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Waterfowl of North America, Europe & Asia: An Identification Guide

10,000 Birds

Published by Princeton University Press in early 2016, Waterfowl of North America, Europe, and Asia (I’m going to use this shortened title for the rest of the review), covers 83 species of Anseriformes–ducks, geese, and swans–of, yes, Europe, Asia and North America. Or, a Tufted Duck or Cackling Goose. 85 maps.

The Republican Book on $cience [cartoon]

Wend Magazine

Any time you fight to weaken clean air and water standards, carbon (etc.) Get the FREE Wend Digital Edition! We cannot be blind followers.

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Europe Introduces New Plant-Based Ice Cream “Lupinesse” to Market


Europe has been a leader in introducing new, unique and sometimes odd ice cream dishes to market. Eats Vegan vegan

Greenpeace shows the Dark Side of Volkswagen

Green Blog

Volkswagen has a history of lobbying against the strong European standards that we need to kick our oil addiction. But all is not lost.

London Olympic Games 2012: where to go green

Green Traveler Guides

All Langham properties (and its Eaton Hotels group as well) have been upgrading to EarthCheck ’s international standards of best green practices.

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Slovenia, part 2: up on the eco-tourist farm

Green Traveler Guides

All Europe Farm stays Slovenia Central Europe EDEN Solcavsko| Agrarian Base Camp |. Driving is certainly not the greenest way to go.

The mother of all large white-headed gulls: The European Herring Gull

10,000 Birds

Thanks to those pesky revisionist-taxonomists who thwarted their imperialistic ambitions, they are now confined to the coasts of northern and north-western Europe, basically inhabiting all coastal regions north of the Spanish-French Atlantic border. Birds Europe gull gulls Herring GullEuropean Herring Gull Larus argentatus. argenteus.

Earth Friendly Products – Natural & Organic Products Europe Show 2012 Show Highlights

Green (Living) Review

The new labels give the following improvements: •Clearer communication of green credentials & eco- certifications •Larger and clearer product descriptions •Highlighting of benefits •Better communication of washes per bottle where appropriate •No need for stickers Carbon Neutral in Europe. Concentrated & Including Rinse Aid.

Bike-Sharing Programs Hit the Streets in Over 500 Cities Worldwide

Green Blog

Politicians, lobbyists, and tourists alike can ride bicycles along a specially marked lane between the White House and the U.S. But a few stand out.

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Norway’s Opportunity to Change the Rules of Global Investing

Conservancy Talk

And then these leaders used their experience to work in Africa and around the world to raise living standards. This is where Norway comes in.

Northern Hawk Owl in Germany

10,000 Birds

First, most of Europe’s owl species are breeding in Germany anyway and are better found at other times of the year. Few things can spell out “winter birding” as poetically as the sighting of a rare northern owl that has more or less unexpectedly found its way to southern, more balmy environs. Well, very recent years.

Israelis design 3D-printed home for NASA village on Mars!

Green Prophet

The design competition invited solutions to the “need for safe, secure and sustainable housing on earth and beyond.”

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Jordan gets its first craft brewery, causing ire among Muslim clerics

Green Prophet

If you’ve ever visited a Middle Eastern country, one noticeable difference to Europe is restriction on alcohol.

Iran 24

Population or Environmental Food Crisis, Part 6: Alternative agriculture

Green Blog

Europe had 25 percent and Latin America shortly followed with 22 percent. This does not mean that organic farming is hostile towards technology.

Fighting climate change and poverty in the Third World at the same time?

Green (Living) Review

We can't. In plain language this means that the West has to tighten its belt. It cannot be done. Already the former, on its own, if not going to work.

2017 11

Quicargo puts empty trucks back in business

Green Prophet

To uphold high quality services participating carriers have to be experienced, insured and qualified by Quicargo’s quality standards (QCV).

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Will the Real Humans Please Stand Up

Green Home Blog

Will the Real Humans Please Stand Up. Experts attributed Ecuador’s surprising and very “green” initiative to its horrible history with Chevron.

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The Red-billed Leiothrix of Tuscany

10,000 Birds

After my grim exposing you last month to Europe’s fifty shades of brown, I felt it incumbent upon me to right my wrong by introducing you to Europe’s most attractive bird, the Red-billed Leiothrix. Celebrated awesomeness: Trips Europe invasive species Italy This made me very happy, for reasons shown below. Colour!

Bilge Babe Versus the Sanitation Hose… | Wend Magazine - iWend

Wend Magazine

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10,000 Birds

The White Wagtails , omnipresent on all my other trips to Europe, were not around this time. Trips Europe flamingos Italy

South Africa’s endemic birds

10,000 Birds

It bred in large colonies on cliffs and castle ramparts throughout southern and central Europe, before it began a relentless march towards extinction.

Qatar Solar Buys into Germany’s SolarWorld

Green Prophet

Then China flooded the market with cheap, generic solar panels that are suited to standard weather conditions.

Qatar 25

Birkenstock launches vegan collection, almost lives up to hippie reputation


Yahoo was excited to report that Birkenstock has launched their vegan line of footwear in the US (previously available in Europe). News Sticky

Israeli tech brings wireless phone charging to Starbucks

Green Prophet

Starbucks is also planning to implement the technology in Europe and Asia. Related: Wi-Charge powers up mobile devices through the air.

The cars that, hopefully won’t, eat Paris

Green Blog

The system will allow the hiring of electric cars by simply using a special subscription card in a booth (rather than the normal laborious pre-booking and paper work needed in standard car hire situations) which releases and unlocks an electric car for use for 30 minutes or so at a cost in the order of a few euros (video on that here ).

Dubai’s Camelicious sees potential European, US market for camel milk

Green Prophet

We are running a business operation here with ISO and EU standards.”. It’s all about creating standards for camel milk. The U.S.

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Low Carbon Economics Aligns With the Sharia Law of Islam

Green Prophet

Bonds compliant with the standard will be certified as Climate Bonds. It begins with raising funds. v=beZ_CxoyvmE&feature=player_detailpage.

Slovenia, part 1: the green mouse that roars

Green Traveler Guides

| Central Europe’s Eco-treasure |. Slovenia, you might say, is Central Europe’s green mouse that roars. Certified green luxury.

Birding: Time and Effort

10,000 Birds

The Usual Standard – a few hours of morning birding. Late April / early May is the best birding season in the south of Europe and wherever you go, you will have 50% to 100% more species than in any other season. How much time do you devote to birding? Are you happy with an occasional morning here and there or do you need more?

First Middle East Carbon Market – Dubai!

Green Prophet

Dubai Gets Frozen Air From Europe . Dubai is not the first Middle Eastern country you think of when you think climate-friendly. But Slowly .

GM joins the Pigou Club

Environmental Economics

A government-imposed tax hike, Akerson believes, will prompt more people to buy small cars and do more good for the environment than forcing automakers to comply with higher gas-mileage standards. "There General Motors Co. "There ought to be a discussion on the cost versus the benefits," he said. "What via

Surbiton Farmers Market wins “Market of the Year” award

Green (Living) Review

FARMA judge Gareth Jones said: “This is an exciting Farmers' Market which shows what can be achieved when people are determined to make things happen”.

2012 11

European Parliament adopts Keith Taylor MEP's report on the potential of ferries and cruises

Green (Living) Review

" "Many commuters in Europe travel by road, creating bottlenecks, congestion, and delays.

Mount Everest Snow, Soil Contains High Levels of Heavy Metals

Wend Magazine

All samples tested showed levels of arsenic well above the EPA’s maximum containment level (MCL) standard. Bag it! All rights reserved.

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Fair Trade

Eco Friendly Daily

But what exactly is involved in ensuring that products meet this standard? Key elements lie in meeting both environmental and labour standards.

Wean yourself off plastic with clever Trolley Bags

Green Prophet

Trolley Bags are eco-friendly, reusable shopping bags developed in Europe, but useful anywhere – particularly here in plastic-choked Amman.

EU Mandates Nearly Carbon Neutral Buildings After 2020

Green Living Ideas

This week the European Parliament announced new energy standards that will require all new buildings constructed in Europe after 2020 will need to be nearly carbon-neutral. Tags: Green Building/Remodeling Office Energy Efficiency carbon neutral EU carbon neutral EU energy standards EU green building

Re-Branding Nature: From Dismal Swamp to Constructed Wetland

Nature Conservancy - Science

By the end of the 90s, there are over 1,000 constructed wetlands in the USA and over 5,000 in Europe ( EPA 2004 , Cooper 2007 ). Success! and D.

Switzerland prepares its Army for Euro Zone Fallout

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) With anti-austerity protests across Europe resulting in civil unrest on the streets of Athens and Madrid, the European country famed for its neutrality is taking unusual precautions. Switzerland's armed forces are not a professional nor a standard conscripts force.

This Fur Seal is 4,000 Miles From Home. Here’s Why.

Nature Conservancy - Science

But even by its wide-ranging standards, this one was very, very far from its usual haunts – from its haul-out islands, from other seals.