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Lebanon’s drowning in its own waste!

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The waste crisis escalated last weekend when angry demonstrators tried to storm the parliament in Beirut. Want a peek into a dystopian future ?

Making Food Waste Recycling Easy & Convenient is Key

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The barrier to food waste recycling isn’t so much about people’s willingness to compost. of food waste was recycled. Are you sold yet?

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The UK government''s ''zero waste'' economy objective is highly desirable but unrealistic. We need to push responsibility for waste up the supply chain and put a brake on waste by design. By looking at materials at the beginning of the production process, there is the potential to prevent waste by design.

Reuse: The stepchild of waste management (in our homes)

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) For some peculiar reason, despite the fact that the 3Rs of waste management are “reduce, reuse, recycle” most people and even governments only seem to understand them as being “recycle, recycle, recycle” and reuse is, literally, being ignored like a poor stepchild or orphan. This is, obviously, incorrect.

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Trash selfies to shame Tunisia’s government

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kilogram of waste per person per day, according to the World Bank , and collectively contributes six percent to the global trash production of 1.3

Israel Introduces E-Waste Management Bill

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The Israeli government continues to process a bill that will regulate, for the first time, management of the country’s electronic waste.

Largest LEED Platinum Government Building Opens in Dubai

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Cutting down water waste was integral to the overall design. Despite this small typo, the building has some noteworthy credentials.

The issue about food waste is going mainstream

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The issue about food waste is going mainstream but will the people listen and understand the message?

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Its ambition is to: Save the UK economy over £17bn a year by 2020 through the reduction of food wasted by households, businesses and the public sector.

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Abu Dhabi Imams Dish Out Sermons on Food Waste

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Imams at mosques across Abu Dhabi recently coordinated on a consistent message to urge people not to waste food.

Government Watchdog Says Climate Change and Weird Weather.

Mother Jones

Government Watchdog Says Climate Change and Weird Weather Will Cost Big Bucks. Skip to Navigation. Skip to Content. Mother Jones. Politics.

Are we missing the point with the “war on waste”?

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Methinks that we certainly are for the point is not waste reduction and recycling but reduction of consumption and reuse.

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Make do and mend to cut waste

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The advice is aimed at helping families and businesses to save money while protecting the environment by reducing millions of tonnes of waste that is buried in landfill every year. While reducing waste is everyone’s responsibility, as the hereditary peer said, the way the system is set up at the present it often simply if not possible.

The real R's of waste management

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) We keep hearing the mantra “reduce, reuse, recycle” but they way most people seem to perceive it, due to government brainwashing, is as “recycle, recycle, recycle”. Reducing waste to start with and then reuse (and repurposing) never gets a looking in and a mention. What's the problem”, they say. “It

Alicia Silverstone Shares Tips on Reducing Waste


Silverstone focuses on simple things that can be done to cut back on the amount of waste we produce, specifically in the home and in the office.

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US Researchers Clean Waste Water & Create Energy in One Generator

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This machine cleans waste water and generates energy at the same time. Where fresh water and salt water meet. Two is better than one.

Israeli Government Officials Prepare to Paint the Knesset Green

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Coordination with local authorities to separate waste at the source (also to be held by the Funds Committee). Image via: zeevveez.

The Zero Waste Solution: Untrashing the Planet One Community at a Time – Book Review

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" ~ Jeremy Irons, actor; executive producer of Trashed Waste is something we make every day, but we rarely give it much thought.

Mountains of Toxic E-Waste in Pakistan are a Goldmine

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Thousands of tons of electronic waste are dumped in Pakistan each year, creating a hazard, and a mountain of opportunities for recyclers.


US Congress wastes thousands on bottled water

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Congress wasting thousands of dollars in taxpayers' money on bottled water that harms our environment by Michael Smith (Veshengro) During and after the State of the Union recently, President Obama and Congressional Republicans waxed poetic about the need to cut wasteful spending in Washington. bottled water government US Congress

Waste not want not: Sweden to give tax breaks for repairs

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Sweden has cut its annual emissions of carbon dioxide by 23% since 1990 and already generates more than half of its electricity from renewable sources.

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Lebanese Goat Farmer Goes Solar, Subverts Government’s Green Apathy

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Wasted potential. Istaytiyyah’s story is a familiar one. Eco Friendly Solar Panels. of the country’s needs using renewable sources.

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Food waste

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Much is being talked about this pressing issue by governments – God help us! – and industry – oh God! –

The Middle East Nuclear Power Boom Without Toxic Waste Strategy

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However, even if these risks and dangers are minimized, not much has been declared about plans to dispose of toxic nuclear waste.

EU schoolkids build food waste charter includes doggy bags and free food

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The project is raising awareness to chronic food waste said Rita Biconne, the project manager of Felcos Umbria, one of the plan’s promoters.

Canada’s conservative government is gutting environment protection

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The present one-year limit to permits for disposing waste at sea can now be renewed four times. This legislation, which required government accountability and results reporting on climate change policies, is being repealed. Putting them all in one Bill allows Harper to minimize public debate and scrutiny. Energy Board Act neutered.

Europe heading for dismal fail on its zero waste policy on plastics

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The plastics industry is not going to achieve zero waste to landfill until 2037, which is a full 17 years later than its stated 2020 target. However last year 1.04m tonnes of plastic post-consumer waste was recovered in the UK, representing an increase in recycling of 9.1% and 11.7% In EU-27, 4.8%

Waste, in this case, food waste

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food waste green living And all such goods were always gratefully received and used. Stupid is as stupid does, as they say.

BiogenGreenfinch food waste plant gets green light in Hertfordshire

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We look forward to working with local food waste producers on this exciting project.”

Barriers to Solid Waste Recycling in Saudi Arabia

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However, it calls for some legislations and organization to be done by different influential agencies including commercial and government sectors.

Russian Government “orders” shift from Microsoft to Linux by 2015

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, has signed an order at the end of 2010 mandating the Russian government and related agencies to move to using Linux and open-source software by 2015. This must be the first such a move on government level anywhere in Europe if not even the world.

Waitrose closes loop by powering beer production with food waste

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Waitrose has announced it will use food waste from its new shop in Ipswich to power the production of beer which it will then stock on its shelves. The food retailer will have its left over food waste taken to the Adnams anaerobic digestion plant to be converted into gas for insertion into the national grid.

Cairo Sustainably Manages Garbage with Unionized Pigs and Ragpickers

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The pigs are also making a quiet comeback, as their role to ridding the city from its waste problems is becoming more appreciated.

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Government Minister Backs Isle of Wight EcoIsland Plans

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Richard Benyon MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Natural Environment and Fisheries, speaking in a debate in Westminster Hall on the EcoIsland Strategy yesterday gave the Governments unequivocal support for the EcoIsland Vision and the work the Ecoisland Partnership CIC has done in starting to turn that vision into reality.

Trash Talk in the Middle East- Interview with Salman Zafar

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billion tonnes of solid waste a year – that’s a 70% increase on the current 1.3 billion which is generated.

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Discarding food wastes more water than does showering

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Wasted food is wasted water, put it simple. By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Unless you have been living on Mars or Jupiter for the last couple of years you will have heard of the astounding carbon and water footprint of waste food, and some research even suggests that half of all food produced worldwide goes uneaten!

British government evading green governance

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By Michael Smith (Veshengro) Conservative UK Prime Minister David Cameron is failing at his now a little over a year old vow to lead the “greenest government ever,” according to a scathing report released in May 2011 by environmental group Friends of the Earth. And the “moribunds” included the government’s closing of libraries.

Viessmann welcomes the Government’s “careful” Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) proposals

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As commercial applications are all metered, biomass energy production can now be monitored so that it is used appropriately and not wasted.

NLWA has been at the Edible Garden Show 2014

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Edible Garden Show 2014 London Waste Ltd NLWA North London Waste Authority Wise Up To Waste

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Report: Brexit offers escape hatch from £2bn EU waste policy costs

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It should be about making it something that businesses can understand and buy into.” The objectives are not very well articulated. Source.