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4 Radical Ways to Heal Ourselves & our Planet.

Elephant Journal

One year ago, the pace of my day-to-day life slowed down even more, when we moved across the lake to a tiny cabin in the woods. Suddenly we had no electricity, wifi, refrigerator, toaster oven or indoor bathroom. Our lives changed abruptly—by choice.

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Saving our food and planet requires bubbles

Green Prophet

Sitting on 5 acres of reforested farmland is Blue Planet Environmental. The core of Blue Planet’s technology is a nano-bubbler.

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A New Diet for the Planet?

Conservancy Talk

What’s clear, however, is the urgency of meeting our growing demands for food and water without destroying our planet. And what about GMOs?”.

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Save the Planet in 3 Simple Steps: A Common-Sense Mom’s Guide to Sustainability.

Elephant Journal

This stuff isn’t just for hippies anymore. It’s becoming mainstream, and it needs to be.

Green Small Business Startup Ideas

Green Home Blog

It is green re-using at its finest. Green Goats. Planet Consultations, Inc. Blog and Green Library Your Green Business

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Cowspiracy Reveals the Secret Causing the Destruction of Our Planet.

Elephant Journal

The controversial film had setbacks as financial backers dropped out and many organizations refused to be interviewed.

Heroines for the Planet: Green Drinks NYC Founder Margaret Lydecker

Eco Chic

went to the most recent Green Drinks NYC, and observed Margaret calmly and graciously working the room. There is so much to do!

Captain Planet Stressed Me Out

Conservancy Talk

Captain Planet in the Flesh! Blue skin, green hair, and all. Captain Planet helping kids build gardens in Atlanta.

Can Gray Infrastructure Be Green?

Conservancy Talk

Renowned biologist, philosopher and naturalist Edward O. We think it’s possible, but there’s not a lot of room for error.

The 'One Planet' Life – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

The ''One Planet'' Life demonstrates a path for everyone towards a way of life in which we don’t act as if we had more than one planet Earth.

Environmental studies creates crusaders for our planet

Green Prophet

We know at Green Prophet that environmental sustainability and stewardship is a top issue in our world. Cities green economics Nature studies

Discovery Kills Planet Green, Renames ‘Destination America’


The long slow death of Discovery's Planet Green will finally come to an end next month. Read More. Entertainment Featured Film/TV News

Stating the Green Case: Small Business Advantages

Green Home Blog

Running a small business is hard enough without having to implement green products or additions. Small Business Green Example: Overkill.

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Planet or Profits? Time to Get our Story Straight.

Elephant Journal

How many purchases do we regularly make without thinking twice about the impact it’s having on our planet?

Bedroom Green: 6 Eco-Sexy Tips

Green Home Blog

Thwart the Swimmers with Green Sense. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable plants on the planet. Sex is everywhere you look.

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Going Green Made Easy: 4 Tips to Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

Living Green & Saving Energy

They think that, if you really want to save the planet, you have to make huge, life-altering changes to your routine. Going green is […].

Why Green Roof?

Green Earth Journey

know that green roofs cut down on CO2 and filter pollution and contaminants out of the air in cities, etc, etc. That’s all great. Yes—big time.

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Discovery’s Planet Green to be Recycled This Summer?


The eco-themed television experiment that is Discovery Communications Planet Green network will come to a merciful end this summer, according to TV Guide. The magazine quotes insiders who say the Read More. Entertainment Featured Film/TV News

A Lung Scan for the Planet: A New Global Forest Change Interactive Map

Nature Conservancy - Science

It shows all the forests we’ve lost (red) and gained (blue) during that time period, and what we still have left (green). Photo: ©Scott Warren.

The Taboo of Poo: Preserving the Planet with Human Waste.

Elephant Journal

Secrets of Green Cultures Part V: Ancient Healing

Green Home Blog

To understand ancient healing and its green applications, one must think outside the box. The Green Connection. Chinese Acupuncture.

Building Pollution Solutions: Making Bricks from Butts.

Elephant Journal

If producers substituted only 2.5

For Earth Week: Three Transformative Ideas to Save the Planet

Conservancy Talk

Saving the planet will largely depend on our ability to close this gap. Invest in green infrastructure: The Quito Water Fund demonstrates one of nature’s most valuable benefits: its role as natural infrastructure. Yet take a step back and it’s clear that we are at risk of winning many battles but losing the war. In the U.S.,

Heroines for the Planet: Upcycling Bag Designer Monica Ralli

Eco Chic

She’s a certified nutritionist, eco-entrepreneur, author and the reigning Queen of Green in the twitterverse. child labor is not used.

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The greatest threat to our Planet is apathy

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The greatest threat to our Planet is the belief that someone else will save it. Robert Swan It's not really about saving the Planet, it is about saving ourselves for without a healthy Planet we are dead long before the Planet is. Oh, you ask, but what can I, on my own, do?

Heroines for the Planet: Summer Rayne Oakes, Green Inspiration, Ecopreneur and Activist

Eco Chic

Summer Rayne : I’m building a vertical garden and green wall in my home in Brooklyn. How does your platform help support cooperatives?

Heroines for the Planet: Green For All’s Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins

Eco Chic

Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, CEO of  Green For All , is leading a movement to bring about the change our country so desperately needs. Lindsay E.

Failure of Trans Pacific Partnership good news for American People and the Planet

Green (Living) Review

The TPP favored the interests of big business over people and the planet. Green America is the nation's leading green economy organization.

We are the Ones we’ve been Waiting For.

Elephant Journal

Enlightened Society Green Inspiring (Wow) being mindful caring environment evolving humanity planet politics saving ourselves societyLike the drunk who’s in denial, we may refuse to come to grips with reality. Like the pretense of a loveless marriage, we may be unwilling to confront the truth. But if we do not acknowledge the.

Up, Up & Away: How Vertical Farming can eliminate Food Deserts.

Elephant Journal

billion of us on the planet by 2050. Even the most conservative of estimates predicts that there will be 9.6 We are only a generation or so away from a major food and water.

Sixteen Building Blocks of a Green, Entrepreneurial, Cooperative Economy

Green (Living) Review

In response, a new green, entrepreneurial, co-operative economy is arising. In history, everything changes. Read more here.

Harlem Grown grows greens and girls in New York City

Green Prophet

Latonya Assanah from Harlem, New York (pictured above) has an 8-year-old daughter who just “wouldn’t eat green things.”

The Best Yoga Clothes on the Planet, for the Planet. {Review}

Elephant Journal

Ecofashion Featured Events Green WAYLON: Today Only Yoga eco fashion inner waves organics organic cotton yoga clothes yoga pants

Heroines for the Planet: Art Activist Asher Jay

Eco Chic

Please retweet this interview using hastag #HeroinesforthePlanet.Know a trailblazing woman you’d like to recommend for Heroines for the Planet ?

10 eco-funerals let your death be ever-green

Green Prophet

Maybe explore new options that respect and celebrate the deceased as well as the planet they leave behind. Talking about death is uncomfortable.

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Celebrating America’s Greenest & LEED Certified Buildings.

Elephant Journal

Green Sustainability (Business, Entrepreneurship, Livelihood) Z ADMIN Green Featured Today Earth eco homes environment green homes and businesses LEED certified planet

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Saudi Arabia Sinks $26 Billion in Green Buildings

Green Prophet

Green Building Council as the Exclusive Authorized Education Delivery Partner to provide LEED  workshops. Ali U.

Habit-Stacking to Save Our Planet.

Elephant Journal

I started “stacking” habits that are healthy for the environment over the course of six months.

Water Condensers: Technology to Save the Planet?

Environmental News Network

Can this innovative science become a planet-wide technology that can save countless lives? By: Guest Contributor, Linda Bailey.

How to go green with eco-friendly clothing

Green Prophet

Well, first and foremost–it’s going green! You can choose to go green through your clothing, as well. have some good news.