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Book Review: Spit That Out! The Overly Informed Parent's Guide to.

The Green Samaritan

The Overly Informed Parent’s Guide to Raising Children in the Age of Environmental Guilt (whew!) Thanks!

2010 28

Prissy Green

Green Earth Journey

Karissa from Prissy Green has taken her life. She was an extremely valuable member of the Green Eco Blogosphere. Not much information is known. She was quite talented as a writer and had a huge fan following on her blog, Prissy Green. If you read here, you must have seen her blog. Read the post on MomDot Here.

2010 60

5 Green Go-To Resources to Become More Eco-Aware

The Green Samaritan

Green 2009 2010 People Products More >> From The Recycle Bin 2010 TGS Year in Review Recent Posts How Do You Recycle? Thanks for post.

2010 21

Turns Out There Are Green Spaces in Beirut After All

Green Prophet

A group of activists in Beirut have teamed up with a local design agency to create the city’s first map of green spaces.

SmarTap e-Shower Cleans You Green

Green Prophet

Thinking about 98.6 It also helps quell the risk of Legionnaire’s disease, and offers a greener way to get clean. The temperature had to be just right.

Clean 39

My Story - Why I Went Green

Green Earth Journey

The story about why I have gone green and why am I writing a blog about it. So you and I are here day in and day out. Rosey red cheeks! BABIES.

2009 56

How Information Technology is Saving the Environment: The Benefits of Distributed Computing

Living Green & Saving Energy

How Information Technology is Saving the Environment: The Benefits of Distributed Computing. eco-innovation green technology distributed computing green computing information technology

Gorgeous green-roofed Ostim Eco Park is an incubator for clean tech in Turkey

Green Prophet

Any facility that aims to generate a new stream of green, efficient materials and technology better walk the talk. ” .

Jordan’s eco park helps the country go green!

Green Prophet

Nestled in the hills and landscape of north-western Jordan, lies a green oasis with an eco-minded philosophy: Sharhabil Bin Hassneh EcoPark (SHE.).

Green vs. Green

Environmental Economics

Got a question about environmental economics? Why do economists like benefit-cost analysis? Tradeable permits? On Jan. Its never abstruse or technical.

Heroines for the Planet: Green Drinks NYC Founder Margaret Lydecker

Eco Chic

I went to the most recent Green Drinks NYC, and observed Margaret calmly and graciously working the room. There is so much to do!

2012 25

Better Safe than Sorry: Moms for Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families.

The Green Samaritan

And as we delve in a little deeper, there is much information on potential health hazards. Too much for me. Right? Wrong! Thanks!

2010 34

Green Tourism Mobile Application for UK & Ireland Launched by TripSketch

Green (Living) Review

Award winning online Green Travel company TripSketch has announced the launch of a new Green Tourism mobile application for the United Kingdom and Ireland. TripSketch is delighted to announce our partnership with Green Business UK, the company that runs the GTBS,” says TripSketch Founder and CEO, Lalitha Swart.

THIS Toothbrush Is A Miswak | Green Prophet

Green Prophet

Thank you Leen for sharing your eco-product with Green Prophet. First up, tell us a bit about yourself. What inspires you to design and create?

13 Green Building Tips From Nader Khalili Student

Green Prophet

Designed by Hassan Fathy, the Akil Sami House in Egypt is a fairly recent example of earth architecture that is both beautiful and functional.

The Happy Herbivore - Eco-Vegan Gal: Live healthy, live green

Eco-Vegan Girl

and agree that the book not only has great recipes, it's very accessible and informative. I loved your review! Go, Lindsay, go! I agree!

2009 11

Purchasing “green” can be good, but buying less is better

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) While purchasing “green” can be good, but buying less is better and making is better still. Keep it small.

2017 11

Green Video Games Teaching Kids

Green Blog

It may sound like a long shot, but experts agree that video games are a great medium for teaching kids and for conveying information that will stick in the long run. Another interesting environmental game is National Geographic’s “ Plan It Green.” One such game is ominously entitled “ Fate of the World.”

Interview With Green Hajj Expert Dr Husna Ahmed

Green Prophet

We speak to Dr Husna Ahmed, the co-author of the newly launched Green Guide to Hajj about the role Muslims can play in protecting nature.

Green Life After Death

Environmental News Network

Fortunately, over the last few years, there has been a change in attitude, with more and more people opting for more green options. How To."

A Green Light for Using Rain Barrel Water on Garden Edibles

Sightline Daily

Then they harvested the crops and tested the beans, kale, beet roots, and greens for levels of chromium, copper, zinc, cadmium, and lead.

Bikeshare App features Information from 110 Cities

Green Living Ideas

Bikeshare program information for 110 different major cities around the world is now available in just a single smartphone app — the trip planning app Moovit. The post Bikeshare App features Information from 110 Cities appeared first on Green Living Ideas. The new update for the app (version 4.8)

Energy Saving Information That Will Save You Money

Living Green & Saving Energy

Energy Saving Information That Will Save You Money published by the Department of Energy, very practical and useful guides. energy efficient lighting how to go green saving energy saving money energy efficient home energy efficient living

Green Your Ride: Save Gas & Reduce Emissions

Living Green & Saving Energy

Labels now provide information about fuel economy, fuel costs, energy use, and environmental impacts for buyers to compare fuel costs and emissions. fuel efficiency green transportation saving energy saving money reduce emissions save gas save money In May 2011, the U.S.

Green Apps for the Tech Savvy

Green Blog

Let’s take a look at some green apps that are particularly useful and which you may have missed. Let us know in the comments below!

Green Bites – Book Review

Green (Living) Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Green Bites: Ecological Musings from the Front by John Vlahakis 250 pages, paperback, 8.9 Unfortunately the author, as do so many, also falls occasionally victim to the green claptrap and bull dust that is perpetrated by those with a hidden agenda in the green industry. x 6 x 0.9

Turkey’s First Green Lifestyle Website Ye?ilist, Now Bilingual

Green Prophet

Turkey’s Green Roots. Turkey’s Green Reach. Bahrain’s Green Bar Offers Naturally Extravagant Fragrances.

iPhone app for Netherlands green travel

Green Traveler Guides

Let your iPhone be your guide to traveling green in Holland. ” A rating of great indicates audited green practices that are made public.

Green Muslims Top ‘Muslim 500? List

Green Prophet

Green Muslims have been nominated as some of the most influential Muslim leaders of 2011. The Grand Green Mufti of Egypt.

Rosetta Green’s Cotton Goes Global

Green Prophet

A subsidiary of Rosetta Genomics (Nasdaq: ROSG), Rosetta Green’s microRNAs work by manipulating the controls of key traits in plants and algae.

National Poll Shows Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose Federal Efforts to Shift Citizens to Digital-Only Information & Services

Green (Living) Review

The executive summary, which contains more information and survey data, is available online at [link]. WASHINGTON, D.C. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.)

SAY It Forward: A Call to Share Your Green Homeowner Experience

The Green Samaritan

Greenspiration Home is an online resource dedicated to helping homeowners build, renovate, and decorate green.

Farm to Vending Machine: Grab 'n Go Healthy, Green Meals & Snacks

Eco-Vegan Girl

Farmer’s Fridge is for everyone and the more I researched and listened to Luke, I could actually feel the ''green'' energy building. Yes, daily!

Leicester Green Light Festival

Green (Living) Review

Travel information On foot : De Montfort University is a short walk from Leicester city centre. Check out the Green Light website for details.

Office Workers’ Green Efforts Being Frustrated by Colleagues

Green (Living) Review

Study shows that ‘working together’ and ‘leading by example’ are key factors in improving green practices at work. Green Office Week recycling

Islamic Gardens – They Could Build A Green Muslim Movement

Green Prophet

I caught up with Mark Bryant to find out more about this research and the green Muslim community. So, are British Muslims ‘green’?

Greening Hip-Hop

Green (Living) Review

Greening Hip-Hop: Legendary Innovators Star & Buc Wild Join Forces with Socially Responsible Start Up, Bennu, to Launch the First Eco-Friendly Hip-Hop Merchandise New York, NY, April 2011 – Always known for staying ahead of the curve, Star & Buc Wild are again leading the way by merging hip-hop culture and the amplifying Green Wave.

Permaculture Is the Silver-Green Bullet (INTERVIEW)

Green Prophet

Jordanian Nadia Lawton, a permaculture teacher tells Green Prophet why she permaculture could be the region’s silver green bullet.

A Resource I’ve Taken for Granted (& How to actually Save It).

Elephant Journal

With so many websites and other sources of information offered, it is easy to find ways to do my part. Although it may not seem like much, the little things I can do will make a difference: Enlightened Society (Politics, Active Citizenship, Social Good) Green Z ADMIN Green Featured Today

2016 23

Green Living Resources

Living Green & Saving Energy

Many are quite good, sometimes for blog posts and infographics, other times for sites with information. green living how to go green Green Living ResourcesI receive suggestions from readers from time to time. I thought it would be best to simply share those that seem useful for a broad audience.