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For-Profit Education Firm Kaplan Is 14th Company to Dump ALEC.

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For-Profit Education Firm Kaplan Is 14th Company to Dump ALEC. Skip to Main Content Area. Contact Us. News Feeds. Podcasts. Privacy Policy.

Monsanto or Organic? Who to Trust With Your Food [infographic]

Wend Magazine

Monsanto and the Campaign to Undermine Organics. From the Organic Consumer Association: Agribusiness, Biotechnology and War. ”".

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The Vanity Project NYFW: Non-profit Love Via Eco Fashion

Eco Chic

The Vanity Project works with non-profits to create fun graphic apparel “that people want to wear and people want to talk about.”

Syria’s Organic Food Market Ripe for Exports to Europe

Green Prophet

12 for 2012 related to organic farming in Syria. This bill was prepared in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization.

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Corporate Organic Food Struggles to Compete in Israeli Markets

Green Prophet

In Israel the organic food market is still comparatively small and underdeveloped. of the organic produce sold in Israeli stores was mislabeled.

Google Launches New Awesome Service For Non-Profits


Are you a non-profit struggling to reach donors? Is your budget lacking when it comes to online advertising? Google is here to help.

Want to Go Bird Banding in Amazonian Peru?

10,000 Birds

I recently heard from Chris Kirkby, the Managing Director and Principal Investigator at Asociacion Fauna Forever , a Peruvian not-for-profit organisation based in Lima and Puerto Maldonado, about a series of bird-banding workshops being held this June and November in the rainforests of Tambopata in south-eastern Peru. on Earth. Wicked, right?

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Scantron 15th Corporation to Dump ALEC | PR Watch

PR Watch

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Green (Living) Review

This especially important for people like me with very limited space to grow everything that I consume. Read more: [link].

Celebrate a Greener Cyber Monday with Sustainable Skincare Company Marie Veronique Organics

Green (Living) Review

Shop Green and Save Green on Award-Winning MVO Skincare Made from Natural, Organic and Fair Trade Ingredients Packaged in 100% Recyclable Materials.

Sea Turtles Inspire Organic Tequila

Eco Friendly Daily

As a meeting focused on the environment, the organizors have also made efforts to ensure the symposium itself is as eco-friendly as possible.

33 Years of Giving Back to Nature

Conservancy Talk

Angie Sosdian: Well, I and other individuals in this organization get a lot of joy from working with our supporters. Why did you decide to give?

Solar Financing Finally Reaches Colorado Non-Profits

Green (Living) Review

LOUISVILLE, CO, January 2010 – Solar financing for non-profits and faith communities is often hard to find in these tough economic times. Thanks to a new program, developed by Colorado-based solar integrator Bella Energy, non-profit solar financing has finally reached Colorado. Dandeneau, now Special Programs Manager with Bella Energy.

Israeli Reuse Conference Claims that Big Opportunities Come in.

Green Prophet

The concept of reuse is not new to Israel. But the idea of reuse as a business opportunity? That’s something new. um, really?

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Hospital turns yard into organic farm

Green (Living) Review

Pennsylvania hospital partners with Rodale Institute to cultivate five acres of hospital land. Luke’s Hospital, in Easton, Pa. Read more: [link].

Morocco celebrates its certified nuts in 11th annual Asni Festival!

Green Prophet

To date, they’ve produced more than 6 tons of processed organic walnuts and 600 liters of organic walnut oil. . Images from HAF.

Men’s Eco-Fashion Shopping Guide: Part 2

Eco Chic

Katcher’s genius ability to organize creative content has very obviously spilled into his line. Their cotton is legit and organic. Enjoy.

Rooftop garden blooms for Bethlehem refugees

Green Prophet

Cities organic vegetables roof gardens urban agriculture They prepared the roof surfaces, built planting beds and set out irrigation lines.

Who Owns Organic? Surprise!

Green Earth Journey

Do you purchase packaged or processed organic foods? I avoid organic versions of things from mega-corporations like Del Monte and Kellogg's because I really don't support the monolithic philosophy. I believe them to value profit over the true needs of the consumer. But, who owns my organic packaged food? Probably.

Reliance Foundry Offers Free Bike Racks to Schools and Non-Profits for Student and Community Bike Parking

Green (Living) Review

The email should include a brief description of their organization. This press release is presented for your information only.

If You have your Doubts about Hillary, Here is the Best Reason to Vote for Her.

Elephant Journal

Green Clean Energy Superpower Of The 21st Century EPA Jim Bunch Michelle Thatcher non-profit organization People Planet and Profit triple bottom line trump USGCCThe conservative press is stepping up to endorse Secretary Clinton in this election to thwart Trump’s plans to Sabotage America’s sustainable businesses.

CBS’ EcoMedia: Turning Advertising Into an Engine for Social Change

Eco Chic

“It is important for the world to know that advertising dollars can be applied to assist non-profits that are taking on the most urgent social issues of our time,” he said. Health Is Beauty Advertising CBS eco EcoAd EcoMedia Education environmental projects health Non profit(left to right): Anthony G. Small world indeed.

Dogwood and Hastings: Sustainable Homewares Launch!

Eco Chic

I’m excited to announce that my design project, long in the works, is up and running! Manhattan Bedrock print. Winged Decay print.

Billionaire CEOs and Slave Labor? The Real Price of Cheap Fashion

Eco Chic

In Asian nations like China, labor costs are rising, putting a ‘squeeze’ on Zara and H&M’s profits. billion.

Watch Rescued Puppy Mill Dogs Experience Freedom for the First Time


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Vote for The Organic Center¹s ŒMission Organic 2010¹ and help raise $10K

Green Life Smart Life

I wanted to share with you about The Organic Center’s resolution for a healthier, happier 2010 and hope that you’ll help us spread the organic seeds of change. At the end of January, the non-profit with the most votes receives an additional $10K donation from Whole Foods Market to help fund its vision. About The Organic Center.

North London’s organic pioneer voted pick of the pubs

Green (Living) Review

Pick of the pubs, the Duke of Cambridge, has championed sustainable food and drink for 15 years, and was the country’s first organic pub.

What USDA Organic Really Means

Green Life Smart Life

The organic movement has grown to an almost $20 billion industry in the United States, due in no small part to the federal regulation label “USDA Organic&# and its appearance on thousands of products nationwide. It seems that when the system works, it works and the foods that are certified organic are actually organic.

Green New Year’s Resolution #2 – Eat Organic and Local

Green Home Blog

So this year, for your second New Year’s resolution, go green by choosing organic, locally grown fruits, vegetables, and meats. And these chemicals don’t just stay in the environment: for example, the non-profit Environmental Working Group found pesticide residue on 97% of all the grocery store apples they sampled. .

Organic vs. Local

Eco Friendly Daily

Standing in the produce aisle looking at lettuce – there sits the organic, next to it the conventional from across the country. Which is better?

How to Decide Which Fruits and Vegetables to Buy Organic

Green Home Blog

How to Decide Which Fruits and Vegetables to Buy Organic. There are lots of benefits to organic fruits and vegetables. But organic foods can be expensive or hard to find, so while you may want to always purchase organic fruits and vegetables, this isn’t always a practical option. Pesticide Residue. What’s In Season?

Reckless Driving Kills 3 Emiratis Every Day

Green Prophet

And once the radio campaign is complete, the Foundation will present their findings to governments and road-safety organizations. um, really?

Helping Out those Great Non-Profits

Eco Friendly Daily

Helping Out those Great Non-Profits. Categories. Garden. Kitchen. New & Exciting. Electronics. Events. Health. Personal. Community. Forums.


Privatizing Profits and Socializing Losses

Living In a Toxic World

Privatizing profits and socializing losses was used to refer to the banking situation in the United States but I think it is a good slogan for the types of regulations employed. Check out the Organic Grocery List or Book Store. I heard this phrase on the radio or somewhere and it really made me think. Any ideas?

We Went to See Eileen Fisher at The New School and It Was Life Changing

Eco Chic

Through their program Vision 2020 , the brand is going full organic when sourcing for its cotton and linen pieces while using only recycled rayon.

Aquaponics is farming with a fishing rod in Israel

Green Prophet

Cohen has consulted for the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) with UK partner Christopher Somerville.

and we're off.

Environmental Economics

He is the Director of Global Warming and International Environmental Policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), a non-profit public policy organization founded in 1984 by Fred L. Ebell has called the Clean Power Plan “ illegal” and has said joining the Paris agreement is “unconstitutional.”. Smith, Jr.

2016 59

T-Shirt Company Uses Profits for Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries


T-shirt brand Naked Hippy help small businesses in developing countries by investing all their profit in micro loans. Naked Hippie use repaid

Get to Know "This is a Green" Organic T-Shirt and Ethical Clothing Company

Hug a Tree with Me

Today I will like to introduce you to an Organic T-shirt and Eco Accessories Company called This is a Green. Based out of the U.K,

Heroines for the Planet: Green Drinks NYC Founder Margaret Lydecker

Eco Chic

Lindsay: You must be a pretty organized person. Margaret: I can always be more organized! There is so much to do!

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