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The Big Society

Green (Living) Review

And this in a country where successive governments have always treated the people as imbeciles and children. So, what am I saying, you ask?

Review: Wildlife Conservation Society Birds of Brazil – The.

10,000 Birds

And it looks even better in my hands while I dream about a visit to regions of Brazil I had scarcely heard of before being provided with a review copy of the first volume of the Wildlife Conservation Society Birds of Brazil.* What does a field guide that covers one of the most biologically diverse countries look like? It looks beautiful.

Naked People are Popular. {Nudity}

Elephant Journal

I’ve noticed that if one attaches the words “naked”, “nude”, “nudity” or “adult” to one’s work, they’re bound to get more people interested in their written material. What gives? […].

National Vegetarian Week 2016

Green (Living) Review

Food has a special place on everyone's table and can evoke great memories of places, people and events. You can also learn more about the week.

2016 11

Why Did The National Audubon Society End Their Contract With Ted Williams?

10,000 Birds

He also quoted a biologist pointing out how extreme the TNR people are and gave a few examples. Never ones to let facts stand in the way of a good, old-fashioned, witch-hunt, the hordes of cat crazies heeded the call of their overlords and not only sent emails but essentially took over the National Audubon Society’s Facebook page.

The people must liberate themselves

Green (Living) Review

In fact, the state itself is something that needs to be abolished if the people are to be free, but that is another story.

NASA study confirms society is on the brink of total collapse

Green Prophet

But a recent study funded by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center confirms that industrial society is on the brink of collapse. ” .

Mobile Text Surveys: A Smarter Way to Measure Conservation’s Impacts on People?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Donors, other funders, governments and potential partners are demanding that our work be sensitive to people’s welfare and even enhance it if possible.

Our National Parks: America’s Newest Battleground. ~ Amy Marquis

Elephant Journal

Here’s the truth: No one’s heart is breaking over national park closings like the people who have dedicated their lives and careers to protecting them.

Birds and People: A Book Review

10,000 Birds

It took me a while to wrap my mind around the concept of Birds and People , Mark Cocker and David Tipling’s book that, in 592 pages, explores the intersection of just that—birds and us. People on one side of the rope, owls on the other.” Eagles are national symbols of the U.S., Birds and People is an exceptional book.

George Takei’s Response to “20 Young People Who Believe Marriage Should Be Between a Man & a Woman.” {Pictures}

Elephant Journal

” ~ George Takei Oh, how I love George Takei—who has become, perhaps, this Nation’s most-outspoken (and brilliantly cheeky) advocate of same-sex marriage. “Our adversaries call their campaigns ‘in defense of marriage’ or ‘in protection of marriage.’ ’ Why are they so defensive and protective?

Random Act of Kindness: Easy Ways to Make Someone’s Day.

Elephant Journal

My simple act of kindness for random people proved to make a positive influence on their day. Enlightened Society Right Livelihood act of kindness be kind how to make someone's day National Random Act of Kindness Day respectAs I drove away I smiled from ear to ear.

2016 24

Democratic participation means to be an active member of society

Green (Living) Review

By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Democratic participation, something that some people feel excluded from, and something that the government wants people to get involved in, mean more than going every four or so year to the polls, at national and local level, etc. Participation in society mean empowerment and real people power.

The Rise (& Fall?) Of Consumer Society in the Middle East

Green Prophet

When we think of consumerism and the consumer society, the Middle East is not the first thing to come to mind. The Middle East? Not so much.

An Inspired Future: How One African Nation Took Back Their Land & Lives. ~ Marylee Fairbanks

Elephant Journal

People fought for control. John Kasaona was a child when his father took him into the bush and taught him to hunt. His father understood and respected the wildlife. He regarded the land and its inhabitants as an extension of himself. War broke out in John’s home country of Namibia between 1966 and 1990. Poaching [.].

The Big Dig Day – the call is out to get the nation digging

Green (Living) Review

What a great bunch of people! One of the gardens taking part is Wor Lotty in Newcastle.

Grizzly Bear Research & Cultural Identity in the Great Bear Rainforest

Nature Conservancy - Science

By William Housty, Coastwatch Director, Qqs Projects Society. The implications of this work extend beyond the homeland of the Heiltsuk Nation.

Blaming economists for our current economic situtation is like blaming a psychologist because people are crazy

Environmental Economics

A small group of Harvard students and employees staged an “Occupy Speakout” at noon on Tuesday to express their solidarity with the “National Day of Action.”. Mankiw uses minimum wage as an illustration of how price floors can result in inefficient allocations of society's resources.  Bayard ’15.   Rachel J.  

Saudi Arabia Goes “Green” To Celebrate National Day

Green Prophet

And on the 23rd of September, Saudi Arabia takes this National Day as a great reason to decorate their streets in a renewable green. Why green?

National Pet Store Chain in Canada to Stop Selling Dogs, Promote Adoptions


He also praised the stores for supporting the process of adoptions, instead of letting people take the dogs home on impulse decisions.

Home 17

The Surprising Importance of Freshwater Fisheries to Global Food Security

Nature Conservancy - Science

If you’re thinking about how fisheries feed people around the globe, chances are you start picturing oceans. Related Articles. Fish and Chimps.

Apparently some people have more in-depth dinner conversation than.

Environmental Economics

Got a question about environmental economics? Why do economists like benefit-cost analysis? Tradeable permits? I really don’t get it. 14 y.o.: 9 y.o.:

Focus on your country’s Gross National Happiness

Green Blog

To be sure, countless people already live lives of solidarity, simplicity and sharing, lives dedicated to the service of people and planet. Changing from Gross National Product to Gross National Happiness is a long-term process. As a people. As a global society. What are we in this for, anyway? The car.

What the Conservation Movement Can Learn from Martin Luther King, Jr.

Conservancy Talk

Mark Tercek is the president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy and author of Nature’s Fortune: How Business and Society Thrive By Investing in Nature.

Launch of "Water Is." Celebrates Our Connection With Water

The Alien Next Door

book launch Ecologos ecology environment Jim Tovey LOWaterkeeper Mississauga Nation nina munteanu stewardship water water blessing Water Is.

Water 21

Why White People Need to Acknowledge their Privilege.

Elephant Journal

Enlightened Society Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Today Only. inequality injustice nationalism politics Racism trump white privilege xenophobiaAnd I think I understand where this denial comes from. They hear the words "white privilege" and automatically assume it’s something they.

Families across the UK urged to celebrate National Unplugging Day by entering national awards

Green (Living) Review

Families across Britain are urged to enter themselves and their families into the first National Unplugging Day Awards in celebration of the best off line activities such as painting, drawing, photography and writing. The National Unplugging Awards are now open for entries until the 5 June 2016. Senior School.

Israeli Designer Brings the Nation’s Melting Pot Aesthetic Into His Local-Themed Furniture

Green Prophet

Guy Lougashi Weaves Together Baskets and People with Recycled Paper. Design Milk. Interview with Egyptian Eco-Fashion Designer Nadia Nour.

Public health’s return to local government could get more people walking and cycling

Green (Living) Review

Dianne Abbott MP, Shadow Minister for Public Health, underlined the important role for national government during and following the transition from PCTs to local government. She called for joined-up working across local services, especially through the schools and housing systems. Sustrans

Young people get the chance to tackle climate change through National Citizen Service (NCS)

Green (Living) Review

Leading environmental charity Global Action Plan has been selected to run a National Citizen Service pilot scheme in 2012 – which will benefit up to 30,000 16-year-olds Leading environmental charity Global Action Plan has been selected to run a National Citizen Service (NCS) pilot scheme in 2012.

Unplug your Smartphone: National Unplugging Day hits the UK

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Families and individuals are encouraged to take a break from technology on 28 June 2015. It is not. technology

Elk in the Neighborhood: On Conservation and Lost Hope

Nature Conservancy - Science

It was called the Hall of Heads and Horns, located in the New York Zoological Society’s Bronx Zoo. Elk in Jasper National Park. Not deer.

2017 15

Dialogues on the Environment: Q&A with Helene Gayle

Conservancy Talk

Mark Tercek is the president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy and author of Nature’s Fortune: How Business and Society Thrive By Investing in Nature.

Traveling Naturalist: Elephants, Kudus and More in Tarangire National Park

Nature Conservancy - Science

Tarangire National Park in northern Tanzania is one of the finest places in the world to observe wild elephants. Photo: Matt Miller/TNC.

99% Spring Has Sprung: Shareholder Actions Underway Across the.

PR Watch

An estimated 24 people were arrested inside and outside the building. Skip to Main Content Area. Contact Us. News Feeds. Podcasts. RSS Feeds.

Toward a Post-Growth Society

The Green Changemakers

Many of the policies that would help grow the kind of society most of us want to live in would actually slow GDP growth. Schumacher Society.


Green (Living) Review

And the lack of ownership reflects both the causers of pollution (potentially all people and all urban infrastructure) and the multiplicity of agencies with responsibilities for some parts of the network of sources, pathways and receptors. Can the Big Society reduce diffuse urban pollution?’ For more information, go to [link].

Audubon Rebrand

10,000 Birds

home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Asides / Audubon Rebrand Audubon Rebrand By Mike • March 15, 2011 • No comments yet Tweet Share I’ve come to see the National Audubon Society more as a fine conservation organization than a fun birding society.

Decentralization Minister meets Big Society pioneers at Balsall Heath

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Birmingham, 09/21/2010: The network of local volunteers who transformed Balsall Heath in Birmingham are a national example of people power putting the Big Society into action, said Decentralization Minister Greg Clark on a visit to the area on September 21, 2010.

Celebrate National Trails Day This Saturday, June 4th

Wend Magazine

This year, National Trails Day is Saturday, June 4th and there’s sure to be a hike, bike or trail community project near you. Oh, Ranger!