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Holiday Efficiency: 10 EPA Tips on Keeping it Green

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Holiday Efficiency: 10 EPA Tips on Keeping it Green. In the whirlwind of holiday shopping, activities, family, cooking and so much more it can easily let your green intentions slip away from you. Holiday Lights – Energy efficient holiday lights are essential. Tagged: EPA , green holiday tips , Make Your Own , Water Use.

Greening Up an Old House.

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Old houses are a mixed blessing, though. Drafty windows, inefficient insulation, and so many other factors make conscious living to.

Going Green Made Easy: 4 Tips to Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

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Going green is […]. Most people have a big misconception about water and energy conservation.

Compare 5 green products with their outdated counterparts

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Find out how you can act smart, buy smart and go green without losing the convenience you need. Source:

Green Senior, Green Soldier

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Green Senior, Green Soldier. Youth seems to take center stage when it comes to various causes, especially the green movement. Many, sixty and over, have been dealing with different aspects of past as well as future green behavior that most have rarely considered. Gray Group Green. The Great Depression.

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DiCaprio Wants To Help Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient


Leonardo DiCaprio already lives in a green and very energy efficient home but now he wants to make sure everyone can do it too. The actor and environmental activist has Read More The post DiCaprio Wants To Help Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient appeared first on Ecorazzi.

President Obama Announces New Truck Efficiency Standards

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These standards will ensure that new engines are more efficient, and will reduce fuel consumption in semi-trucks by roughly 20 percent.

Maintenance Tips: Keeping A Tankless Water Heater Efficient

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A little knowledge goes a long way when it comes to keeping your tankless water heater efficient.

Make Your Smart Home a Green Home

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green home green living saving energy saving money saving water Smart HomeHere are some the the best technologies that enable […].

8 Green Items Every Home Should Have

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8 Green Items Every Home Should Have. Greening your home can be a daunting process. Green cleaning products. Green lighting.

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Political Green: The Climate is Mum

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Political Green: The Climate is Mum. The Proof. Failure of Leadership. ” Oil, Coal and Gas Motor On.

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Tax Breaks for Energy Efficient Homes

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offer tax breaks for home improvements that make homes more energy efficient. Encouraging energy efficient investments. How To."

Design your own LEED energy efficient dream green prefab with Blu

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Energy-efficient lighting and appliances. Design accredited environmental science program Blu green buildings LEED Silver prefab homes

Stating the Green Case: Small Business Advantages

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Running a small business is hard enough without having to implement green products or additions. Small Business Green Example: Overkill.

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Efficient Lawn Watering Tips

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A lush green lawn is an aesthetic appeal in an area used for playing or relaxing purposes. Watering when it is necessary is the most efficient lawn watering tip. Home and Garden efficient lawn wateringLawns need a lot of care such as mowing, seeding and regular watering to maintain their natural beauty.

Podcast Questions Efficiency of Energy Efficiency Policy

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While listening to recent episodes of “Freakonomics”, I came across an interesting episode titled “How Efficient is Energy Efficiency?”,

Easy Maintenance Tips For Your A/C Unit to Improve Energy Efficiency

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Maintaining your A/C unit, regardless of style, is a great way to keep your home cool and using energy efficiently. Screwdriver. Stiff Brush.

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Energy Efficient Lighting and the Benefits of LED Lights

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Energy efficient lighting technology is improving rapidly, and LED lighting is the latest breakthrough. eco-innovation energy efficient lighting green living how to go green saving energy saving money Energy Efficient Lighting and the Benefits of LED Lighting save energy save money

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Refrigerator and freezer: ideal temperatures and humidities for efficient operation

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Buying an energy efficient refrigerator is just one step toward cutting your utility bills and carbon emissions, and is not an option for many people. In

10 Reasons Vegetarianism Can Help Save the Earth

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10 Reasons Vegetarianism Can Help Save the Earth. go veg! 1. Manure is notorious for releasing global warming methane as it deteriorates. Water Waste.

Solar Panel System Operation Maintenance: 5 Low Cost Ways To Keep Your Home’s PV System Optimized and Running Efficiently

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Just like the car that’s parked in your driveway, your solar panels will need periodic maintenance to keep them operating efficiently and at peak performance. Sponsored Posts cleaning efficiency Hawaii honolulu maintenance savings solar panels

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Conserving Resources

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Tagged: CFL , conservation , energy efficient , green energy , water saving. COMPOSTABLE BIODEGRADABLE Going Green Green Energy Green Executives Speak Out RECYCLABLE Recycling REUSABLE SUSTAINABLY SOURCED WATER ENERGY EFFICIENT CFL conservation energy efficient green energy water savingThe U.S.

Top 10 Tips for a Greener Summer Vacation

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This will make it run more efficiently and waste less gasoline or diesel so the air stays cleaner. Patronize family-friendly green restaurants.

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Watering Your Yard Efficiently During Hot & Dry Times

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Energy Efficiency Green LivingHot, dry and hot!  That might describe your local weather as August descends upon us. 

7 Energy Saving Tips For Efficient Cooking

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energy saving tips for efficient cooking. 1.  Rightsize your appliance for highest efficiency. “, also on Green Living Ideas ).

How Does It Work: Hydropower

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But no matter how you power your home, the environmental impact of hydroelectric dams is an issue that affects us all, and to live green it’s important to appreciate not only hydroelectricity’s role as an alternative to toxic fossil fuels but its problems as well. Tagged: alternative power , green energy , water conservation.

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Green Future: Google Invests $1 Billion in Clean Energy

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There’s a tech company that’s concerned with green – and no, not because it’s the color of money. The Corporate Future of “Going Green”.

The world’s most energy efficient cities

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Go Green Green Energy/Transportation Reviews Sustainability Conservation GreenFrom:

Green Your Family Road Trip

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Here are some tips I’ve learned along the way to ensure we’re being as green as possible when we head off on our family adventures.


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So, look out for this in the pages of the GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW in the next week or so. Using a 2000 watt vacuum for 2 hours a week on a 0.30

A Good Tax Credit for Small Business, Large Business and Residential Advancement

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One industry that is breathing a sigh of relief is the Green industry, particularly wind energy. A tax credit (our taxes cover tax credits) was given in the 11 th hour of the fiscal cliff powwow. Another excellent thing about this good tax credit is that it gives a monetary incentive to each residence regarding energy efficiency change.

A Dedicated Green Roof Research Center Opens in Israel

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Will Israeli flora be reliable to serve for green roofs; And do green roofs increase the biological diversity of insets and plants?”

10 Simple Ways to Green Up your Bathroom

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However, much like every other room in the home, there are simple ways to green up your bathroom, below are ten of them. gallons per flush.

Gulf Orders Piling Up For Fuel-Efficient 787 Dreamliners

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Gulf carriers are ready for the new EU carbon regulations, with 70 orders pending for the 20% more energy-efficient Boeing Dreamliner.

Federal Fleet Vehicles: Driving Efficiency, But Not Fast Enough

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Green Fleets Green Transportation Oil Imagine pumping 400 million gallons of fuel for your cars over the course of a year. percent.

Censorship on Climate Change

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ALLERGY HEALTH SENSITIVE Defining Green Green Business Living Green SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS WATER ENERGY EFFICIENT climate change ecofriendly G. W.

7 Simple Ways to Green-up your Laundry Routine

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Simple Ways to Green-up your Laundry Routine:  1. Green up home green up home Health Laundry laundry balls

Saudi Arabia Sinks $26 Billion in Green Buildings

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Green Building Council as the Exclusive Authorized Education Delivery Partner to provide LEED  workshops. Ali U.

Lightexture Lamps Combine Ethereal Light and Energy Efficiency

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Lightexture’s lamps are beautiful and energy efficient. Fashion & Design design Green Lighting Light sustainable design

SAY It Forward: A Call to Share Your Green Homeowner Experience

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Greenspiration Home is an online resource dedicated to helping homeowners build, renovate, and decorate green.