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Jordan’s eco park helps the country go green!

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Nestled in the hills and landscape of north-western Jordan, lies a green oasis with an eco-minded philosophy: Sharhabil Bin Hassneh EcoPark (SHE.).

Jordan architect wants to green up the capital’s biggest eyesore

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For five years a set of unfinished twin towers have stood watch over Amman, Jordan, construction halted – allegedly crippled by lawsuits.

Caveman found living in Jordan mountains!

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Amen FM is the radio station for PSD, the Jordan police. The cave is situated in a very dangerous location. Photos from Amen FM Facebook Page.

Freewheeling With Wild Jordan

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Guests descend like locusts since I moved to Jordan. Wild Jordan tops the list of travel alternatives.  We head over to see what appeals.

Jordan’s Enviro-Agencies Unite!

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Jordan’s Ministry of Social Development just approved the first coalition of the kingdom’s environmental protection societies.

Permaculture & Sustainability Project Takes Off In Jordan

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A permaculture garden and a mud-brick house, the Dead Sea Harmony Centre in Jordan spreads the word on sustainability. Around three years ago, his passion to build a garden and host visitors staying in Jordan collided in new ways. Go Green With Jordan’s New Generation of Eco-Warriors.

Jordan’s Green Fairytale- ‘Once Upon A Water’ Campaign

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Another little interesting fact is that 28% of all houses in Jordan collect rainwater and also 35% of water is lost through leakages.

Win a Climate Change Summer Camp in Jordan

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A free, two week summer camp on climate change at the end of the summer, in Jordan. Apply now! Deadline for application is 4 August 2012.

Jordan Women’s Guild in Safi has Sustainable Art in the Bag

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Alternatively, contact Green Prophet and we can put you in touch with the Safi women. The results are bold! All images by Jean Bradbury.

Syrian refugee children upcycle Jordan’s litter into kites

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About a million of these refugees live in Jordan and as many as 200,000 have lived in the Zaatari refugee camp near Jordan’s Syrian border.

Secret gardens planted by Syrian refugees in Jordan

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The group is giving the Syrian refugees who have fled their homes during the civil war in Syria to Jordan, lessons on landscaping and gardening.

UN Office in Jordan Gets the Green Building Gold

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Green Prophet loves to see green action at work through the entire building lifecycle! In the end, each occupant needs less total area. The

Jordan’s Wadi Rum in Pictures, a Green Prophet Journey

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Jordan’s magical red dessert is short on plastic bags, throwaway bottles, and paper litter.  Got seventy bucks and a night to spare? 

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Jordan Green Building Council Announces Creative Design Contest

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Join a design contest and network with Jordan’s LEED-minded professionals. tale as cheesy as labneh , but it’s true. tap your inner muse!

Middle East: green hotels spiking upward

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Accor is also offering incentives to its general managers for reaching these green standards. ” Movenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea.

Turning words into energy at ‘Powering the Middle East’ in Jordan

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Related: Jordan moves ahead on its first solar PV project worth 52 megawatts. Hit the jump for details. Visit: [link]  to get involved.

Movenpick Hotels & Resorts in Jordan get Green Globe certified

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Mövenpick is aiming for all its properties to be Green Globe-certified within two years. Movenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea.

TEDxAmman – Mohammed Asfour’s Green Message

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The chairman of the Jordan Green Building Council Mohammad Asfour tells us why nature inspires him to deliver a practical message of action.

10 Green Prophets for 2012

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Despite civil unrest, dangerous regimes, and appalling environmental crimes and neglect, there are good green things afoot for the Middle East.

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Basel Burgan: A Force Behind Jordan’s Anti-Nuke Movement

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Our interview with activist Basel Burgan, a leading figure against nuclear proliferation for energy, in Jordan. . Here Green Prophet interviews Basel Burgan, head of anti-nuke lobbyists The National Campaign to save Jordanians from the Nuclear Project. He’s working to change the direction of Jordan’s power generation.

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Free training for Levantine green entrepreneurs

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Are you a green entrepreneur ? Build – design our project using the “green business canvas” Step 3. Step 2. Step 4.

Tafila Financing In As Middle East’s Biggest Wind Farm in Jordan Takes Shape

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Jordan Wind Project Company (JWPC) will run the development of the wind farm. Energy Amman InfraMed Jordan Tafila wind

How Jean Bradbury Makes a Difference a World Away in Jordan

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My involvement is now supported through the generosity of Aramex Jordan who covers my airfare for twice yearly trips. How perfect is that?

Jarir Maani’s Field Guide to Jordan is Essential Trekking Gear (Interview)

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Green Prophet: Who came up with the idea for the Guide? Here’s my exchange with writer Jarir Maani. GP: What was your motivation?

Water as a tool for peace for Israel, Palestine and Jordan

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The inverse also holds true: failure to collaborate when managing shared water resources raises the risk of war. forward movement.

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Greenpeace Raises More Questions Over Jordan’s Nuclear Plans

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Despite ongoing protests from green campaigners , it seems that Jordan is now determined to go down the path of nuclear power.

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New Eco-Park Opens In Jordan

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After six years of hard work, Friends of the Earth Middle East have opened an eco-park in Jordan dedicated to preserving biodiversity.

Mind-blowing Jordan trip on $20 a day (PHOTOS)

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Travel Amman Dead Sea eco-trip Jordan Sunday was Mawlid an-nab?, Temperatures will raise from 50F to 68F by the time we reach our destination.

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Greenwash Alert: Shell To Fund Environmental Education In Jordan

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Now, it has emerged that the oil company is funding university courses on water, energy and the environment in Jordan.

INTERVIEW: Green Buildings and the Next Climate Summit In Qatar

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The next stop on my whirlwind tour of all that is green and eco in Jordan is the Green Building Council. And perfect timing too.

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Enforcing Jordan’s Smoking Ban: Is the Kingdom Blowing Smoke?

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Five years following its ban on smoking in restaurants and other public spaces, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan will start enforcing the rules.

Jordan’s US Embassy Sees Power in SOCCKET Balls

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The inventors stopped in at the US Embassy in Jordan to conduct educational programs for children and workshops for young entrepreneurs.

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Jordan, the PA and Israel trade water from the Red and Sea of Galilee

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But not all parties are happy with political manoeuvrings around the announcement. Misinformed is an understatement!”

A Prince Leads Liquid Peace Initiative for Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey

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Green Prophet’s Karin meeting Jordan’s prince in 2010 in Switzerland.

TRIDE Links Jordan, Israel and US in Clean Tech

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For Israel and Jordan, two Middle Eastern countries severely lacking in water and energy resources, renewable energy is a matter of survival.

Luxurious Chiseled Desert Lodge In Jordan Is Also Sustainable

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Chad Oppenheim’s design for an eco lodge in Jordan’s desert is absolutely breathtaking. New Eco-Park Opens in Jordan.

Companies that walk their talk, Waylon visits Kim of New Belgium.

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collins kim jordan New Belgium Brewing organic Walk the Talk Show With Waylon Lewis Waylon Lewis (by or about

Green Miner Pulls Minerals from Desalination’s Seawater Brine

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Cleantech, Science & Technology Water bioleaching biological mining desalination Jordan magnesium potable water

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Jordan’s Environmentalists Seek Seat at Government Table

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Climate Health Transportation Anti-nuclear movement environmental awareness Green Party

Enforcing Smoke-free Workplaces in Jordan

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See a news alert from The Jordan Times : Jordan featured as regional pioneer in enforcing smoke-free business environments? (There Green Prophet has frequently reported on smoking in the Kingdom, and throughout the Middle East. Every attempt to curb Jordan’s tobacco addiction deserves support and respect.

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