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UAE Drones for Good Competition Open!

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” The UAE drones for good competition has a similar goal of rewarding those who can imagine drones being used as plowshares instead of as swords.

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No giant leaps, but there are small steps for sustainability in the UAE

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On a global scale, Dubai reached 52nd place and Abu Dhabi not far behind at 58th spot. “As of today, it’s not a net zero future. It’s about 50%.”

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The UAE unveils plans to send the first Arab spaceship to Mars by 2021

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The UAE has already invested a substantial sum to develop its space technology. billion has been spent already – mostly on satellites.

Green Education in the UAE, Business is Booming

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Read more about environmental education and entrepreneurship from the MidEast: UAE Sustainability Conference Inspires Change.

UAE Sustainability Conference Inspires Change | Green Prophet

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This is where the SustainabilityCamp conference in the UAE comes in. Image via SustainabilityCamp. It is completely dark.

Former Masdar Director Says The UAE Must End Subsidies

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Green building won’t be viable until the United Arab Emirates end water and fuel subsidies , according to Khaled Awad.

How the UAE can push eco-friendly energy solutions forward

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There is a lot of potential for eco-friendly solutions to be developed in the UAE, which is a promising sign for businesses and the wider economy.

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3 green reasons why the UAE should be on your travel bucket list

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There should be something to suit even the most discriminating of green tastes! Natural Attractions. Culture. Beaches. Travel beaches

Green Prophet Wants to Meet All The UAE Eco-Peeps

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Yours truly  is touring the United Arab Emirates’ green scene on Green Prophet’s behalf and wants to see you!

Despite Ban, UAE remains Market Hub for Shark Fins

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Green Prophet delves into the bloody and murky business of shark fishing and fining in the United Arab Emirates.

Solar energy proposed as a green way for UAE to desalinate water


According to Dr Bushnak, the UAE comes third in the list of largest desalinators after the US and Saudi Arabia. Via: Thenational

Arabian eco-fashion show asks: how green is your abaya?

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The Eco Fashion Show, which features a catwalk made of green building materials, runs from April 8-12. What’s an eco- Muslimah to do?

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Masdar Reps Head Stateside To Recruit Bright Green Talent

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Instead, we need to get them interested in the other green-lined path, in good clean energy.

Dubai’s Wild Wadi Waterpark is Green Globe Certified

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With April Fool’s Day is more than five weeks away, we are left to assume the announcement by Green Globes is credible.

Nat Geo Goes On Tour, Through The UAE

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That is what the Editor-in-Chief of the UAE-based Al Arabiya Magazine aims to achieve on his tour of the UAE. Is nothing holy anymore?

The new road to Dubai will be recycled and “green”

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Just three years ago, when I started writing for Green Prophet, a project like this was virtually unheard of.

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THIS Toothbrush Is A Miswak | Green Prophet

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Thank you Leen for sharing your eco-product with Green Prophet. First up, tell us a bit about yourself. What inspires you to design and create?

Going Green In Your Home

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Salma said on UAE Sustainability Conference Inspires Change : I’m one of those green newbies; I. ????????????

Should Green Organisations Accept Sponsorship From Big Bad Corporations?

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green organisation is set up with the good intentions of sorting out some environmental injustice be it pollution or marine destruction.

Online And In Dubai Ekotribe Caters To The Green-Minded

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Where there’s a green will, there’s an eco-way, and Anu Agarwal will be leading the fray. Home Study to Green Your Education.

Abu Dhabi Dump to Power 100 MW Green Energy Incinerator

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About half of Abu Dhabi’s trash will ‘burn’ into green electricity in new $850 million power plant. Image via serdal.

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Solar powered accessories green your game and new year’s resolutions

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It became the world’s first dual-mode green energy mouse, and includes a photovoltaic cell charger to keep it powered for as long as you’re computing.

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Experience the (new, artificial, and made-in-America) Middle East! Coming to Dubai in 2018

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” So the UAE builds another resource-guzzling folly for audiences with high disposable income, hungry for US-themed fun.


Is Dubai’s Atlantis slip-sliding away from any green goals?

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The vast venue stretches out over 110 acres and this unique 5-star resort plays host to a number of special events and concerts all year round.

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Al Maktoum Dubai airport gets green light for $33 billion expansion

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These have far-reaching effects that can’t be mitigated by a green building award. It’s good to have the backing of the Sheikh.

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Wharton’s Looking for Middle East Green-novation at Innovation Tournament

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Knowledge@Wharton and a college in the United Arab Emirates Launch Innovation Tournament for Green Ideas in the Middle East.

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Dine with an Unconventional “Green” Sheikh

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This image was taken from our interview with the Green Sheikh in Dubai earlier this year. And this is his first column on Green Prophet.

Home Study to Green Your Education | Green Prophet

Green Prophet

Salma said on UAE Sustainability Conference Inspires Change : I’m one of those green newbies; I. ???????????? Telestudying. 

UAE Tests Produce for Pesticides

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It’s hard to know which way the UAE turn with regard to sustainable food. UAE Stands by Its Nuclear Plans. ::

Eating Real Food Can Save The Environment | Green Prophet

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Green&# food lovers don’t always have to eat healthy. Legislation imposing change on carbon-emitting industry drags. um, really?

Dubai’s Eco Maid Is Green And Orange

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Tolga Soytekin may not look like an Eco Maid, but his new Dubai-based business is pretty darn green. Green is money!

Is Car-Free Living Possible in the Suburbs? | Green Prophet

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Green Prophet Staff | March 10th, 2011 | Comment | Email this Share How can eco-friendly transportation be improved in the suburbs?

10 Ways Abu Dhabi Leads The Arab Gulf’s Green Revolution

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Kudoes to this tiny nation, whose forest of eco-accomplishment can easily be obscured by the many individual green “trees” they are planting.

Dubai Green Store Dubbed “World’s Most Sustainable Building”

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“This is a proud moment for The Change Initiative, Dubai and the  UAE.” Kennedy Jr., who sits on the board. ” :: Treehugger.

Green-Thumbed Journalist Nick Leech Defends Gulf Design

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Abu Dhabi’s early green days. ” The real progress is happening in the UAE. Tell people they can’t live here any more?”

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Meet A Few Green Prophets At Energy Conference, Eilat

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At least three Green Prophets will be at the Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Conference tomorrow in Eilat, Israel. Meet us there.

Zayed Prize-Winning School Inches Closer to Zero Carbon

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Green Prophet attended the 2013 Zayed Future Energy Prize giving ceremony in Abu Dhabi earlier this year and witnessed its incredible generosity.

Slash your UAE utility bill by 20% – copycats welcome!

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They aim to incite other UAE facilities to similarly self-audit for immediate environmental – and economic – benefits. .


The Green Sheikh on Ramadan: Waste 2 Food or Food 2 Waste?

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The Green Sheikh appropriately devotes this month’s column to the environmental and social benefits of Ramadan. Every year more than 1.6

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Green Investment Bank and Masdar Ink Agreement to Link Mideast to Britain

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The creation of the Green Investment Bank is one of the Coalition Government’s key green achievements.

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