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Israeli solar power plant to generate electricity day and night

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The facility will be backed up by biomass to produce power during the four hours of the day that solar energy can’t be utilized.

World’s largest solar power plant goes live in Morocco

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It’s the largest CSP plant to come online in the Middle East and North Africa region, and the African continent. Energy

Vermont shuts down Fukushima-type nuclear power plant

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A nuclear power plant near the town of Brattleboro, Vermont is being shut down thanks to local environmental activism.

Will burning birds shut down Brightsource, world’s largest solar thermal power plant?

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The switch was flipped this week as California’s Ivanpah solar thermal power plant went live. Like the solar death rays in London.

Radioactive Material Was Stolen From an Egyptian Nuclear Power Plant

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A search is underway to find whoever stole a safe containing radioactive material from Egypt’s first nuclear power station. .

LA to turn Rooftops into a solar power plant capable of producing 5.5GW of power


Those who opt for solar rooftops under the FiT program can sell the power that they produce from their solar installations back to LADWP.

2020 31

Negev Energy Wins Bid for Israel’s Largest Concentrating Solar Power Plant

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When the company announced their win of the BOT tender of the Ashalim plant, they also claimed it will be the largest of its kind in the country.

Turkish Natural Wonder Threatened By Erosion And Power Plant, Geologist Says

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A hydroelectric power plant built on a nearby river could also pose a threat to the rock formations, says Kasapo?lu, Under threat.

Explosives found at nuclear power plant in Sweden – security levels increased

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Yesterday explosives were found at the Ringhals nuclear power plant in Sweden. In response to this, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority increased security levels to “yellow”, which is the second level of a three-point scale, at all Swedish nuclear power plants. There are no suspects at this time.

Jordan Quietly Opens First Combined Gas and Oil Shale Power Plant

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While Israeli activists fight oil shale exploration, Jordan quietly opens a combined gas and oil shale power plant next door. . The 373 MW Qatraneh Power Plant is expected to increase electricity generation by 12 per cent. Jordan’s second biggest power plant relies on controversial oil shale.

Protecting Americans from Power Plant Pollution

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  As a result of that scrappy, tenacious effort, almost no one is trying to build a new coal plant in America today.

World’s First Integrated Renewables Combined Cycle Power Plant To Be Built in Turkey

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And by supplementing energy from natural gas with solar and wind energy, the plant will achieve record rates of efficiency. Image via GE.

Ormat adds another geothermal power plant to America

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A new Ormat geothermal plant project, the Don A. Campbell Geothermal Power Plant, has just been completed in Mineral County Nevada in the USA.

Obama Kickstarts Action on Climate Change

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First, it lays the path limiting greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants. electric power plants emit 2.2

Earthquake Damage to Japanese Nuclear Power Plants Should be Warning to Mideast Planners

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Energy Japan Middle East nuclear power plantsAnother Chernobyl in the making? Does the Middle East need this risk? The 8.9

Whisky Will Power 9,000 Homes With New Biomass Plant

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According to GOOD , the plant is expected to produce enough electricity to power 9,000 homes. We’ll drink to that!

Jellyfish Attack on Israel Power Plant A Clear Sign of Global Warming?

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New Mediterranean jellyfish invasions are causing big problems for coastal power plants. Cleaning up the mess, a 27/7 ongoing operation.

Limited Power Supply Shackles Armenia to Precarious Nuclear Plant

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The 31-year-old Metsamor power station is one of just five first-generation VVER 440 nuclear plants that lacks a primary containment structure.

Plans to close coal-fired power plants in a coal state

Environmental Economics

They say the new power mix is what will be needed to keep their rates as low as possible amid tightening environmental regulations, even as electricity demand grows. Customers could see their rates rise as much as 20 percent to accommodate the conversion. via I like this pic (i.e., it reminds me of home):  

10,000 Turks Gather To Protest Coal-Fired Power Plant

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Gerze’s population has been fighting the Anadolu Group’s proposed coal-fired plant for the past three years. nar Akso?an,

Landmark Wind Power Plant To Be Built In Pakistan

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million in Zorlu Enerji Pakistan Limited to support the construction of the only wind power project in the Sindh Province. megawatts. The 56.4

Plans For Turkey’s First Nuclear Power Plant Revealed

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The meltdown at the Japanese Fukushima nuclear plant last year didn’t stall Turkey’s plans to build its own nuclear reactors.

Progress in Alternative Power, From National to Global Views

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Even acknowledging that hydroelectric power provides the lion’s share (2.7 clean energy technologies into the energy system. In the U.S.

Supreme Court’s Stay on Clean Power Plan Won’t Stop Energy Revolution

Conservancy Talk

The Supreme Court’s decision last week to stay President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan may delay implementation of that particular program.

Jordan Pushes On With Its Nuclear Plans

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The nuclear plant will be located at Majdal, near Mafraq, which is some 40 kilometres northeast of Amman which is the capital of Jordan.

Solar energy powered the 2014 World Cup final

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For the first time, the FIFA World Cup final in Brazil yesterday was powered by the sun. It’s also the first solar power plant in Pernambuco

2014 31

Sun, sea and…solar power for Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh

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Now the popular resort city is set to get a solar power boost too, with plans for all lighting to come from solar energy.

Wind power continues to beat nuclear energy in China

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Unfortunately not everything is renewable energy as China has plans to triple its nuclear power capacity by 2020. billion. Not even in China.

SunEdison Builds Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant in Italy

Solar Power Ninja

SunEdison have announced the project to build a photovoltaic solar power plant in Northeastern Italy, near the town of Rovigo. The proposed solar power plant will have a capacity of 72 MW, making it the largest solar power plant in Europe. Government / Industry Solar Power Plant

Bedouin Solar Power Activate!

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Arava Power in Israel is fighting so Bedouin get a fair share of feed-in tariffs in Israel. Backed by Siemens Arava stands to benefit too.

Mad Science: The Nuclear Power Experiment

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Some environmentalists champion nuclear power as an answer to global warming. The review was first published on Counterfire.

New Cooling Lagoons Could Save the Gulf’s Marine Enviornment

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Crystal Lagoons has developed an alternative cooling and energy harvesting system for power plants that doesn’t require the use of seawater.

Aussie Govt Offers Uranium Sales to UAE

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Energy Abu Dhabi Middle East nuclear meltdown nuclear power plants… [ visit site to read more ].

Solar Power to Pay off Greek Debt?

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The first power plant to supply the project, a half GW solar power plant in Morocco, is beginning next year. The catch?

Basel Burgan: A Force Behind Jordan’s Anti-Nuke Movement

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He’s working to change the direction of Jordan’s power generation. Over the past 3 years, government announcements about nuclear power plant (NPP) projects made us very angry, especially when they announced in 2009 their intention to build 5 NPPs. BB: The West has been moving away from nuclear power. million US.

Protest Against Nuclear Power In Jordan

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The country has massive uranium reserves that are estimated to be worth around $7 billion which could be utilized in nuclear power stations.

"How Stringent Are the US EPA’s Proposed Carbon Pollution Standards for New Power Plants?"

Environmental Economics

In March 2012, the EPA announced a proposed carbon pollution standard for new power plants. Matthew J. Kotchen and Erin T. Mansur: In the absence of legislation for a US national climate policy, regulatory responsibility has fallen to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). via

Masdar and Siemens Team Up to Develop Sand-Resistant Solar Panels

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More on Masdar City and Solar Power: Abu Dhabi Prince Shames White House by Crowning Roof With Solar Panels. Desert challenges. Putting the U.S.

Eco Wave Power Proves Its Ocean Power Devices In Kiev

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Developers first looked to the ocean for offshore wind power , a conveniently windy and out-of-the way site for giant turbines.

Morocco to Pioneer 1 GW Hydro-Wind Hybrid Power

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A huge hydro-wind hybrid power station will double Morocco’s entire installed hydropower capacity – and be a world’s first.