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Nestlé is draining Pakistan to sell us bottled water

Green (Living) Review

Until we all wake up and refuse top buy bottled water then those companies, and not just Nestlé, will continue to do as they do.

Guest Essay: A Response to Mercy for Animals


Here is a response from Dr. Frances McCormack, who is also one-half of the Grumpy Old Vegans. Dr. Frances McCormack. First of all, really?

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If You Don’t Invest in Your Water Supply, Someone Else Will and It Won’t Be Pretty

Nature Conservancy - Science

Water purification systems at Bret Lake, Switzerland. The good news is that our tap water is very clean and safe and relatively inexpensive.

Brian Richter’s ‘Chasing Water’: Smarter Solutions for the Coming Water Scarcity

Nature Conservancy - Science

Water shortages aren’t just for California. The water shortage will cause a massive electricity shortage. What will it take?  .

Watermark: the Meaning of Water.

The Alien Next Door

Xiaolangdi Dam, China Water has been on my mind a lot lately. It changed the way I look at water. Water is all around us. Simple.

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New Study: How Cities Can Finally Get Smart About Water

Nature Conservancy - Science

Urban water conservation, recycling and desalination aren’t silver bullets. Take personal water conservation measures? Why? .

FoEME Calms Water War Rhetoric Between Palestine and Israel

Green Prophet

Yesterday the Israeli paper Haaretz reported that the French Parliament accused Israel of using water as “a weapon serving the new apartheid.”

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Celebrate July 4th With an Ice Cold Responsible Beer

Environmental News Network

The process of making beer requires a lot of energy and water.  Friday is the Fourth of July, which for many Americans means fireworks and BBQ.

Mobile Text Surveys: A Smarter Way to Measure Conservation’s Impacts on People?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Donors, other funders, governments and potential partners are demanding that our work be sensitive to people’s welfare and even enhance it if possible.

Lima climate talks reach watered-down global warming agreement

Green Blog

The draft text says that all countries have “common but differentiated responsibilities” to prevent global warming.

Five Years After BP Spill, Gulf of Mexico is Rekindling Responsibility for the Gulf’s Future

Conservancy Talk

The response to the Gulf oil spill, however, is restoring that sense of ownership and setting an example for the rest of the country.

Bob Marley’s Family Donates $100,000 to Charity:Water


Charity:Water helps fund over 1,400 projects in Ethiopia and hundreds of thousands more all over the world. Causes People bob marley

After Her Tragic Death, a Girl’s Birthday Wish for Clean Water Gets a Big Response


Thousands of people have been inspired by her selfless birthday wish. She even set up a page on which people could donate to the organization.

Water Pollution in Israel Threatens People, Animals, Plants

Green Prophet

Lead and other pollutants are seeping into Israeli drinking water at alarming levels. What about revamping the Water Law?

Responsible Bathroom Water Conservation Tour Shows Americans How to Reduce the Use

Green (Living) Review

March 2011: Managing local water supplies – drop by drop – is now a mainstream concern across the United States. Many communities already are experiencing a tighter water supply, while 78% of consumers are looking for ways to cut household utility bills and energy costs. PISCATAWAY, N.J. by 2013, according to a federal report.

The Right to Drink Water

The Alien Next Door

There’s only one thing wrong with her selection: in choosing to buy bottled water, she is implying a choice against tap water. Photos: 1.

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Water Farmers get fresh with aquaponics for food in Toronto

Green Prophet

Bell (pictured above left) is a farmer, on water. The Toronto farm is a hybrid system with media and deep water beds. Had a garden?

Nature Protects People

Conservancy Talk

million people at risk due to flooding and sea level rise, powerful solutions are needed in order to keep the county safe.

Masdar’s Winning Blog: Demystifying the Water-Energy Nexus

Green Prophet

We know that there is some kind of relationship between energy and water, but we don’t have succinct numbers.

The Water Behind Middle Eastern Woes | Green Prophet

Green Prophet

But the root of today’s discontent, and the root of tomorrow’s continuing trouble, will have a close correlation with water.

Overcoming the Water Wars

Conservancy Talk

In stories about water in the Western U.S., we read too often about conflict. Photo: Peter Warren. By Giulio Boccaletti. Here’s how it works.

Israel Chemicals AquaTabs to Purify Syria’s Dirty Water

Green Prophet

Israel Chemicals is a mining company that produces chemicals and fertilizers  in addition to water purification systems.

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Middle East Water Woes Beg for Environmental Sewage Solutions

Green Prophet

Easily forgotten in all the wars and conflicts are survival basic resources such as water. The Middle East is the globe’s oil capital.

Are “Sick Chicks” Poisoning Israel’s Ground Water?

Green Prophet

The chickens were buried without suitable sealing, posing a risk that as the carcasses decomposed, constituents may permeate the ground water.&#.

Challenge in Sao Paulo: Overcoming Water Scarcity in South America’s Largest City

Conservancy Talk

The largest city in South America and home to 12 million people. Forests are very important for healthy fresh water supplies. Sao Paulo.

In an Increasingly Unpredictable World, We Must Secure Nature to Secure our Water

Conservancy Talk

by Dr. Giulio Boccaletti Managing Director of Global Water, The Nature Conservancy,   @G_Boccaletti. And, it starts with our water future.

Marketing Oysters in the Delaware Bay: Top 5 Insights

Nature Conservancy - Science

Oysters provide important environmental benefits to people by filtering and improving the quality of water in the bay.  The size?

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Nature and People: How Can the US Federal Government Put Them Together?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Law Enforcement Ranger talking with visitors viewing wildlife in Hayden Valley. Photo ©  Jim Peaco/NPS on Flickr. In 2012 the U.S. Until now.

Israel’s Mediterranean Seacoast Severely Threatened by People

Green Prophet

Desalination, which has sometimes been referred to a “a necessary evil” , comes from an increasing need for fresh water supplies. 

Girl’s charity: water Wish Passes $1M in Donations After Her Tragic Death


Her story continues, with her birthday wish to raise money for those without clean water being answered by thousands of people.

Hilton Hotels to Share Food Waste in Hungry Egypt

Green Prophet

In addition to slashing its energy and water consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, the corporate hotel chain has reduced its overall waste by 23.3%

Acqua by Raha Shirazi: You’ll Never Take Water for Granted Again

Green Prophet

A powerful short film by Iranian-Canadian filmmaker Raha Shirazi, Acqua will make you look at water with new eyes. Water, life, and death.

From Rattlesnakes to Turquoise Rivers: Unlikely Connections Hold Key to Conservation Success

Conservancy Talk

People and places that seem unlikely counterparts can hold the key to each other’s success. This is the beauty of collaboration.

Respecting Human Rights is Essential for Sustainable Conservation

Conservancy Talk

For Indigenous peoples, the environment is inextricably linked to every aspect of their lives and well-being. Image source: Gina Cosentino].

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Recovery: Saving Loons from Lead Fishing Tackle

Nature Conservancy - Science

By day tremolos as the heavy, black-and-white-checkered birds descend in swift flight, hitting the water and skidding sideways like ditching aircraft.

Fiji Water Faces Class Action Lawsuit for Greenwashing

Green (Living) Review

In reality, however, FIJI water is not "Carbon Negative." The people bringing the lawsuit beg to differ. About time too.

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LEED-seeking eco mosque recycles precious ablution water in Dubai

Green Prophet

The air-conditioning system is similarly rigged to know when there are a lot of people inside. Water is a precious commodity in Dubai.

Turkey’s “A Few Brave People” Wins Best Feature Film at Abu Dhabi’s Green Carpet Ceremony

Green Prophet

The film was picked from a crowd of 50 films from 32 nations. A few brave people. kizdere, people in Ça?layan layan, ?kizdere enöz and ?kizdere,

Political Green: The Climate is Mum

Green Home Blog

Unfortunately, when the earth turns on its head not many people will be able to eat their money to stay alive. The Proof. Failure of Leadership.

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Export Oil, Import Water = Risky Economics for Middle East

Green Prophet

Water scarcity has already become a fact of daily life for Egyptians. percent of the world’s renewable water reserves. Water consumption.