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Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn: great past, green present

Green Traveler Guides

| Indulge In A Classic | Don’t you just love a true sense of place?

Green Tea Party Posse Presents: The Anti-Bottled Water Song

Green (Living) Review

Can Gray Infrastructure Be Green?

Conservancy Talk

Renowned biologist, philosopher and naturalist Edward O. We think it’s possible, but there’s not a lot of room for error.

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New study presents compelling case for GPs to put food growing ‘on prescription’

Green (Living) Review

They are now calling on health professionals to put community food growing ‘on prescription’, for the many health benefits this would achieve.

Easter gift ideas from Present Aid

Green (Living) Review

Many of Present Aid's best-selling charity gifts make ideal presents for anyone who would like to celebrate Easter through giving.

10 Simple Ways to Green Up your Bathroom

Hug a Tree with Me

Due to the continual toilet flushing, hand washing, shaving, bathing, nose picking and excretions of bodily fluids – germs are ever present.

6 Green Living Principles Every Household Should Learn

Environmental News Network

Here are 6 green living principles your household should learn and live by. 1. Grow Greens. Education Go Green Sustainability

Sun in Ophiuchus: a Time for Healing. (November 29 to December 17.)

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Arabian eco-fashion show asks: how green is your abaya?

Green Prophet

The Eco Fashion Show, which features a catwalk made of green building materials, runs from April 8-12. What’s an eco- Muslimah to do?

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TEDxAmman – Mohammed Asfour’s Green Message

Green Prophet

The chairman of the Jordan Green Building Council Mohammad Asfour tells us why nature inspires him to deliver a practical message of action.

Yoga in the Wild.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Picking Out the Perfect Green Present

Green Home Blog

Holiday Gift Guide: Picking Out the Perfect Green Present. Geeky Green. Traveler Goes Green. The Green Thumb.

Heroines for the Planet: Green Drinks NYC Founder Margaret Lydecker

Eco Chic

went to the most recent Green Drinks NYC, and observed Margaret calmly and graciously working the room. There is so much to do!

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Green Tourism Mobile Application for UK & Ireland Launched by TripSketch

Green (Living) Review

Award winning online Green Travel company TripSketch has announced the launch of a new Green Tourism mobile application for the United Kingdom and Ireland. TripSketch is delighted to announce our partnership with Green Business UK, the company that runs the GTBS,” says TripSketch Founder and CEO, Lalitha Swart.

Green Globe Awards to be Presented to Israel’s Environmental Heroes this Week

Green Prophet

And the Green Globe goes to… Minister of the Environment, Gilad Arden. … [ visit site to read more ].

Go Green with Fiber Optic Christmas Trees

Environmental News Network

Each holiday season, we anticipate time spent with loved ones, great food, and perhaps a present or two. By Guest Contributor: Ariel Nagel.

Coursera’s Free and Green Harvard, Princeton and Stanford University Courses

Green Prophet

Green Prophet’s Brian Nitz introduced me to wildly addictive Coursera (my unwalked dog and idle treadmill thank you, sir). 

Abu Dhabi Turns to Natural Gas Green Transport

Green Prophet

Read more about this initiative and all about how Abu Dhabi is leading the region’s green revolution. How green are they? 

Recycling Yourself When Green Projects Go Bust

Green Prophet

This ambitious little house was the first modern home fully based on green building principles specific to its Aqaba location. 

The Beauty of Simple Things.

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Family Green Love Non New-Agey Spirituality Z ADMIN Spirituality Featured Today new experiences present moment awareness simplicity snow winter wonderPicture a white-skinned African woman with viking blood meeting brilliant white powdered snow and icicles for the first time.

Tackling climate change presents a ‘golden opportunity’ for public health

Green (Living) Review

cycling to work green living The planet is going to burn up. If everyone were on bikes, it wouldn’t be as much of a problem.” Read more: [link].

Online And In Dubai Ekotribe Caters To The Green-Minded

Green Prophet

Where there’s a green will, there’s an eco-way, and Anu Agarwal will be leading the fray. Home Study to Green Your Education.

Sustainable, Online Green Courses for 2014

Green Prophet

will also provide a list of upcoming courses in green energy, sustainability and other aspects of environmentalism.

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The fairytale of green economic growth

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Politicians, industry and media are telling us for decades the fairytale of green economic growth and sustainable consumption and many believe in this myth all to eagerly. Consumption, whether of so-called green products or others can never be green and sustainable. Less is more! question.

Environmental Popcorn II : Green Documentaries

Environmental News Network

Art Entertainment Pop Culture Goes Green Uncategorized academy awards documentary filmHappy viewings! GasLand ( 2010 ). Waste Land ( 2010 ).

5 great green Maui beach resorts

Green Traveler Guides

Owned or managed by big corporations from somewhere far away, they have less incentive to be good green citizens. It’s easy to see why.


Green (Living) Review

Hortus Loci will present a flowering selection of grown herbaceous perennials. Buses C11, 24, 46 and 168 stop at South End Green.

Ramadan: The Time To Go Green Is Now

Green Prophet

Fairtrade and Green Guidance. For more on green Ramadan see: Feasting On Fairtrade This Ramadan. Go Green This Ramadan (6 Steps).

Turkey’s First Green Lifestyle Website Ye?ilist, Now Bilingual

Green Prophet

Turkey’s Green Roots. Turkey’s Green Reach. Bahrain’s Green Bar Offers Naturally Extravagant Fragrances.

Green energy alone won’t save the earth – social change is also needed

Green Blog

The most popular techno-fix for global warming is green energy. Rather than displacing fossil fuels, green energy sources have proven to be mostly additive. “Do alternative energy sources displace fossil fuels?” But will that actually work? A new study by Richard York of the University of Oregon shows that it isn’t that simple.

New Green Roofed School in Kuwait Will Promote Hands on Agricultural Learning

Green Prophet

While not entirely inaccurate, present day Kuwait belies a fertile past. Nader Khalili Built Earth Buildings Fit for Space.

Green jobs in the Middle East: find them at Masdar’s World Future Energy Summit

Green Prophet

” Since green jobs are something of a new thing in the Middle East and North Africa, it may be hard for some people to know where to find them.

Green Prophet’s 11 Eco Heroes of 2011

Green Prophet

After whittling down the nominations – we present our editorial pics: the top 11 Green Prophet Heroes for 2011! lu – Turkey.

Rosetta Green’s Cotton Goes Global

Green Prophet

subsidiary of Rosetta Genomics (Nasdaq: ROSG), Rosetta Green’s microRNAs work by manipulating the controls of key traits in plants and algae.

Annual Go Green Expo Will Feature Captain Paul Watson


events: la green and famous thegreenpicture captain paul watson ed begley jr. and author Eric Corey Freed. We’ll be there, will you?

The Green Party – Neo-liberalism masquerading as socialism

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Instead, as it once did, the Green Party masquerading as an ecology party it now tries to pretend to be the alternative left party to the Labour Party and presents itself as such. The Green Party is not a “left” party and definitely no party of and for the working class. It is the antithesis to both.

Five Surprising Ways to Make the Most of Autumn.

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Galapagos cruise earns double green certification

Green Traveler Guides

| Green Travel News |. The company had previously been awarded a SmartVoyager “green seal of approval.”. Green hotel in Cancun?

Green Deeds: Don't Waste Food, Man (10 Tips)

Green Prophet

While some cannot afford basic green foods, we cannot afford to waste ours. Go green and save energy by eating together with family or friends.

Al Ain Jungle School: Other UAE Institutes Are “Green” With Envy

Green Prophet

The success of greening Al Ain’s Liwa International school could have great environmental ramifications for other schools in the region.

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