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France’s new ban on plastic throwaways should be extended globally

Green Prophet

France has passed a new law that bans cups, cutlery, plates, and takeaway containers made from plastic. But why stop at its borders?Arash

The Journal Writer by Nina Munteanu Now Out

The Alien Next Door

The second book in my Alien Guidebook Series The Journal Writer: Finding Your Voice was released in March 25, 2013 by Pixl Press. (an Normal.

Britons catch cycling bug from Tour de France, says Halfords

Green (Living) Review

Hopes are high for British success with Mark Cavendish pressing for the coveted green jersey and Geraint Thomas and David Millar in the top teams.

Bike-Sharing Programs Hit the Streets in Over 500 Cities Worldwide

Green Blog

What is even more exciting is that in each of these locations, people can jump right into cycling without even owning a bicycle. See data.).

2007 13

The Weird Science of Pedestrian Behavior Might Help Hajj

Green Prophet

Science helps understands how people flow, and just maybe it could help Hajj pilgrims stay safe. People are trampled; stampeding occurs.

Europe Maintains Commitment to Ambition and Action at Recent Marrakesh Climate Talks

Conservancy Talk

billion people and $25.7 2016 is now set to be the warmest year on record [1]. Non-state actors also played a prominent role.

The Christmas Truce of WWI—A Moment of Great Disobedience

The Alien Next Door

Autonomous freedom once enjoyed by peoples in pre-civilization tribal groups have given way to the controlling ideologies of authority structures.

Supertankers of the Future Will Carry Water, Not Oil

Eco Friendly Daily

study, scheduled for release in April but leaked early to the press, may prove to be just as important. report on global warming, a related U.N.

Emma Marris on Wolves, New Conservation & Kids Playing in National Parks

Nature Conservancy - Science

Green Giants — a series on Cool Green Science that asks conservation science leaders their thoughts on the field’s most pressing issues.).

Green 24


Green (Living) Review

It would appear that the EU would like to ethnically cleanse its member states of the Romani People. Far from it. Then it is too late.

Spring is for Wheatears

10,000 Birds

Birders from Western Europe will surely note, upon seeing Black-eared Wheatear here, the difference between this Eastern race and the Western race that they may have seen in Spain or France. These include Warblers, Wheatears, Flycatchers, Buntings, Shrikes, Wagtails and Larks. My personal favorites though are the Wheaters. Get yours today!

Pupils get set to pedal to be the UK ’s fastest school

Green (Living) Review

The three week race follows a similar format to the Tour de France; each day is a different time trial, with different stages, from long flat sprints to hillier mountainous climbs. cycle stunt team, who have performed for people all over the world, from Pepsi-Cola in Saudi Arabia to Formula One driver Jacques Villeneuve at his birthday party.

Basel Burgan: A Force Behind Jordan’s Anti-Nuke Movement

Green Prophet

The Jordanian press publishes anything released from the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC), but rarely presents our critical responses or our scientific arguments on the issue. Similar versions of this ATMEA 1 are being built in Olkiluoto, Finland and in Normandy, France and both were found to have major design defects.


Green (Living) Review

Most people dream of growing their own vegetables and becoming more sustainable; but a great many households do not have the space to do so.

2003 11

Sea Shepherd Captain Found Guilty of Causing ‘Unnecessary suffering to dolphins’ by Danish Court

Green (Living) Review

PRESS RELEASE On Friday, November 25th, the Danish court in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands found Sea Shepherd Captain Jessie Treverton of the UK guilty of breaching Faroese animal welfare laws by causing 'unnecessary suffering' to a pod of dolphins. "A legal precedent has been set, driving dolphins is against Faroese law.

5 Reasons Why Pesticides are Bad

Green Blog

At this point, most people are at least somewhat aware that pesticides cause a great deal of environmental harm. photo by Kevin Lallier.

2010 13

Bicycle Activists Stop in Istanbul En Route to Palestine

Green Prophet

They arrived in Istanbul after biking 5,000 kilometers through 15 different countries, including France, Austria, Slovenia and Kosovo.

9 Things Nobody Tells You about Recreational Drug Use in Your.

Elephant Journal

Press. Other people haven’t been so fortunate. the place and people present) needs to be specified. Video. Talk Show. Login.

The Patagonia Worn Wear Tour Comes To Europe: Better Than New

Green (Living) Review

The Euro Worn Wear Tour will kick off simultaneously on April 15 in both UK and Germany and ending end of in France, Italy and the Netherlands.

The European Greens select their top candidates for the 2014 European Elections in first ever EU-wide online election

Green Blog

Ska Keller, from Germany, and José Bové, from France, have been selected to lead the European Green Party in their upcoming European campaign. After closing the polls yesterday, the election result was presented at a press conference earlier this morning. "I’m

The Domestic Turkey and the First Thanksgiving

10,000 Birds

Dates of first arrival listed by Schorger (1966) are: Italy 1520, Germany 1530, France 1538, England 1541, Denmark and Norway 1550, Sweden 1556.

How Altruism Can Save the Planet: Q&A with Buddhist Monk Matthieu Ricard

Conservancy Talk

Matthieu is no stranger to science – he was born in France, where he earned a Ph.D. in cell genetics. What did they do for me?” Please say more.

The 15 Types Of Cyclists We All Hate


There’s a real possibility the list could end up with nothing more than why cyclists rule the world, and people in cars are all morons. Sorry.

Eurostar announces winners of Ashden Award for Sustainable Travel

Green (Living) Review

Eurostar has announced that Norfolk-based car-sharing organisation, liftshare, and the Belgian city of Ghent's cycling programme have beaten off stiff competition from over 120 sustainable travel initiatives across the UK, France and Belgium to win the inaugural Eurostar Ashden Award for Sustainable Travel.

The Venus Project: Bombastic Dream or Realizable Future?

The Alien Next Door

When I looked at the pictures, the first thing that crossed my mind was, "Where are all the people?"."Is Wake up people. Held by whom?

2009 28

Death of Dugout Dick ends an era, and not just in Idaho

Green (Living) Review

Few knew people him by his given name of Richard Zimmerman. Most of them, just like Zimmerman, came from some place else. He worked for himself.

'Greener Skies' flight lowers emissions by 35%

Green Traveler Guides

They will also reduce overflight noise for people below the flight corridor. Use an award-winning broker to arrange car hire France. reveals Brits abandoning the Eurozone in favour of domestic breaks

Green (Living) Review

Rachel Jones, Online PR & Marketing Co-ordinator at said: "Since the economic crisis hit the Eurozone we have noticed that there are fewer people looking to book coach holidays to Europe and we have put this down to poor exchange rates and the fragility of the Euro.

What Does the Brexit Vote Mean for Conservation in Europe?

Conservancy Talk

We only hang out with people who share our views, and only get news from papers and channels that suit our opinions. Or it did. Opinion Europe

Butterflies or business - Europe can have both!

Green (Living) Review

The EEA's new assessment shows that global demands for natural resources to feed, clothe, house and transport people are accelerating.


Britain’s Dragonflies & Britain’s Butterflies: A Review of Two Field Guides

10,000 Birds

I found this out last year, on a trip to France with my daughter Sarah. I did notice that many French dragonflies depicted on the Internet (at least those from northern and central France) are also found in Great Britain. If there are any dragonfly people from Great Britain out there who can confirm this, please let us know.

2012 World Fantasy Convention in Toronto

The Alien Next Door

The World Fantasy award for best novel went to Lavie Tidhar’s “Osama”, published by British small press PS Publishing. Normal. false. false.

Everything You Need To Know About Carbon Pricing Explained in Cartoon

Sightline Daily

For more on our collaborative artistic process, see our Island Press Field Note that follows a page from idea to printed page.).

World Water Day (March 22, 2012) - Water management initiatives to conserve resources around the world

Green (Living) Review

In the future, water shortages are projected to occur on a global scale due to population growth, climate change and other factors, resulting in a rise in the number of people without sufficient access to water. This press release is presented for your information only.

Vacuum Cleaners Crawl out of the Waters

Green (Living) Review

In Sweden, special Vac from the Sea-envelopes were distributed to people in the small harbor of Sandhamn in the Stockholm archipelago.

Forests at your service

Green (Living) Review

In other countries there is a much better system in place and the government forestry services in places such as Germany, France, Poland, etc. billion people depending on them for their livelihoods. Its job was to produce timber – more than the private owners were willing to produce – for the nation, for the war effort.

Full Planet, Empty Plates: The New Geopolitics of Food Scarcity

The Green Changemakers

There will be 219,000 people at the dinner table tonight who were not there last night—many of them with empty plates. billion people.

Seeing Cities as the Environmental Solution, Not The Problem

The Green Changemakers

As my friend who works long and hard for a wildlife advocacy organization puts it, to save wildlife habitat we need people to stay in “people habitat.”

The TTIP: A Very Scary Proposal

Sierra Club Compass

and EU public, press, and government officials are not allowed to see the negotiating texts. Fortunately, people in the U.S. and EU.


Green (Living) Review

We are thrilled to be the first to fulfill Babelgum's vision in creating quality conscious films for people to debate, share, and align with, socially and environmentally," states Iwerks. Babelgum is an independent and privately held company with offices in the United States, UK, Ireland, France and Italy.