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Gulf Nations Among Most Attractive Renewable Energy Markets

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“Increasing energy demand in these regions has strengthened government investment in clean energy. ” :: Saudi Gazette.

Wind Energy Market Booming

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The wind turbine market is projected to reach $93.1 billion by 2016. At the forefront of the industry is China, which recently passed the U.S.

Meet Morocco’s Renewable Energy Market at EneR in November

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Meet billions of dollars in human capital and renewable energy finance at the EneR event in November. It will take place this November 22 to 26.

Energy Markets Being Driven by Fear


Fundamentally, it seems, markets are well supplied, though it may be emotional factors driving certain aspects of the energy market.

Power to the people: a revolution in Britain’s energy market

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energy green living Some are promising to cut at least £100 from the average household dual-fuel bill of about £1,300 a year. Read more: [link].

And the impact of fifty years of nonmarket valuation magically disappears

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  In a memo outlining the group’s 2017 agenda, CEI’s energy team said lawmakers should repeal EPA rules and regulatory power, end the use of the “social cost of carbon," a metric federal departments use to assess impacts on the climate, halt the federal renewable fuels mandate and oppose any proposal to tax carbon emissions. 

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Europe installed twice as much wind energy capacity in 2014 as coal and gas combined

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The wind energy capacity increased by 3.8 All in all, renewable power plants (and not just wind energy) accounted for 79.1% GW in the EU.

Off-Grid, Clean Energy Access For All

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Today, excluding grid extension, this market is estimated to be a $200-250 million industry annually. It’s time for clean energy access for all.

E.ON dumps fossil fuels and nuclear, goes all-in on renewable energy

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s decision, and is part of this “dramatically altered energy market” that Wenning is talking about in his statement. This move by E.ON

Video: The Thin Green Line

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Climate & Energy Sightline Institute researches the best practices in public policy for a sustainable Pacific Northwest.

Vote green in the European Parliament Elections

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Together, the European Union could create a common energy market that favors renewable energy over dirty fossil fuels.

Social Bankability, Solar Crowdfunding And Disruptive Innovations


Solar and other renewable energy technologies can do that to energy markets.

Turning words into energy at ‘Powering the Middle East’ in Jordan

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Cities energy summit Middle East energy Powering the Middle East PPP renewable energy Hit the jump for details.

Winflex Inflatable Turbines Prove Wind Energy Practical Anywhere

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The company’s primary objective is to penetrate the wind turbine energy market with a 1 MW turbine. Winflex wind rotor.

Israel Solar Setback as Siemens Fires 150 from Solel Plant

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The beleaguered solar energy projects company received what seems to be a death knell. German Giant is Selling off Solel and its Solar Assets.

Will Israeli cars roll on alternatives by 2025?

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This is said to be possible by a concept of using the energy released by the reaction of aluminum with oxygen to generate electric power.

The Thin Green Line

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Big energy companies plan to unearth these vast reserves of carbon-intense fuels and put them up for sale in Asia.

Turkey Ripe For Renewable Energy Boom – So Why The Delay?

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What’s holding Turkey back from becoming the renewable energy behemoth it could be? Business & Politics Energy renewable energy

Turkish Architects Reveal Plans for Renewable Energy-Generating Mosque

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But Bursa’s mosque will be the first to be designed as a renewable energy producer/consumer. Energy mosques renewable energy solar wind

SolView’s targeting solar energy rooftop potential on a massive scale

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SolView’s business is in the US residential market and they work on a B2B model with installation companies. But how would you know? Sadka says.

People have the power! Big Six UK energy monopoly faces challenge

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Social housing providers and local authorities across the country are looking at energy. alternative energy energy monopoly green living

Rapid Growth Markets Provide Driving Force for Renewable Energy Investment


Renewable Energy Grows by 70 % Every Year


Today, renewables already supply 16 percent of global primary energy consumption, and 20 percent of worldwide electricity.

Meet 22,000 Megawatts of Clean Energy in Algeria this May

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The 6th electro, automation & energy event in Algiers is happening May 5 to 8. Image of Algeria sign from Shutterstock.

13 Arab Nations Get Energy Future Mapped in Helpful New Report

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The report released by the RCEEE (Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency) in Cairo documents that there are currently 1.55

Scientists make spray-on solar cells efficiencies close to silicon

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Cutting the cost of solar energy, PV and CSP is the reason why last year was a record year for solar energy uptake globally – as we reported.

Official ground-breaking ceremony: vortex energy builds 22MW "Gadegast" wind farm

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As the general contractor, vortex energy will be performing the construction work in the period April to September 2016. megawatt. z o.o.

Turning Arabian Desert Fog Into Energy and Water

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The UAE’s Masdar looks to create renewable energy from desert fog. The idea is simple.

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Gulf Interconnection Electrical Grid Could Save Billions in Energy-Hungry Gulf

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It will make it possible to create a common energy market and help grow sustainable energy supplies from solar projects and wind farms.

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Solar War Flares Up in Israel

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Two solar energy companies are part of a larger conflict and dilemma in Israel: should solar panels be installed on limited open space or on rooftops?

EneR Morocco is Window to Maghreb’s Shiny Energy Potential

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Morocco’s link in the proposed Medgrid renewable energy project Morocco’s key role in the Desertec initiative (Dii). More on EneR.

Fracking may threaten UK climate targets and may not cut costs – MP report

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by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Reacting to a new report published on Friday, April 26, 2013 by the Energy and Climate Change Committee on the impact of shale gas on energy markets, Friends of the Earth Energy Campaigner Tony Bosworth said: “This report does little to back the case for a UK shale gas revolution.

Renewables Not Enough: World Needs Democratic, Decentralized Energy, says Report

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energy green living renewables Read more: [link].

The Thin Green Line Is Stopping Coal and Oil in Their Tracks

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“Everybody outside the Northwest thinks that’s where energy projects go to die.” Coal Export Terminals. Oil Pipelines. Oil by Rail.

Oil 35

Hidden Costs of Constructing Wind Farms in Turkey Include Many New Roads

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As a result, the extra costs of road construction are often figured into the projected costs of wind energy companies. Department of Energy.

Energy Deregulation Needs to Expand

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During the past twenty years, several states have embraced deregulation of the energy market and it has proven to be a boon for the wind industry.

Can Israeli Oil Shale Outsize Saudi Arabia?

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Tearing up large portions of the Negev and the Galilee to extract this energy does not sound very environmentally plausible. Lawrence Solomon.

Win an Solar PV Tool Kit with Trade Skills 4U at EcoBuild

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You will be able to find the electrician training specialists at stand S2715 where you can join them for a beer and a chat about the latest developments in the electrical and renewable energy training world. They offer the widest range of electrical courses under one roof and have a full suite of renewable energy training courses too.

Solar Contest: Win a $16,000 Solar System, No Strings!

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Green Lifestyle Home Energy Usage Sponsored Posts #WinSolar energy-efficiency savings solar power SunPower

Looks Like Desertec & Morocco’s Govt Might Join Hands

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The Moroccan government may lean on Desertec to meet its renewable energy commitments. Arab Spring May Boost Chance for Desertec Solar Power.