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Obesity Now Impacts 2.1 Billion People Worldwide


It is not any secret that Americans, along with many people from other countries are losing the battle of the bulge.

10 Unexpected Impacts of Climate Change

Nature Conservancy - Science

But a rapidly warming world means many other impacts, both large and small. Droughts. More severe and unpredictable storms. Worse Allergies.

Mobile Text Surveys: A Smarter Way to Measure Conservation’s Impacts on People?

Nature Conservancy - Science

Donors, other funders, governments and potential partners are demanding that our work be sensitive to people’s welfare and even enhance it if possible.

Now that’s impact! Investors get primer on Impact Investing in Israel

Green Prophet

There is a new investment trend in town and it’s called Impact Investing. But you know some Impact companies already: Tom’s Shoes.

Camera Traps, Reef Restoration & Satellite Imagery: Meet the 2015 Science Impact Project Class

Nature Conservancy - Science

A key problem is lack of data, which prevents scientists from assessing the impact of sustainable agriculture on the environment.

The Problem with Publishing Today that Impacts All of Us.

Elephant Journal

People hire me as a coach to support them to birth, foster, and complete a book. From the beginning, I encourage them to not try and write a New York Times bestseller. Here's why. Arts Enlightened Society Literary Journal Z ADMIN Enlightened Society Today Only.

Phones & Drones Monitor El Niño Impacts for a Picture of the Future

Nature Conservancy - Science

The more accurate these models are, the better communities can plan to protect people and nature into the future. Seriously. Related Articles.

How Blizzards and Extreme Cold Impact Birds

Nature Conservancy - Science

In January 1978, a blizzard dubbed the “White Hurricane” hit the Ohio Valley, dropping 3 feet of snow and killing 71 people. Common grackle.

In Some Places, Environmentalists Should Be Arguing for More Development. Here’s Why.

Nature Conservancy - Science

And yet the neighborhood is single-family, detached homes that house relatively few people. Zoning is often viewed as a friend of conservation.

The Fracking Frenzy's Impact on Women | PR Watch

PR Watch

The Fracking Frenzy's Impact on Women. But little has been reported on the ways in which fracking may have unique impacts on women. cases per 100,000 people in 2005 to about 60.7 Beyond concerns about cancer and toxins are other societal ills related to fracking that disproportionately impact women. Contact Us.

Measuring Conservation Impact on Human Well-being in Kenya’s Rangelands

Nature Conservancy - Science

Conservationists spend a lot of time talking about monitoring the impacts of our work. Who are the people impacted? By Eddie Game.

Mangroves Reduce Tsunami Impacts

Green (Living) Review

They Do? Who would have thought? Really? When will we stop reinventing the wheel? The research paper is available for download here: Pertanika J.

Quinoa and how our use impacts of the people whose food it is

Green (Living) Review

There is nothing fair at it and this is but one of those foods that has that kind of impact on people in the Third World where it is produced.

Black History Month’s Top Conservation Heroes: 6 Facts About Men & Woman Who Made an Impact

Conservancy Talk

Take a look back at black history in America, and it doesn’t take much digging to find links to conservation. His efforts began with Bean v.

Measuring the Impact of Feral Camels in Australia’s Martu Desert

Nature Conservancy - Science

These water bodies hold immense cultural importance for the Martu people. Spinifex and sand. But somewhere in this desert there is water.

“SLOWCIAL NETWORKING” HAS FAR MORE IMPACT THAN TWEETING, STUDY FINDS – Cards and letters have six times the impact of tweets

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Research for Clintons finds that a handwritten thank you letter or card has six times the impact of a thank you tweet. In the study, commissioned by card makers Clintons, researchers found that, while 160 billion instant messages were sent last year, it’s the hand written gestures that make people feel happy.

Chopsticks and their environmental impact

Green (Living) Review

For one thing, who really does think about and consider chopsticks and their environmental impact? The truth is that we should. Let's do it.

CAFOS: Their Environmental Impact


The paper cup and its environmental impact

Green (Living) Review

from other sources if you really want to reduce your impact when buying takeout coffee. So, what is the answer? Thus a cup is still thrown away.

Emiratis Fear Dwindling Water Supplies Will Impact Future Generation

Green Prophet

“The survey indicated many people still do not believe their actions can make a difference. The Water Behind Middle Eastern Woes.

Are the Best Years for Tropical Forest Conservation Still Ahead?

Conservancy Talk

The Nature Conservancy works with logging companies to practice reduced-impact logging. You can follow Justin on Twitter @JustinCMAdams.

The Impacts of a Grays Harbor Oil Spill, in 13 Slides

Sightline Daily

But since most people don’t have time to thumb through such detailed findings, Sightline commissioned the following graphics to sum up the key points.

Woodland Trust raises potential impact of fracking on ancient woodland

Green (Living) Review

In the pursuit of “national energy security” the British government just puts, apparently, no concern and value on such areas that are important for people, wildlife and also local economies, such as people and businesses that depend on such woodlands for their livelihoods. ancient woodlands fracking National Trust

Solution Search: Local Projects Inspire Global Action

Conservancy Talk

That’s why it’s important to step back and consider the people working around the world to find solutions that make a difference.

Local 30

Why Conservation Needs Women: Supporting Women’s Networks for Community Conservation

Nature Conservancy - Science

People will often use the cultural argument as a reason not to change, but culture is not static, it’s evolving.” Hausheer). Related Articles.

Estimated impact of October 2013's St Jude storm

Green (Living) Review

More damage was found between Wiltshire and Kent with little or no damage recorded at the south-west and north-east extremes of the survey area.

2013 11

Mapping the Way to a World that can Feed 10 Billion People

Nature Conservancy - Science

A world that can feed 10 billion people without exhausting its resources or exacerbating climate change. “My Her destination of choice?

Lakes 15

From Hawaii to the Heartland: Volunteers Make an Impact During Earth Month

Conservancy Talk

Since we’ve started these hikes, we’ve definitely noticed that more people are aware of how critical these forests are,” Grady said. “We

The Future’s So Bright

Conservancy Talk

As an investor who focuses on companies that can make an impact on our society and environment, these are exciting times. We can do this!

A Voice for Sustainability: The People Behind Your T-Shirt

Nature Conservancy - Science

Last year, PUMA released a ground-breaking study that estimated the total monetary impact of its direct and supply chain operations at 197 million U.S

Climate Change to Impact Fishing and Tourism in the Northwest’s Rainforest

Nature Conservancy - Science

So changes to our weather and climate will make a big difference to the people that live here.”. Alaska’s Herbert Glacier. By Justine E.

New Study: Coastal Nature Reduces Risk from Storm Impacts for 1.3 Million U.S. Residents

Nature Conservancy - Science

million people and billions in property value along the U.S. million people and $300 billion in residential property; 67% of the U.S.

The extreme focus on materialism and its impact on the Planet

Green (Living) Review

Something seems to be very rotten indeed at the core. Our values, at both the collective and personal levels, are misaligned with a sustainable future.

Rights of De-extinct Animals, Dark Money, Magic Mushrooms & More

Nature Conservancy - Science

The group fingered water scarcity as the clearest and most severe climate change impact. Siberian wooly mammoth from The Ivory King. The Loom).

China's 80 billion-a-year chopstick habit has serious impact on forests

Green (Living) Review

Accordingly, he recommended that people carry their own chopsticks when they dine out at restaurants. It can be done but needs forethought.

No Dream Too Big for China’s Mother River

Conservancy Talk

Michael A. Reuter is director of The Nature Conservancy’s Great Rivers Partnership and North America Freshwater Program. Many will perish.

Social Entrepreneurship at SOCAP15: Changing the Future of Work at the Intersection of Money & Meaning

Eco Chic

Last week I attended SOCAP15 powered by MissionHUB, the leading gathering for impact investors and social ventures, in San Francisco.

The Surprising Importance of Freshwater Fisheries to Global Food Security

Nature Conservancy - Science

If you’re thinking about how fisheries feed people around the globe, chances are you start picturing oceans. Related Articles. Fish and Chimps.

Why self-reliance is so important as part of a secure, low-impact life

Green (Living) Review

I am Andy Reynolds, a long-term practitioner of low-impact living, smallholder, author, forester, teacher, carpenter, builder. Read more here

Interview With Abu Dhabi's Most Innovative Design Couple

Green Prophet

Every day there is a new story about people disapproving of solar or wind installations in their communities. Can you comment on that?