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Fuel Economy Standards Are Essential to Our Health, Environment and Economy

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But there is one success launched by Congress 40 years ago that produces tremendous benefits for you and your family even today. Congress.

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LEAKED: Secret Trade Document Reveals Weak Environmental Standards

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The leaked environment chapter text falls flat on the standard for environment chapters from the past seven years. Bush’s.

Can We Grow Safe Produce and Conserve Nature at the Same Time?

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In the 1970s, <1% of the foodborne disease outbreaks could be attributed to produce. salad greens © Cara Byington/TNC. In 2006, an E.

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Erotic produce may seduce you into thinking “ugly”

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The ban lift put most irregularly shaped produce on discount offers, frequently up to 40% cheaper then their prettier cousins. Cities

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Renewable portfolio standards don't raise prices?

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 The Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) requires that a state's utilities purchase a given percentage of their power from low carbon sources such as wind, solar and hydro. What the CAP article does not discuss is the incidence of the RPS standards. Matt Kahn : An interesting debate is playing out.

Video Guide to Small Reusable Shopping Bags For Produce & Bulk Items

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Good thing there's a fantastic option: reusable produce bags made from cotton, canvas, or related plastic! Skip to the bottom for the video.

Farm to Closet: Do You Know Where Your Wool Comes From?

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The race to produce wool in New England became so hot, it was known as “sheep fever.” Follow along! You made that?”. The tip of the world.

Benefit-cost analysis of the renewable fuel standard

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Tim Devaney: The Obama administration set new standards Monday for ethanol levels in fuel, enraging competing industries that had battled for months to influence the contentious regulations. I was a discussant for a paper, "Retrospective Benefit-Cost Analysis of EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard" (by Sofie E.   --.

Sainsbury's commits to BUAV's humane cosmetics standard

Green (Living) Review

Qualifying for the BUAV's Humane Cosmetics Standard is a rigorous and stringent process. " Source: J Sainsbury’s Plc

Jerusalem Sage and Nettles – January’s Seasonal Produce

Green Prophet

Rainy, muddy winter brings out the best of January produce in the Middle East. The standard winter vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi, and cabbages are dependably in good shape and with average prices. Our hot summers seem far away right now, but Middle Eastern winters are all too short. Wild edibles are at their best now.

Greenpeace shows the Dark Side of Volkswagen

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Volkswagen has a history of lobbying against the strong European standards that we need to kick our oil addiction. But all is not lost.

Cleaner Tailpipe Standards - It's Time to Act

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The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to propose "Tier 3" cleaner tailpipe standards.

German solar city (Sonnenschiff) produces four times more energy than it consumes

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If, in fact, we would change the supply in our homes and would, predominately, use the 12V DC produced by PV panel and small wind turbines, etc.

Better Organic Standards for Cosmetics

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To view a list of companies with products that meet the USDA Organic Standard visit the follow this link.

What the New Power Plant Carbon Standard Means for Coal

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On Friday, September 20, the Environmental Protection Agency released draft carbon pollution standards for new power plants.

Not seeing the forest for the trees?

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Nancy Folbre promotes the notion of green jobs at Economix and then gets down to business: The biggest gains from investments in new renewable-energy technologies are not easily captured in private transactions, because they produce environmental services that are largely unpriced. standards likely create more green jobs than incentives!

Who you callin' ugly? Join the campaign to end food waste now!

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A petition calls on Whole Foods and Wal-Mart to start selling ugly produce instead of throwing it away -- an act that can benefit everyone.

The first 100% recycled food safe crate in the UK

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Sainsburys is the first UK retailer to recycle its old food crates into more efficient ones made from 100% recycled material. How does it work?

Weeks, months, and years later, still no coal ash safety standards

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The EPA must finalize strong coal ash standards this year to protect our health and ensure that we have clean air and water. What will it take?

Eighty-percent of environmental economists surveyed think cutting EPA regulations will not benefit the U.S. economy

Environmental Economics

 If a good-hearted electricity producer in Ohio decided to voluntarily absorb the costs of pollution, the Ohio electricty-producer's costs of production will go up.  The producer then has the choice of trying to charge higher prices to those buying electricity, or settle for lower profits. Too technical? economy.

The Verdict is In: We Can Grow Safe Food and Conserve Nature at the Same Time

Nature Conservancy - Science

Large produce buyers also created their own farming standards and enforced them by sending auditors to farm fields. Cara Byington/TNC.

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Bioplastic from biomass set to reduce our dependency on oil


Once the sources of petroleum have been exhausted, how are we going to produce the petroleum based products to meet our demands? The main element is nanocatalyst, which is produced when 0.00002 millimeters of iron particles are stabilized on carbon nanofibers. UGA Technology helps produce ethanol from biomass. Please login.

Sugarcane ethanol already meets California low carbon fuel standard, says Brazilian Sugarcane Association

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CARB is scheduled to vote on the first-of-its-kind Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) on April 23-24. In 2008, Brazil produced an estimated 565 million metric tons of sugarcane, which yielded 31.3 The objective of the LCFS is to reduce by 10% the carbon intensity of all transportation fuels in California by 2020. billion liters (6.8

California Approves Even Stricter Vehicle Emissions Standards


The rules also promise a 75-percent reduction in smog-producing pollutants from new cars by 2025, and a 50-percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to those that currently exist. The news emissions standards are stricter than most federal rules. million electric and hybrid vehicles on the state’s roads by 2055.

USDA Organic Label Standards Being Weakened by Lobbyists

Green Living Ideas

When the USDA label was first implemented in 2002, concern was expressed that certification standards would not be as stringent as the private organic labeling programs it replaced, such as the Oregon Tilth. Prior to 2002, organic certifiers each had their own standards that they used when certifying organic produce and products.

Electric Vehicles Produce More Carbon Dioxide Than Hybrids

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However, the electric and hybrid vehicles are an obvious step-up from standard vehicles such as the Toyota Camry. kilowatt hours of energy.

USDA Organic Label Standards are Weakened by Lobbyists

Green Living Ideas

When the USDA label was first implemented in 2002, concern was expressed that certification standards would not be as stringent as the private organic labeling programs it replaced, such as the Oregon Tilth. Prior to 2002, organic certifiers each had their own standards that they used when certifying organic produce and products.

Ready-washed bags of salad? Best used as compost!

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Those convenient bags of prepared salads are breeding grounds for bacteria, so say scientists from Britain’s University of Leicester.

Next Generation Wind Turbine Produces 3 Times the Power

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A radical new design in wind turbines takes a page from the design of jet turbine technology to generate three times the amount of power as a standard wind generator using propellers.

We Applaud Proposed Conservative Case for Addressing Climate Change

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And by the way, the fuel efficiency standards also save Americans money in lower fuel costs. Follow Mark on Twitter: @ MarkTercek.

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A Guide to Shopping Organic

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When a food item is labeled as organic that means it was produced using environmentally responsible farming techniques. In short: yes.

Fast fashion will never be sustainable, no matter what companies say

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Fast fashion and sustainability are an oxymoron. Many clothing companies would have us think otherwise. Read more: [link

The Case For and Against Ethanol

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Use fans and solar power to cool your home instead of standard electricity. corn crop for fuel. Bush, is a stepped plan, requiring 7.5

The “Curse” of the Environmentalist

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We hoped to collect seeds from the vegetables we produced to use in future growing seasons – except that requires actual vegetables to be produced.

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Qatar Solar Buys into Germany’s SolarWorld

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Then China flooded the market with cheap, generic solar panels that are suited to standard weather conditions.

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Dialogues on the Environment: Q&A with Jason Clay

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Jason Clay: As environmentalists, if we don’t get how and where we produce food and fiber right, we can turn off the lights and go home.

Is the Middle East Buying into Disastrous Biofuels?

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The Jatropha plant may produce bio-diesel for cars but, like other biofuels, it also leads to a rise in food prices due to competition for land space.

Progress in Alternative Power, From National to Global Views

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Wind and solar will remain above grid parity, in terms of consumer costs, well into the middle of this century. Increased attention and resources are.

Loans for rooftop solar are heating up in Egypt

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Citizen participants who repay their loans will be able to sell excess electricity produced from their solar units back to the national grid.

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Qatar’s First Passivhaus on Track for 2013 Completion

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With initial plans to produce 8,000 metric tons of poly silicon, the $1.3 Until now, it has been necessary to import technology from abroad.

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