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Chewing Gum And The Environment

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You could well be chewing fossil fuel. Chewing gum? Cutting back on chewing or. bubble gum, or being especially careful of how you dispose of it, is just one of. the many little things we can do to reduce our environmental impact

Q&A with Andy Revkin: Dialogues on the Environment

Conservancy Talk

But both willingness and capacity to transition from a wasteful fossil fuel diet to a thriftier and more sustainable one are rapidly rising, to my eye.

Half of Tel Aviv’s Metropolitan Area Trash to be Used as Fuel

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Business alternative energy Hiriya Recycling Park Refuse derived Fuel trash to fuel waste to fuel Image via Amir Paz , Flickr.

Trash 27

Fossil Fuel Subsidies: A Global Scandal.

Elephant Journal

The poorest 20 percent of developing countries only marginally benefit from energy subsidies.

Happy Earth Day? Prices v. the Environment

Environmental Economics

Ever wonder whether care for the environment outweighs the incentive power of low prices?  Overall, only 45 percent of this year's hybrid and EV trade-ins have gone toward the purchase of another alternative fuel vehicle, down from just over 60 percent in 2012.   Wonder no more. percent just three years ago.

Dialogues on the Environment: Q&A with Sir Richard Branson

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There are literally thousands of businesses, many in the tourism industry, that depend on an intact marine environment for their long-term survival.

Q&A with Elizabeth Kolbert: Dialogues on the Environment

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Elizabeth Kolbert: Right now, fossil fuels are central to just about everything that we do, including reading and writing on the web!

Dialogues on the Environment: Q&A with Jason Clay

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What I know from my own childhood and have seen around the world, is that if people don’t have other options, the environment doesn’t stand a chance.

Revealed: Bill Gates charity has $1.4bn in fossil fuel investments

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billion of investments in some of the world’s biggest fossil fuel companies – while at the same time calling for immediate action against climate change. The actions by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is especially confusing considering that these fossil fuel investments puts the foundation’s hard work and progress at great risk.

Happy Earth Day – 5 Facts you Didn’t Know About the Environment

Hug a Tree with Me

The overall oxygen levels has declined in the last few decades largely due to burning of fossil fuels and deforestation. Over 2.5

Dialogues on the Environment: Q&A with Stewart Brand

Conservancy Talk

Mark Tercek is the president and CEO of The Nature Conservancy. When asked what he does, Brand says, “I find things and I found things.”.

McKibben To Environment Movement: ‘Be More Confrontational’

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Well, according to Bill McKibben the problem is pretty obvious- it’s the the fossil fuel industry. So where are we going wrong?

The US DOE has declared the “new” fuels for 2040

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) The US Department of Energy (DOE) sees coal, natural gas, and oil as the “new” fuels in 2040.

Fossil fuels and others of a similar nature

Green (Living) Review

But how are we going to carry on motoring without those fuels then? Green it is not even though it is not made from oil coming out of the ground but from renewable resources. Add to that photo-voltaic cells on the roof and small wind turbines, and a home, homestead or farm could be entirely self-sufficient in energy production.

Majority of Americans say we should do whatever it takes to protect the environment

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has gone too far in its efforts to protect the environment. Libertarians also misses a majority agreement on this issue.

Animal Fats as Fuel for Planes, Trains and Automobiles


Animal-fat based biodiesel might be a greener alternative than the consumption of jet fuels but what will it mean for animals? Causes Environment News Top NewsRead More.

Can Gray Infrastructure Be Green?

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Renowned biologist, philosopher and naturalist Edward O. We think it’s possible, but there’s not a lot of room for error.

2016 39

Politics Makes Scrapping Fossil Fuel Subsidies in the Gulf Difficult

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Many commentators are happy to point out the huge inefficiencies created by fuel subsidies as well as the economic disadvantage it poses to renewables.

What Can Islam Do For The Environment? Lots, Actually…

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What can Islam do for the environment? Answering (or at least attempting to answer) what now feels like an age-old question. Landis and R.

What's Next: Residential fuel cells for greener homes


Nippon Oil to Sell Residential Fuel Cells in Japan. Toshiba Revamps ‘Ene Farm’ Residential Fuel Cell. Sonia Renthlei: As we know it.

Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates Fuels the Shopping Cult

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Note from the editor: this photograph is part of a series called “Consumption” that seeks to document  consumerism’s impact on the environment.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Says No to Fossil Fuel Investments


Causes Environment News Top News leonardo dicaprioLeonardo DiCaprio is putting his money where his heart (and mouth) is.

Fungi Could Clean Pollution, Give Fuel and Food: Egypt Research

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Fungi for Fuel. Ahmed Abdel Azim and his team at Suez Canal University advance research in mycology (fungi). Fungi for waste and soil pollution.

WATCH: Gisele issues challenge for World Environment Day


Goodwill Ambassador and Brazilian fashion model, Gisele Bundchen, has issued her 2012 WED Challenge to fans, with a chance to win fuel-efficient car. Causes Environment News Top News gisele bundchenRead More.

How Fossil Fuel Money Plays in Northwest Elections

Sightline Daily

Over the last few years, the Northwest has been embroiled in an increasingly heated debate over its participation in fossil fuel exports.

Peak Phosphorus Fuels the World’s Growing Bellyache

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Replenish what’s removed from the environment.  Looking for something new to worry about? Phosphorus So what’s the big deal? Phosphorus

Online shopping and the environment

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In this age of soaring gas prices and the looming threat of climate change; by doing more of your shopping online you can save on fuel, emissions and probably score a bargain on the way Getting ready for the post-Xmas sales?

Dialogues on the Environment: Q&A with Ramez Naam

Conservancy Talk

Really those experiences have given me three core lessons that I bring to thinking about the environment. Ramez Naam : It’s been quite a ride.

10 Easy Ways to Be a Greener Driver

Hug a Tree with Me

Clean your car: Remove unnecessary items from your car as the extra weight means more fuel use. The accessories can also be salvaged.

How Food Insecurity Fuels Anger in the Middle East

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The same source reports 31 million of hungry people in the Arab countries, which translates to 10 percent of the total population. um, really?

Ethical Oil, Gas and Mining? EITI is the LEED of Fossil Fuels

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Now the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) is encouraging EITI to take this voluntary initiative one step further.

WATCH: Daryl Hannah Talks Fossil Fuel and Veganism


Read More The post WATCH: Daryl Hannah Talks Fossil Fuel and Veganism appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Connecting the Profound: Jewish Passover and the Environment

Green Prophet

Here I dig up an old interview from 2007, on the green connection to Judaism’s Passover and the environment. Talmud, Shabbath 67b).

Israel Environment Minister Proposes Cuts to Gaza Electricity to Bridge Shortfalls

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Business & Politics energy crisis Energy Efficiency energy shortage Gaza Ministry of Environment renewable energyCutting energy next door.

Egypt 11

Plastic packaging more serious a threat than fossil fuels?

Green (Living) Review

Is plastic packaging becoming more of a serious threat to our environment than fossil fuels? By Michael Smith (Veshengro) This is a very contentious question, I know, but a serious one, nevertheless. There are the emissions in production, in transportation and later for disposal and all this has to be factored in, which it rarely is.

Helping the Environment by Reducing Energy Consumption

Living Green & Saving Energy

It is also a good way to safeguard the environment, since inefficient systems release harmful pollutants into the atmosphere.

INTERVIEW: Professor A.L.I.’s Islamic Eco-Rap Sends Environment Lessons To Muslims

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It was fueled by my observations and life lessons. ’ is behind a cool new era of enviro-activism. We’re talking Islamic Eco-Rap.

Jesse Metcalfe Goes Green with Alternative Fuel on ‘Dallas’


Actor Jesse Metcalfe goes green with his character Christopher Ewing and alternative fuel sources. Entertainment Environment Film/TV News Top News jesse metcalfe larry hagmanRead More.

Iran Sanctions Bolster Nuclear Ambitions, Pollute Environment

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A new round of sanctions that further isolate Iran financially and politically is likely to bolster nuclear ambitions and keep pollution levels high.

Will COP 21 finally deal with climate change ?

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Weaning large industrial countries off dependence on fossel fuels will take. Health Lifestyle Climate Change COP21 fossil fuels