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What Fuels a Writer?

Elephant Journal

Creativity and inspiration, for sure. But there are also some concoctions that can help a spark come to light. And one of them is my own version of.

2017 29

Fuel Economy Standards Are Essential to Our Health, Environment and Economy

Conservancy Talk

In the quest for jobs, the Trump Administration is about to reconsider the fuel economy standards that President Obama adopted. Congress.

2017 36

Algae returns as fuel for our future

Green Prophet

Cities alternative fuel biofuelTheir results have been published in back-to-back studies in Plant Physiology and Biotechnology for Biofuels.

Rules for Stress: How to Use this Fuel.

Elephant Journal

Health & Wellness Love & Relationships Non New-Agey Spirituality (Religion, Philosophy) anxiety busy life stress stress as fuel Time transfor

Fuel 20

How Fast Fashion is Being Converted Into Jet Fuel

Eco Chic

So turning old clothes into fuel is one way to deal with this crisis of stuff. How Do You Convert Clothes to Jet Fuel? Carefully.

Half of Tel Aviv’s Metropolitan Area Trash to be Used as Fuel

Green Prophet

Business alternative energy Hiriya Recycling Park Refuse derived Fuel trash to fuel waste to fuel Image via Amir Paz , Flickr.

Breaking: Kids earn Right to sue Government, Frackers & Fossil Fuel Industry.

Elephant Journal

A group of youths in Oregon just won the right to hold the government and the fossil fuels industry responsible for greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollution.

The Money Behind Fossil Fuel Exports

Sightline Daily

But the truth is that standing right behind the fossil fuel companies is a second Goliath. Some of the financial sector’s heaviest hitters are deeply enmeshed in fossil fuel export plans. Here are just a handful of examples. Goldman Sachs. The remaining 51 percent is privately held.). Bank of America. Berkshire Hathaway.

Can the Gates Foundation be convinced to dump fossil fuels?

Green Blog

billion invested in just two oil giants, BP and ExxonMobil, as of December 2013, and those are only the beginning of his fossil fuel holdings.

Israeli Fuel Company Tries Out Gasoline – Methanol Fuel Mixture

Green Prophet

A woman fills up car in Haifa with methanol and gasoline fuel mixture. Alternative car fuel mixtures have been talked about for years.

Superpower “Laxative Nut” Tree Could Solve Egypt’s Fuel Crisis

Green Prophet

Business & Politics Energy agriculture biofuel Climate Change desert Desertification fuel crisis jatropha pollution Image via Wikipedia.

Fuel 27

Fossil Fuel Subsidies: A Global Scandal.

Elephant Journal

The poorest 20 percent of developing countries only marginally benefit from energy subsidies.

Countries phasing out fossil fuel cars

Green (Living) Review

The hydrogen fuel cell also is and will remain a pipe dream. We wrote about that not so long ago here).

New Truck Standards: Opportunity to Cut Fuel Consumption 40% by 2025

Sierra Club Compass

Using advanced technologies, we can reduce the fuel consumption of new tractor-trailers 46 percent.

Unsubsidised renewables now cheaper than subsidised fossil fuels- Australia.


A study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) in Australia has discovered that renewable energy is cheaper to produce than the old conventional fossil fuel sources, and that is without the subsidies. However even without a carbon price (the most efficient way to reduce economy-wide

Great News on Fossil Fuels for Environmentalists Today.

Elephant Journal

A climate-skeptic may be running rampant in Washington, but today the Irish Parliament gave some hope to environmentalists everywhere.

Pope Calls For an End to Fossil Fuels


We knew he was the People’s Pope, but now he’s officially the Earth’s Pope. Causes Environment News Top News pope francis

Revealed: Bill Gates charity has $1.4bn in fossil fuel investments

Green Blog

billion of investments in some of the world’s biggest fossil fuel companies – while at the same time calling for immediate action against climate change. But apparently, both Bill and Melinda have missed that their investments in oil, gas and coal helps fuel the climate change – a crisis which they themselves deem to be a serious threat. “At

E.ON dumps fossil fuels and nuclear, goes all-in on renewable energy

Green Blog

s former fossil fuel assets, energy trading, exploration and production globally. and the new fossil fuel company to attract investors.

Jacob Karni’s Solar Turns Brown Coal Into Clean Fuel

Green Prophet

The possibility of converting CO2 to fuel in a clean and efficient manner will turn brown coal into a source of environmentally friendly fuel.

Are hydrogen-fueled cars pie-in-the-sky?

Green (Living) Review

CEM Issue #103 • January/February, 2007, Backwoods Home Magazine Hydrogen-fueled cars is a topic of much discussion these days.

Jet Fuel from Carbon Dioxide – New Science Project in Israel

Green Prophet

Their focus will be on jet fuel. Image of jet fuel from Shutterstock. Cars & Transportation green fuel Israel research

Massive Twitterstorm demanding an end to fossil fuel subsidies underway

Green Blog

A 24-hour “storm” against fossil fuel subsidies was launched today by , Avaaz , Greenpeace , and other environmental organizations on the popular social network site Twitter. billion per day , or as much as $1 trillion dollars annually (PDF), to keep us all hooked on climate killing fossil fuels.

Vegan Ironman John Joseph Discusses How He Fuels Up


For those who aren’t aware, the Read More The post Vegan Ironman John Joseph Discusses How He Fuels Up appeared first on Ecorazzi.

The US DOE has declared the “new” fuels for 2040

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The US Department of Energy (DOE) sees coal, natural gas, and oil as the “new” fuels in 2040.

Fossil fuels and others of a similar nature

Green (Living) Review

But how are we going to carry on motoring without those fuels then? Green it is not even though it is not made from oil coming out of the ground but from renewable resources. Add to that photo-voltaic cells on the roof and small wind turbines, and a home, homestead or farm could be entirely self-sufficient in energy production.

Lance Armstrong Fuels Fitness With a Mostly Vegan Diet


Armstrong says of his new diet, "My energy level has never been this consistent, and not just consistent, but high." Read More. Eats Healthy Living News Sports Top News Vegan Lance Armstrong

Fuel Poverty Awareness Day 2011

Green (Living) Review

Fuel-poor households experience a number of detrimental health hazards and reductions in general wellbeing as a result of cold, damp living conditions.

2011 11

21% of British households in fuel poverty

Green (Living) Review

Wales and London had the highest shares of households saying they are already living in fuel poverty at 31% and 29% respectively.

Politics Makes Scrapping Fossil Fuel Subsidies in the Gulf Difficult

Green Prophet

Many commentators are happy to point out the huge inefficiencies created by fuel subsidies as well as the economic disadvantage it poses to renewables.

Private electricity grids fueled by renewable energy the future for communities

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In “The Lead south Australia” Andrew Spence wrote: CONNECTING new housing estates to their own private electricity grids fuelled by renewable energy is the cornerstone of ZEN Energy's plan to put power back in the hands of consumers. Read more here. alternative energy renewable energy renewables solar energy

Rising gas prices lead to fuel thefts

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The rise in gasoline and diesel prices across the US to almost $4 a gallon is leading to increased fuel thefts.

Banned Four Loko Drink Turned Into Ethanol Fuel

Sustainability Ninja

Eco News four loko banned four loko ethanol four loko fuelEvery can of the now banned Four Loko makes about 2.8 ounces of ethanol alcohol. That means that every four cases could produce a little more than a gallon of ethanol alcohol. MXI is one of three such facilities in the U.S.

Eco 16

Animal Fats as Fuel for Planes, Trains and Automobiles


Animal-fat based biodiesel might be a greener alternative than the consumption of jet fuels but what will it mean for animals? Read More. Causes Environment News Top News

What's Next: Residential fuel cells for greener homes


Nippon Oil to Sell Residential Fuel Cells in Japan. The result is residential fuel cells for communities to supplement energy needs.

Say Hello to a Smoothie Bowl—The Perfect Post-Workout Fuel. {Recipe}

Elephant Journal

Here are five ingredients that lead to a stellar smoothie to please not only our taste buds, but also our entire (recently exercised) body: Food Green Health & Wellness healthy post workout snack protein recipe skyr smoothie smoothie bowl

2016 10

Clarifying my stance on driving taxes, fuel efficiency payments and gas taxes

Environmental Economics

So here's the punchline (highlighted in the hopes that it will get attention):  The proposed Fuel Efficiency Payment is ridiculously complicated and mathematically identical to the much simpler $1/gallon gas tax that some (many?) It is also work noting that a driving tax and a fuel efficiency payment/gas tax are not equivalent. 

Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates Fuels the Shopping Cult

Green Prophet

Some might argue that consumerism has filled a spiritual vacuum left by the diminishing Abrahamic religions in particular.

Gulf Orders Piling Up For Fuel-Efficient 787 Dreamliners

Green Prophet

Another response is ordering more fuel-efficient planes. As airplanes age out, they are expected to be replaced by more fuel-efficient models.

Earth Day - Fuel, Food and Carbon


Earth Day has been around since 1970. Its very existence is actually a tribute to people taking action. It's hard now to imagine a world without the EPA and limits on the right to pollute. It aims to mobilise individuals and organisations through its call to action.