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Greenpeace activists arrested at gunpoint in the Russian Arctic

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We still don't have any contact with our people onboard. Business & Politics Arctic drilling Gazprom Greenpeace greenpeacebuzz Russia

Q&A With Greenpeace Campaigner Raefah Makki

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We speak to Greenpeace campaigner Raefah Makki about nuclear power, the Arab Spring and what she would do if she were president for the day.

Greenpeace activists could face terrorism or piracy charges, Russian official say

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Russian officials have accused Greenpeace of “aggressive and provocative” behavior during the oil drilling protest earlier this week.

Greenpeace Raises More Questions Over Jordan’s Nuclear Plans

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However, a local branch of Greenpeace has been raising serious questions about these plans. Problematic Nuclear Industry.

MENA must push – NOW! – for 100% renewable energy

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Dynamic change is taking place in the global energy sector, with renewable energy becoming mainstream in many countries, including MENA nations.

The Fukushima Disaster One Year On

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 The Fukushima disaster forced 150,000 people to flee their homes – a year later, radioactive contamination is still keeping them away.

Greenpeace Backs FuturEnergy to Power 'World'

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Lego ditches deal with Shell over Greenpeace oil spill video

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He said the company didn’t want to be embroiled in the environmental campaign and had urged Greenpeace to have a direct conversation with Shell.

‘Our Jordan is Not Nuclear’ Say Greenpeace Activists

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The Jordanian people deserve a bright future away from the nuclear gloom.”. To sign the Greenpeace anti-nuclear petition, visit their website.

Political Green: The Climate is Mum

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Unfortunately, when the earth turns on its head not many people will be able to eat their money to stay alive. The Proof. Failure of Leadership.

2012 78

Fracking will not get economy growing

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According to Greenpeace research almost two thirds of England has been earmarked for potential fracking, and local opposition, particularly in Conservative constituencies, is expected to be fierce. Even the company with the biggest stake in Lancashire shale gas, Cuadrilla, privately admits that it won’t reduce energy prices.

Jordan Pushes On With Its Nuclear Plans

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The Jordanian government wants to build a 1,000 megawatt nuclear reactor as part of its efforts to end its heavy dependence on energy imports.

Campaign to end fossil fuel subsidies tops Twitter ahead of Rio+20

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The campaign which was launched yesterday by , Avaaz , Greenpeace , and other environmental organizations called on people to flood the popular social network site Twitter, using the #EndFossilFuelSubsidies hashtag, with demands for an end to unnecessary and climate killing subsidies to the fossil fuel industry. Clearly it was.

Kumi Naidoo, International Executive Director of Greenpeace, answered questions on Reddit

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Kumi Naidoo, who is the current International Executive Director of Greenpeace , answered questions on Reddit yesterday. Who is Kumi Naidoo?

Greenpeace activists penetrates French nuclear plant, everyone relieved they weren’t terrorists

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The other day nine activists from Greenpeace managed to breach the security, infiltrate and hang a banner on one of the reactor buildings at a French nuclear site. Greenpeace’s point with this action was to highlight the vulnerability of nuclear plants and to criticize France’s failure to have proper safety procedures against terrorists.

Heavy anti-nuclear protests in Germany

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Greenpeace International Executive Director Kumi Naidoo addresses protesters at the anti-nuclear demonstration, Dannenberg, Germany. Nein danke!

Greenpeace Lebanon’s “Generation C”: Young, Connected, and Making a Difference

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Within that Department, we are 4 people in the Fundraising and 6 people in Programme. The older group has passed their knowledge to us.

Channeling Churchill on Climate Change

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It makes for a fight that’s tough to rally people around. Climate & Energy How would he talk about it? Magazine. It works.

Towards a Sustainable Energy Future

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Introduction Every living-thing needs energy to maintain their lives on Earth. Everything needs energy to do their works. Washingtonpost.

Jordanians Hold Vigil for Fukushima

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On the first anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Greenpeace volunteers gathered in Amman to hold a vigil.

Obama defends new carbon emission rules in face of growing criticism

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These guidelines will help foster clean energy and efficiency while cleaning up the nation''s air. It didn''t. Republican Gov.

Massive Twitterstorm demanding an end to fossil fuel subsidies underway

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A 24-hour “storm” against fossil fuel subsidies was launched today by , Avaaz , Greenpeace , and other environmental organizations on the popular social network site Twitter. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) the world could cut global greenhouse gas emissions in half (PDF) by just ending these subsidies.

What is Solnarnia? It Sounds Like a Fairy Tale, but It’s More Than That…

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This place is called Solarnia, a Mediterranean paradise completely powered by clean and safe energy. Image from Flickr user  Hernan Piñera.

US unveils historic plan to cut carbon emissions with 30 percent by 2030

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Coal lobbyist say the plan will create an energy crisis and force hundreds of coal plants to close. The 30 percent target is for all of U.S.,

Obama 31

Vermont shuts down Fukushima-type nuclear power plant

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Greenpeace noted , "The world is still running more than 400 inherently dangerous nuclear reactors. Millions of people are at risk.

Armed guards are ready to search people at Dungeness

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Almost a fifth of this, according to the sources, is provided by British Energy, the operator of the Dungeness plant, which is owned by EDF (Energie de France), the company that took over much of the British electricity (and gas) network after the privatisation under Thatcher.

Solar-powered radio station to spread the light in forest of Oshwe


The project is another wonderful example of an area in which alternate clean energy can shine where conventional grid power just fails to reach!

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Q&A with Andy Revkin: Dialogues on the Environment

Conservancy Talk

Mark Tercek: You’ve given a series of talks framed around the question “9 Billion People + 1 Planet = ?” Why put it into song?

Field Notes: Spain Still Big on Green

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European countries, especially Spain are becoming stronger on green projects like renewable energy and recycling. Come with me on my tour.

Basel Burgan: A Force Behind Jordan’s Anti-Nuke Movement

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Our interview with activist Basel Burgan, a leading figure against nuclear proliferation for energy, in Jordan. . The Jordanian press publishes anything released from the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC), but rarely presents our critical responses or our scientific arguments on the issue. The JAEC annual budget for 2012 is $22.4

How Japan replaced half its nuclear capacity through energy efficiency

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Three years after the March 2011 Tohoku earthquake, Japan’s energy capacity was rapidly reaching its peak going in to the high-energy summer months.

Lucy Lawless Fights Deep Sea Drilling


The actress is urging people to sign a Greenpeace petition to fight deep sea oil drilling off the coast of New Zealand (where Lawless is from). The petition, which calls for using clean energy and ending coal industry expansion, already [.]. Causes Environment lucy lawless

Energy [R]evolution: A Sustainable U.S.A. Energy Outlook

The Green Changemakers

The newly released Greenpeace report, Energy [R]evolution: A Sustainable U.S.A. Energy Outlook , details how the United States can cut greenhouse gas emissions to the levels we must reach in order to prevent the worst effects of global warming and simultaneously build a sustainable economy. The Energy [R]evolution U.S.

It’s Accountability Time for Seattle Port Commissioners

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by RDPence Shame, shame on these people. Climate & Energy Environment Image by James Brooks used under CC BY 2.0

Naomi Klein: "Only mass social movements can save us"

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has launched such suits against India, challenging its ambitious solar energy program, and against China, over wind power. The U.S. inaction.

10,000 Turks Gather To Protest Coal-Fired Power Plant

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Peaceful protesters propose green energy solutions. an, head of Greenpeace’s Mediterranean Climate and Energy Campaign, at the protest.

Take the Greener Cellular Call

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It seems as though everyone has a cell phone these days, and some people have a difficult time putting them down.

The greatest Astroturf of all time – Ethical oil

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Much of the fossil fuels consumed in America (oil, gas and coal) comes from North of the border, as Canada compete with Venezuela for the title of America’s leading source of energy imports (and thus the primary source of America’s carbon addiction). They make “newspeak” in 1984 look like an episode of spin city! Well actually no! the irony!)

Facebook’s New Logo–Which One’s a No-Go?

Wend Magazine

To view Greenpeace’s recent TV ad, and to get info on how you can help convince Facebook to unfriend coal, visit the Greenpeace blog.

After record levels last year, world wind power is set to break new records in 2013

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At the European level of consumption, the world’s operating wind turbines could satisfy the residential electricity needs of 450 million people.