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Grow fresh food in the middle of Manhattan? Meet Henry

Green Prophet

Food that’s been grown with your hands? We know that Whole Foods in Brooklyn now operates a large (20,000 sq/ft hydroponics farm on its roof).

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Meet the NatureNet Science Fellows: Sanaz Vahidinia

Nature Conservancy - Science

When most people think about alternative energy sources, Pacific giant clams probably do not spring readily to mind. By Cara Byington.

Meet the Mad Men for urban and small-scale farmers

Green Prophet

Have a special farm, growing hyper-nutritious food? Meet Nick at NYC AgTech week happening next week September 19 to 24. . Urban farming.

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Meet the NatureNet Fellows: Joleah Lamb

Nature Conservancy - Science

What do you have when large groups of people are swimming and diving in specific areas? Joleah Lamb, NatureNet Science Fellow. in reef studies.

Citizen Science Teaches People to Coexist with Urban Coyotes

Nature Conservancy - Science

However, not everyone feels the same way about coyotes moving into the neighborhood and there can be very serious conflicts between people and coyotes.

Food tech startups wanted to take a bite out of DLD in Tel Aviv

Green Prophet

And food, as locals and tourists know is becoming Israel’s rising star. It’s being called Food Tech. Israel! Meatless meat.

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The Verdict is In: We Can Grow Safe Food and Conserve Nature at the Same Time

Nature Conservancy - Science

To understand the significance of this finding to both food safety and conservation, we have to go back to 2006, when a notorious E. farmland.

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From Davos: This Idea Could Transform Global Food Systems

Conservancy Talk

Global food security is a hot topic here at the World Economic Forum (WEF). Mark R. Follow Mark on Twitter @MarkTercek. Of course not.

Molecular Science Meets Muddy Boots Ecology in Kenya

Nature Conservancy - Science

Meet the NatureNet Science Fellows: Tyler Kartzinel. Meet More NatureNet Fellows. Meet the NatureNet Fellows: Wilfred Odadi.

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Meet the NatureNet Fellows: Mingliang Zhang

Nature Conservancy - Science

billion people lack access to clean drinking water. Around the world, 1.2 Devan King. By Cara Byington, Science Communications Specialist.

Meet the 2014 NatureNet Science Fellows

Nature Conservancy - Science

The fellows begin their two-year assignments this fall, working within the Conservancy’s U.S. and international programs. Mentors: C.

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Shipping containers morph into urban food miracle machines

Green Prophet

She’s interested in kids and education and how fresh, hyper-local food produced in the right framework can grow bodies, minds and spirits.

Greet, meet, and eat with African asylum seekers in Israel

Green Prophet

But even if for small moments, politics could be brushed aside at the second Cook, Eat & Meet in Jaffa. Lifestyle Africa food Jaffa

Visit Israel’s Agritech and meet flux – for feeding the world on drought

Green Prophet

Meet this startup at Israel’s agricultural world expo of the year April 28 to 30. And it will only get worse. And we need it now. Why not?

Meet the NatureNet Fellows: Michael Pennino

Nature Conservancy - Science

Yes, I see science as a tool, but also a bridge that can span gaps between disciplines and between people. Photo Courtesy of Michael Pennino.

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Camera Traps, Reef Restoration & Satellite Imagery: Meet the 2015 Science Impact Project Class

Nature Conservancy - Science

Read previews of their projects below, and stay tuned for in-depth coverage on Cool Green Science in the coming months. Photo © Bridget Besaw.

Meet the NatureNet Fellows: Daniel Karp

Nature Conservancy - Science

Natural habitat may enhance pest control and filter out chemical runoff, but it may also provide a home for animals that carry food diseases like E.

11 Food Tech companies from Israel worth putting on your plate

Green Prophet

The FoodTech Pitch TLV pitch night, ‘Where Gastronomy Meets Technology’ – was a highlight of the week-long event. BitBite.

Seattle Candidates, meet Democracy Vouchers

Sightline Daily

Details below in appendix 1.) Go meet voters and ask for their vouchers. You spend your time meeting voters, listen to their concerns, ask for their support, and collect their vouchers. You might bring an iPad, too, so people can register for their electronic vouchers and assign them to you on the spot. 600 people x $100 each.)

Meet the NatureNet Fellows: Haoran Yang

Nature Conservancy - Science

What Would You Do With Nanotechnology? © Jay Wilson/flickr creative commons. By Cara Byington, Science Communications Specialist. Crisis averted.

No, vegan food is not more expensive


It’s not unlike the scenarios where people compare organic produce and processed foods to non-organic counterparts; labels can be confusing.

Hungry for Change: Deer Management and Food Security

Nature Conservancy - Science

In fact many local deer management programs donate their harvests to local food banks. waste of good venison? Hardly. Related Articles. Iowa ).

Meet the NatureNet Fellows: Won-Hee Ryu

Nature Conservancy - Science

Of course, as NatureNet Science Fellow Won-Hee Ryu points out with a smile, most people would be wrong. Lloyd DeGrane. So far, so good.

Meet A Few Green Prophets At Energy Conference, Eilat

Green Prophet

Meet us there. At least three Green Prophets will be at the Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Conference tomorrow in Eilat, Israel.

GM In Israeli Food, Lots of It

Green Prophet

Most Israelis complacently think that there are no GMO foods in Israeli. Talk to people about the broad-scale damage GMO foods do.

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Going vegan could stop deforestation and ensure enough food for 2050


Then, even if the more pessimistic predications for our dystopian future come true, people won’t be going hungry. News Sticky

Does Removing Habitat Around Farm Fields Really Make Our Food Safer?

Nature Conservancy - Science

coli outbreak killed 3 people and sickened hundreds. But does removing habitat really make our food safer? Cara Byington.



Get excited…Vegan Food and Drink Festival is coming for you, Chicago! Take advantage of this opportunity to meet new people!

Vendor list announced for the Chicago Vegan Food & Drink Festival


The Chicago Vegan Food and Drink Festival is coming up fast! So as you prepare your best festival outfit, don’t forget to leave room for all the incredible food and drinks from the vendors we’ve got lined up for you. We’re confident this is one food and drink festival you’re not going to want to miss! Local Vendors. Booze.

Water Farmers get fresh with aquaponics for food in Toronto

Green Prophet

Dream of fresh organic food? The fish for now are not culled for food, but serve as a nutrient generator for the plants. Had a garden?

Failure of Trans Pacific Partnership good news for American People and the Planet

Green (Living) Review

The TPP favored the interests of big business over people and the planet. Now more than ever it is imperative that U.S.

Seattle Government, Meet Democracy Vouchers

Sightline Daily

Walk into any city office, in Seattle or anywhere, knock on a door and ask the person you meet what she or he works on. 2017: Launch. Democrac

1.3 billion tons of food are wasted globally every year

Green (Living) Review

billion tons of food are being wasted. The fact is that we waste more food than we would need to feed the entire Planet several times over.

Meet the Microorganisms That Will Save the Planet (And the Fashion Industry)

Eco Chic

The post Meet the Microorganisms That Will Save the Planet (And the Fashion Industry) appeared first on Eco-Chick. From

Syria’s Organic Food Market Ripe for Exports to Europe

Green Prophet

This bill was prepared in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization. 12 for 2012 related to organic farming in Syria.

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Eating Real Food Can Save The Environment | Green Prophet

Green Prophet

Yes, especially for activists expecting  political force to rescue the environment and the peoples of the planet.  Gloomy scenario? um, really?

A New Measure of Food Deserts, Part 2

Sightline Daily

What does matter, the researchers found, is where you choose to shop for food. Food & Sustainable Living Land Use & Transportation

WorldFest This Sunday! - Eco-Vegan Gal: Live healthy, live green

Eco-Vegan Girl

This year Im extra excited because Im speaking on a panel about sustainable food! Congrats to the Winners! May 16, 2011 10:24 AM Suasoria said.

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When New Embraces Old: Part 1, the Journey

The Alien Next Door

George, toward Galbraith and Bahen buildings, where I teach, and soon found several examples of “new meets old”. It was like “falling in love.”

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Meet the “Miss Pakistan” of Renewable Energy

Green Prophet

Power needs, water and food are the biggest issues that Pakistan faces today, says Paracha. Natasha Paracha was Miss Pakistan World in 2008.