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Coatepec and Xico, Mexico: Veracruz green high

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All Coatepec Mexico North America The Americas Veracruz Xalapa Xico organic market Coatepec

Oaxaca, Mexico: an eco-hacienda muy tranquilo

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| Hacienda Gone Green | The city of Oaxaca is one of Mexico’s great treasures.

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Back in sunny Mexico

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Now that we have returned to our adopted home of La Paz, Mexico, our bones are starting to thaw out from the trip to chilly Seattle. peso fee.

Jalisco, Mexico: on the elusive trail of organic tequila

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| The Hangover-Free Zone | Tequila? There’s an actual place called that?” ” Si, claro. Yes, there really is.

American Oystercatchers in Mexico

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When we sailed to Mexico, I discovered a whole new species, the American Oystercatcher Haematopus palliatus.

2016 11

San Miguel de Allende: an angelic hotel from Mexico’s Señor and Señora Verde…and mucho mas

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| The Power of Dos | It’s our first day back at our favorite place in central Mexico, and our rental’s fridge yawns empty.The weekly organic tianguis—biggest and, in our opinion, finest organic farmers market in the entire country—is still a few days away. We’ve written […].

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San Miguel de Allende: leading Mexico's green revolution

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It quickly dawns on us that, arguably, San Miguel de Allende could be the greenest city in all Mexico. But, significantly, not all of it.

Los Cabos: Mexico’s 1st eco-friendly festival

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The first-ever Los Cabos Greenfest in Mexico''s Baja seeks to raise awareness about saving the planet through music, fitness and wellness. Los Cabos: Mexico’s 1st eco-friendly festival is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. All power will be generated by attendees using bicycles.

Cat Runs for Mayor in Mexico


Read More The post Cat Runs for Mayor in Mexico appeared first on Ecorazzi. His campaign slogan: “Tired of Voting for Rats? Vote for a Cat.”

Searching for Whoopers: New Report Showcases Gulf of Mexico Migrants

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Mexico, Canada, and Cuba ­­ — creating the most comprehensive data assembly and threat assessment for migratory Gulf species to date. Hausheer.

Mexico Begins Transfer of Wild Animals to US Sanctuary


The first of more than two dozen animals rescued from mistreatment by private owners in Mexico has been transferred to an animal sanctuary in Colorado. Leonardo, a lion cub that Read More The post Mexico Begins Transfer of Wild Animals to US Sanctuary appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News

Playa del Carmen, Mexico: world’s 1st hotel eco-microturbine

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Playa del Carmen, Mexico: world’s 1st hotel eco-microturbine is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. Cancun Mexico News North America Playa del Carmen Quintana Roo Resorts Riviera Maya Green Travel News Real Resorts Reuters Royal Playa del CarmenMicroturbines work like jet engines but produce electricity instead of thrust.

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Ecotourism in New Mexico-Where Culture and Nature Converge

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The cultural heart of New Mexico is the Taos Pueblo , the active community and historical home of the Taos Pueblo Indians.

2011 28

Isla Isabel – Mexico’s Galapagos

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Isla Isabel, a picturesque volcanic island situated 15 miles off Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit coast, is just such a place. Destinations boobies endemics frigatebirds Mexico Worldwide Birding Adventures Its amazing to me that there are still places on earth where wildlife is blissfully unafraid of humans. link].

Five Years After BP Spill, Gulf of Mexico is Rekindling Responsibility for the Gulf’s Future

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Last week marked both the fifth anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the 45th Earth Day. environment.

New Mexico Chooses More Solar Power - Compass

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Cleaner Cars, Cleaner Air, Lives Saved » New Mexico Chooses More Solar Power. Marks has done an incredible job protecting New Mexico residents during his terms. New Mexico's neighboring states like Arizona and Texas are already making the switch to renewable energy and other clean energy alternatives. Compass. Search.

3000 Foot Downdraft Energy Tower Planned by Israeli Professors on Mexico-US Border

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Can the Energy Tower slated for US Mexico border create clean power and mitigate climate change? Carlson in 1975. Energy Towers might just work.

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Rainforest Alliance salutes Mexico’s Mayakoba

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ayakoba in Mexico ’s Riviera Maya has been cited by the Rainforest Alliance for achievements in sustainable tourism, the first time that organization has so honored a tourism project. Rainforest Alliance salutes Mexico’s Mayakoba is a post from: Green Traveler Guides. | Green Travel News |. Fairmont Mayakoba. You might also like.

Mexico Seeks New Homes for Over 2,000 Animals Due to Circus Ban


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Dharmapala’s Guide to Survival when Life becomes a F*ckin Mess.

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2016 22

Trump, Twitter, Mexico, the Peso and Quidditch

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From : Whenever President-elect Donald Trump tweets about Mexico, the peso jumps around on international currency markets. Mexico is spending considerable reserves to defend the currency, but peso traders have come up with a cheaper solution: Just buy Twitter for $12 billion and then shut it down.  

Private Sector Biodiversity Commitments Leveraged by CBD COP13

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COP 13, Cancun Mexico. Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Colin Herron. billion USD at the time). million dollars at the time).

2017 26

This Startup Turns Plastic Waste into Affordable Housing.

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Mexico ranks 12th in global plastic consumption, leading to a lot of waste.

Revolutionary downdraft energy tower envisioned for US-Mexico border


The site for the project has already received approval for land lease and is now in the process of obtaining zonal approval. Via: Greenprophet

What is Mexico’s National Bird?

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It is found as far north as Alaska and as far south as Mexico, taking its place as one of Mexico’s official symbols. Golden Eagles have a global breeding population of around 300,000 birds, 3% of which spend at least part of the year in Mexico. Birds Golden Eagle Mexico state bird” The bird is massive.

Birthday Brunch

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Birding desert birds Gran Sueno Harris Hawk La Paz Mexico MexicoSunday was my birthday. But, it does have some birds!

2016 21

Urban birding in La Paz, Mexico

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Despite that, I have it in my head to jot down a few of the interesting things about birding here in La Paz, Mexico. Birding La Paz Mexico Migrant Birds Urban BirdingThere is little doubt in my mind, that the topic of urban birding has been well covered on this and every other birding site.

Mexico City Bans Use of Wild Animals in Circus Acts


On Monday, Mexico City voted to ban the use of animals in circuses. Animals Causes Featured News

We are the Seeds of Change.

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Enlightened Society Green Inspiring (Wow) grow mexico seed spanish stronger together trees trump unity women's march“They wanted to bury us, but they forgot that we were seeds.” or I love this metaphor for activism so much.

TripAdvisor’s Green Leaders now in Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Caribbean

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Argentina Auckland Australia Belize Brazil Canada Caribbean Central America Chile Costa Rica Ecuador Green Travel News Guatemala Mexico New Zealand North America Peru South America The Americas Uruguay Venezuela TripAdvisor GreenLeaders world's largest green hotel program

Caribbean Mexico: how to find a green hotel

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The range of choices for lodging can, in fact, be downright bewildering.

We became an Expat Family.

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Adventure Blog (always click 4 all blogs) Family, Youth, Enlightened Education expat family living abroad mexico Why do so many people buy into some culturally indoctrinated definition of the “American Dream”?

2015 28

Shocking News about Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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My friends, who were directly affected by the hurricane, report a slightly different perspective than that of the media. Arts & Culture Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Cabo San Lucas climate change hurricane

Peg Leg Hummer

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found him in an area that I call the “Hummingbird Patch” way up at the end of an arroyo, near La Ventanna, Mexico.

2016 11

How to Get Decision-Makers to Invest in Nature

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Show us the data. That’s what I hear almost every time I work with decision-makers. The team looked at a Dow facility on Texas’ Gulf coast.

2016 35

Matt Damon Attends a Bullfight in Mexico


The actor was spotted at a bullfighting event while on a break from filming in Mexico. According to the Daily Mail, Damon attended a bullfight at La Monumental bullring stadium in Mexico City with friends. It’s a safe bet that Matt Damon is about to hear from PETA. Photos and sources indicate he wasn’t too [.].

Oaxaca, Mexico: microfinance for tourists

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So it is with the most worthy touring concept we have met in a long time— Fundación En Vía: Travel, Learn, Fight Poverty of Oaxaca, Mexico.

American Avocets

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Birds American Avocet La Paz Mexico shorebirds Tidal Flats

2016 21

A Real Life Celebration of Day of the Dead.

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In the days leading up to this sacred day, the graveyard has been cleaned and the graves decorated.

My Accidental Diet—That Everyone Should Do.

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Food Health & Wellness Z ADMIN Food Featured Today Z ADMIN Wellness Featured Today diet health mexico processed foods weight lossYeah, I know what some people are thinking: “Shut up you.

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