengro) It is funny to see how the bottled water industry comes up with new ideas all the time to counter the likes of us who keep making a point against bottled water. It is not (only) about the bottle; it is about the water. Bottled H 2 O is no better or healthier than tap water.

London 2012 Olympics Uniforms Embrace Recycled Materials


There are also plans for special “recycled&# shoes and the world’s first 100% recycled water bottle. Really?).

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Israel’s Mekorot Builds Global Connections Through Water

Green Prophet

Israel’s national water company, Mekorot (who we’ve interviewed here) , is expanding with projects across the globe. Water.”

Recycling Yourself When Green Projects Go Bust

Green Prophet

Recycled graywater irrigated the local flora filling its gardens.  Solar thermal heated its water and air conditioning ran on solar electricity.

Holiday Efficiency: 10 EPA Tips on Keeping it Green

Green Home Blog

Save Water – Catering a party, no matter how large or small, can use up to two gallons of water wasted per minute. Instead, fill your sink or even a cooler with hot soapy water, scrape and then dump your dirty dishes in as you go along. Recycled Holiday Products – Purchase recycled wrapping paper and holiday decorations.

Arab Gulf recycles paper, plastic, and cars!

Green Prophet

Workers separate cables, which are sent to electronic waste traders, and foam cushions that can be recycled locally.

What is Wrong With PVC?

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Instead, when they are released as a byproduct of PVC manufacturing, they make their way into the air and water and then up the food chain, which is how most people are exposed to them. They are released during the manufacturing of PVC and can also leach from PVC products into water and food. What is Wrong with PVC? What Is PVC?

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Win It: Recycled Yoga Pants from Ecozuzu


This week’s Secret Sweeps giveaway is a pair of Heart Skull Recycled Crop Yoga Pants from Ecozuzu. Breathe in. contests adrian grenier