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Nature Conservancy - Science

Electronic waste generates a certain amount of schizophrenia among environmental scientists. Kareiva: Marine Pollution and a World of Waste.

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Rethinking waste

Green (Living) Review

Waste as resource not as recyclables by Michael Smith (Veshengro) We must begin, also at home and at work, to see “waste” not as something to be thrown away because there is no away and we must see “waste” as a resource for reuse and upcycling. reuse upcycling waste waste as resource

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Reuse: The stepchild of waste management (in our homes)

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) For some peculiar reason, despite the fact that the 3Rs of waste management are “reduce, reuse, recycle” most people and even governments only seem to understand them as being “recycle, recycle, recycle” and reuse is, literally, being ignored like a poor stepchild or orphan. This is, obviously, incorrect.

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8 Green Items Every Home Should Have

Green Home Blog

8 Green Items Every Home Should Have. Greening your home can be a daunting process. Non-Toxic Cleaning and Housekeeping. An air filter.

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Whisky Will Power 9,000 Homes With New Biomass Plant

Wend Magazine

Producing tons of byproduct that goes to waste is not. Related posts: New Invention Turns Plastic Bags into Crude Oil for Heating Homes.

Israelis design 3D-printed home for NASA village on Mars!

Green Prophet

The design competition invited solutions to the “need for safe, secure and sustainable housing on earth and beyond.”

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Nonprofit Creates Roofs From Plastic Bottles, Reducing Waste And Creating Jobs At Same Time

Green (Living) Review

Not all roofs are created equal. According to a video promoting the partnership, 110 million tons of plastic is used each year -- 7.86

Modern Philanthropic Art: The Homeless Homes Project!

Elephant Journal

Not only are Kloene and his team of cohorts reducing and re-using waste, they are providing shelter to those in need in their community.

6 Simple Ways to Green Up your Office Space

Hug a Tree with Me

Recycle your paper, plastic and aluminum waste with your local recycling center , and recycle your ink cartridges at Cartridges for Kids.

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Tiny trash homes “buy” humanity with salvaged waste

Green Prophet

He erects one-room houses to hotel the homeless, dumpster diving for raw materials which he reassembles into inventive (and minuscule) mobile homes.

'Reduce waste, buy packaged' crusade looks to bust food waste myths

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) A campaign to educate consumers about the role that packaging can play in reducing food waste launched apparently in later summer 2013 to counter negative public perception on the issue. "Packaging has got cleverer and cleverer at doing more with less," she asserted. Period.


Green (Living) Review

Its ambition is to: Save the UK economy over £17bn a year by 2020 through the reduction of food wasted by households, businesses and the public sector.

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How many envelopes wasted?

Green (Living) Review

At least it was been given a second life as notepad, even if but for a while and has saved other paper from being wasted in the process.

£30m food waste recycling facility to be built in Dagenham

Green (Living) Review

The London Borough of Barking and Dagenham has given planning consent to ReFood UK for its next major anaerobic digestion plant for food waste.

1.3 billion tons of food are wasted globally every year

Green (Living) Review

billion tons of food are being wasted. The fact is that we waste more food than we would need to feed the entire Planet several times over.

Eleven Ways to Reduce Paper Waste

Green Living Ideas

Sure, you have read all about paper conservation… but how many pointers have you adopted in your home or office? It is all online!

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Curbside Food Waste Collection – A Growing Trend

Environmental News Network

By Debra Atlas, Sierra Club Green Home. Already over 160 communities in 16 states have implemented curbside food waste collection programs.

'Reduce waste, buy packaged' crusade looks to bust food waste myths

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) A campaign to educate consumers about the role that packaging can play in reducing food waste launched apparently in later summer 2013 to counter negative public perception on the issue. food waste green living packaging I believe that all parts of the [packaging] supply chain are trying [to be better]."

Natural Home Guide

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Natural Home Guide from www.v bamboo natural home guide greenwashing greenwash bamboo lies

Waste not, want not

Environmental Economics

The gas bubbles up alongside the oil, and with less economic incentive to capture it, the drillers treat the gas as waste and simply burn it.

Alicia Silverstone Shares Tips on Reducing Waste


Silverstone focuses on simple things that can be done to cut back on the amount of waste we produce, specifically in the home and in the office.

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How Much Does Your Food Waste Cost You?

Green Living Ideas

Did you know that, on average, the American family of four wastes close to $2,000 per year in expired, spoiled food? Yeah, me neither.

36 Years Opposing Ringling Bros. Circus, 36 Years Wasted


So after 146 years, the Ringling Bros. Circus is coming to an end this May. Business continued as usual. actually won $25.2 A Ringling Bros.

Top 20 Home Improvement Sites: GreenLivingIdeas Makes The List!

Green Living Ideas

Home improvement comes in many forms. your home. Greening your home has a plethora of benefits. Second, your home is healthier.

Burning Trash to Power 200 Island Homes in the Gulf

Green Prophet

Currently, Delma Island transports its household waste to the mainland, where it is dumped in already overburdened landfills.

Recycling waste as a resource

Green (Living) Review

Cardboard often has plastic wrap still attached to it and in other cases the paper or cardboard is in plastic sacks, see-through and not.

The UK steps up green living a notch: the biggest home improvement scheme since WWII

Green Living Ideas

The scheme also hopes to reduce property owners’ bill-spending significantly, which is how the home improvements will be financed.

Bangladesh Hits One Million Solar Home Systems - Compass

Sierra Club Compass

OPIC, Export Import Bank, and President Obama’s Climate Legacy » Bangladesh Hits One Million Solar Home Systems. Compass. " Wrong!

Food waste

Green (Living) Review

but very little is actually being done to prevent food waste. But back to waste food and what to do about it, at home and elsewhere.

'Reduce waste, buy packaged' crusade looks to bust food waste myths

Green (Living) Review

Packaged will not reduce food waste whatever the packaging industry may wish us all to believe simply because they have conducted a study.

Pono Home: Creating Greener, Healthier Homes

Green Living Ideas

Pono Home is changing the face of green living in Honolulu. Pono Home has never been more relevant.

Zero Waste Challenge: How to make changes in your daily life to reduce waste

Environmental News Network

According to the EPA, in 2013 our per capita municipal solid waste was down by a third of a pound to 4.4 Reaching zero waste won’t be easy.

Waste not want not: Sweden to give tax breaks for repairs

Green (Living) Review

Sweden has cut its annual emissions of carbon dioxide by 23% since 1990 and already generates more than half of its electricity from renewable sources.

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Going Green In Your Home

Green Prophet

In the last thirty years, there has been a lot discussion about our environment and pollution. Check your health store for the options where you live.

Sainsbury’s puts all store waste to positive use

Green (Living) Review

Sainsbury’s has achieved its 20x20 sustainability target of putting all its store waste to positive use – and diverting it from landfill.

5 Big Green Changes for Your Home

Green Home Blog

5 Big Green Changes for Your Home. When you’re ready to expand your green lifestyle, your home is a great place to start. To help you, we’ve put together our list of five big changes that will make your home clean, green, efficient, and safe. From Greenhome: Home greywater system. But what if you want to do more?

EU schoolkids build food waste charter includes doggy bags and free food

Green Prophet

The project is raising awareness to chronic food waste said Rita Biconne, the project manager of Felcos Umbria, one of the plan’s promoters.

New Invention Turns Plastic Bags into Crude Oil for Heating Homes.

Wend Magazine

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Eco-friendly storage in the home by reuse and repurposing

Green (Living) Review

When it comes to creating some environmentally friendly storage in the home, options are everywhere. They can be useful for so many things.

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Waste, in this case, food waste

Green (Living) Review

food waste green living And all such goods were always gratefully received and used. Stupid is as stupid does, as they say.