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Iowa Dove Hunters Will Use Lead Shot

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A panel of the Iowa legislature decided to ignore common sense, wildlife professionals, and Iowa’s own Natural Resources Commission and allow lead shot to be used for the new Mourning Dove hunting season. This decision is just plain dumb. Hat-tip to John. Asides

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Dog Travels to Iowa Hospital In Search of Ailing Owner


A miniature Schnauzer named Sissy is making headlines after breaking out of her backyard and traveling to an Iowa hospital in search of her owner. Read More The post Dog Travels to Iowa Hospital In Search of Ailing Owner appeared first on Ecorazzi. Talk about (wo)man’s best friend. Animals News Top News

Close Call at the Iowa Caucus for Sanders and Clinton


Last night, Hillary Clinton walked away with 49.9 of the Dem vote, while Bernie Sanders won over a (not so) shocking 49.6 of the vote.

Iowa and South Dakota approached 25 percent electricity from wind in 2012

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Renewable Energy Energy Iowa South Dakota USA wind energyTexas, the U.S. At the national level, wind farms generated 3.5 percent of U.S.

WATCH: Colbert Goes After Iowa Congressman on Dog Fighting


Steven Colbert took a nice chunk out of Iowa Congressman Steve King for his nonsensical argument against new federal anti-dog fighting laws. Read More The post WATCH: Colbert Goes After Iowa Congressman on Dog Fighting appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News Video stephen colbert steve king

Iowa Activists Push Country Beyond Big Coal Milestone - Compass

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» Iowa Activists Push Country Beyond Big Coal Milestone. Coals days are numbered here in Iowa.". Compass. Reblog (0). |. |. |. |.

“Longtime Iowa farm cartoonist fired after creating this cartoon.”

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Long-time Iowa farm cartoonist fired after creating this cartoon ( “A freelance cartoonist says he was fired for drawing an editorial cartoon…” This, in America, no less–land of free expression and free press? See below to see how you can help. Watch the video about this, here.

Iowa and Wind


In 2009, Iowa became the first state to have more than 10% of its total generated electricity come from wind power. of all electricity generated in Iowa. At the end of 2010, the installed capacity for wind power in Iowa was a little less than 10% of the total wind capacity in the U.S. In 2010, power generated by wind was 15.4%

School Districts Going Greener in Iowa


This semester is starting off a little more green for three Iowa school districts.

Video: President Iowa Promotes Wind Energy for Economic Growth

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Wind power was at the forefront of the speech as he delivered it at the Siemens Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing Plant in Fort Madison, Iowa. Videos President Obama wind turbines

The Benefits of Trees. ~ Katie Dubow

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EAB has been spotted in Michigan, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Ontario, Quebec and most recently, Colorado. Forest Service

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The Green Buzz: Thursday, March 14

Conservancy Talk

Iowa and South Dakota produced almost 25% of their electricity from wind in 2012. Great, now I want a donut. Dunkin pledges to use only sustainable palm oil in the making of its delectable confections. ( NPR ). Don’t worry about those dead pigs , Shanghai, the water’s fine. Really? Discovery ). New York Times ). Treehugger ).

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Neck and Neck in the Iowa Caucus


With 96 percent of precincts reporting at 11:40 p.m. Both of them had a bit less than 25% of the total and Rep Ron Paul was close as well with 21%.

Dead Zone Redemption

Nature Conservancy - Science

Forested islands create a maze in the Mississippi River near Iowa. This scenario is occurring throughout the 31-state Mississippi River Basin.

Politics Isn’t for the Quiet.

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It is glaringly obvious that we need to stand today and every day to shout loud and proud: “We demand better!”.

They’re making vegan leather out of kombucha


Christopher Gannon/Iowa State University. Christopher Gannon/Iowa State University. Not even mad. News Sticky

Picture of the Day

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Storm clouds in Iowa (from a recent road trip). Photo Credit: Official Second Oldest Daughter of Env-Econ

When Can Sustainability Drive Business Growth?

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Terraced fields along the Mississippi River near Harper’s Ferry, Iowa. Related Articles. By Sheila Walsh Reddy. By Sheila Walsh Reddy.

Deer Management Solutions: It Takes a Village. Literally.

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Iowa City, Iowa initiated a deer management program that includes sharpshooters to reduce deer numbers to 25 deer per square mile.

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Here's How to Trick Your Brain Into Eating Better

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We're excited to present another episode of Bite, our new food politics podcast. Trying to shed a few pounds? Patrick's Day cupcakes.

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The Smell of Confinement Versus the Smell of Freedom.

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Perez Hilton Speaks Out Against Factory Farming


If you haven’t heard, Florida and Iowa are currently trying to make undercover investigations on farms illegal. Want to learn more?

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Picture of the day

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You can take the fisherman out of Iowa, but you can't take the Iowan out of the fisherman

World Wind Power Poised to Bounce Back after Slowing in 2013

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Wind accounted for at least 12 percent of the electricity generated in nine states, including Iowa (27 percent) and South Dakota (26 percent).

Google Signs Major Wind Power Contract

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Google made a big move this week to use more renewable energy when they signed a 20-year contract with an Iowa wind farm that will allow Google to purchase wind power at a set rate over the next two decades. Government / Industry google energy google iowa wind farm google wind farm google wind power

This #GivingTuesday, Share Why You Love Nature

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For example, Michael England from Prescott, Iowa writes: “Our life journey from birth to death always brings us into the natural state of existence.

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Conserving Bison in Indiana. Yes, Indiana.

Nature Conservancy - Science

American Bison (Bison bison) feeding on spring grass at The Nature Conservancy’s Broken Kettle Grasslands in the northern Loess Hills of Iowa.

Viral Video Of The Day: EAGLE WATCH


I have to admit, the more you watch, the more exciting it gets. Seriously. How eggs-iting! Stream videos at Ustream. animals events video web

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A Benefit of the Conservation Reserve Program: Paying Farmers to Grow Clean Water

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Ask someone in the rural Midwest what the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) does, and a likely answer is: “It pays farmers not to farm.”

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The Top 10 Clean Energy Stories to Be Thankful for in 2013

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  #4) FACEBOOK "LIKES" WIND ENERGY IN IOWA Across the Midwest, 2013 was a banner year for wind energy. Keith Ellison.

The Green Buzz: Thursday, July 18

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Bad news for Ash trees in Iowa : the ash borer has been found for the second time in the state. Shark hunts, comets and a car-free city in America? It’s all in today’s green news. A new dinosaur has been discovered in Utah! National Geographic ). Fox News ). TreeHugger ). Christian Science Monitor ). Bloomberg ).

Meet the Microorganisms That Will Save the Planet (And the Fashion Industry)

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Image via Iowa State University/Christopher Gannon. Image via Iowa State University/Christopher Gannon. From

Warren Buffett Says Coal Will Be Replaced

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billion in Iowa wind power. According to a report from Bloomberg News , Warren Buffett, the U.S.'s Of course, Buffett is not alone.

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The Green Buzz: Monday, November 18

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An Iowa Rep’s amendment to the Farm Bill could be the end of humane farming standards. There’s a lot of green news to report on today, so let’s get started. The U.S. crushed its stockpiles of ivory on Friday in a message to wildlife criminals: Stop. National Geographic ). Grist ). The Telegraph ). New York Times ).

The Most Birds

10,000 Birds

Sharon Stiteler , the Birdchick , has the all time high count of Canvasback , in Iowa back in 2010. A recent comment thread on Facebook about absurdly high counts of some species in the eBird database got me curious. Who has seen the most Green Herons at one time? Painted Buntings ? Gyrfalcons ? And how reliable is this data? Even by 1,000s?

99% Spring Has Sprung: Shareholder Actions Underway Across the.

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Larry Ginter, who traveled all the way from Rhodes, Iowa, managed to get inside, but Stumpf would not yield. Skip to Main Content Area. Sign up.

Farming, Adapting to Climate Change & the Limits of Imagination

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Farm sprinkler irrigation system. Photo by Flickr user Chesapeake Bay Program via a Creative Commons license. But they won’t, of course. Probably not.

To save bees, city plans 1,000 acres of prairie

Green (Living) Review

Midwest, one city in Iowa is launching an ambitious plan to rebuild their prairie habitat. As vital pollinators decline across the U.S.

Rick Santorum-Environmentalism is "a Religion that's being pushed on the American Public"


On New Year's Eve, and a few days ahead of the Iowa Caucus , here is Rick Santorum on energy. Environmentalism according to him is nothing to do with risks to humans and every other life form, not driven by a basic desire to keep the planet liveable for our kids and grandkids, nothing like that. It is, according to Rick." an ideology.

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Who Wants To See a Greater Prairie Chicken?

10,000 Birds

There are no individuals remaining within an area of nearly 56,900 sq miles which once formed the core of the range of this truly magnificent bird, This area where the highest densities were recorded stretched from central and northern Iowa into western Illinois before covering most of northeast Missouri. Today in Illinois, 68 males survive.