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IBM’s Trip to Become A Socially Integrated Enterprise

Wend Magazine

A journey that started back in 2001, but that it had its main roots well substantiated within the company for much longer. Are we there yet? SIE ).

How Fast Can A Roadrunner Run?

10,000 Birds

According to Mark Lockwood’s Basic Texas Birds: A Field Guide , with or without Wile. Shocking, no? Oh well. Meep-Meep! … a.

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Not seeing the forest for the trees?

Environmental Economics

Nancy Folbre promotes the notion of green jobs at Economix and then gets down to business: The biggest gains from investments in new renewable-energy technologies are not easily captured in private transactions, because they produce environmental services that are largely unpriced. These are red herrings because cost of green jobs vs. what exactly?

Vaska Herbatergent™

Green Earth Journey

I recently was given a chance to try Herbatergent from Vaska , which is now available at your local Target store.

24 handy lemon tips

Green Living Tips

Is there anything better than scent of a lemon? Lemons not only have a wonderful fragrance, but can also act as a green replacement for cleaning chemicals used around the home that aren't so environmentally friendly

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Beirut’s Rooftop Revolution (INTERVIEW)

Green Prophet

We interview urban designer Wassim Melki who envisions a sustainable future for Beirut’s skyline. How green roofs could work in Beirut.

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Spiritual Ecology and the Lesson of Crete

The Alien Next Door

If Gaia is our “Natural Mother” then Ecology is her language —Nina Munteanu. A spiritual connection with nature is nothing new. Harper & Row.

Take a Green Vacation: 16 Ways To Be An Eco-Volunteer

Living Green & Saving Energy

Take a Green Vacation: 16 Ways To Be An Eco-Volunteer. green travel green vacation how to go green eco-volunteer

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10 Commonly Mispronounced Brands

Wend Magazine

There are many ways to pronounce a word; there’s a bunch of wrong ways, and then there’s the American way. Proper pronunciation: jjhear-row. Mammut.

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What happened with Archaeopteryx?

10,000 Birds

Imagine you study history. You and your colleagues are experts on the history of France, Poland, Spain, all those European countries. Her name was Amy.

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Seattle Seahawks to get largest solar energy roof- 2.5 Acres of it

Environmental Economics

It will be on the roof of Qwest Field Event Center. The huge solar installation will cover over 2.5

Tree Recycling

Green Earth Journey

Find your Christmas tree recycling, treecycling, options right now with Earth 911

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Captain Planet Live Action Film In Development!!


“The messages of Captain Planet are even more relevant today,&# said Stuart Snyder, president and COO of Turner Broadcasting System Inc.’s

Tips for Cleaner Indoor Air

Green Home Blog

Tips for Cleaner Indoor Air. When most people think of air pollution they picture highways full of car exhaust and factories belching smoke, but did you know that the air inside your home can actually be more dangerous? Follow the tips below to help keep the air in your home clean. Test for Air Quality. Filter. Clean Green. Keep Chemicals Outside.

Green Hero: Gili Islands’ Delphine Robbe

Green Traveler Guides

| Gili Eco Trust |. “Y ou really should talk with Delphine Robbe.” Marine conservation? Garbage collection? Saving horses from neglect and abuse?

2011 70

How Do You Recycle?

The Green Samaritan

With Earth Day approaching, I’m curious… How do you recycle or how does your city handle recycling? I’m fortunate – my city offer curbside recycling and furnishes a big brown can to deposit all our recyclable items in to include paper, aluminum cans, glass, newspaper, steel.

Meat Glue: The Meat Industry’s Dirty Secret

Green Prophet

Care for a slab of Frankenstein steak? Just glue meat scraps together and serve ‘em up, hot. Side of blood clots, optional.

Social Networking: Past, Present and Future

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) If you ask a teenager today what social networking is the answer will get is Facebook. That is all they would know and maybe Bebo or MySpace. They may say Blogging and that's where it would end for them. These are all tools that were used for social networking. All these tools made it possible to share information.

I Stand with the Xingu River


This photo, which I got from La Mina Circle in Los Angeles, reveals a tragic moment in the politics of the earth. Chief Raoni of the Kayapó people broke down crying when he learned that the Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff. approved construction to begin on the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant & dam project on Xingu [.].

Whisky Will Power 9,000 Homes With New Biomass Plant

Wend Magazine

Whisky (also spelled whiskey ) is “a spirit distilled from malted grain.&# Yes, producing tons of whisky is a great thing!

Buller’s Albatrosses

10,000 Birds

It’s winter down here for sure now, and winter in Kaikoura , on the coast of South Island north of Christchurch, means one thing, albatrosses!

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What environmentalists need to know about economics

Environmental Economics

Here is the short version

Living Green and Healthy: 5 Health Benefits from Going Green

Living Green & Saving Energy

I spend a fair amount of time on Living Green and Saving Energy describing how to go green and save money as a result. But as important as saving money is for most people, perhaps it is not the most important benefit of a greener

10 Rainforest Creatures That Defy Imagination


Ecorazzi’s Rainforest Editorial Series is brought to you by Hello Green Tomorrow , the Avon Product Inc. Glass Frog. Photo credit/Creative Commons.

How to Serve Holiday Dinner Without Waste

Green Home Blog

How to Serve Holiday Dinner Without Waste. During the stress of the holidays, it can be easy to forget that responsible food use is just as important as responsible food production. An average American family of four will throw away around 122 lbs. of food a month. The U.S. and 4% of U.S. Waste not, but enjoy the bounty. Stuffing – ¼ lb. potatoes.

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Ubud, Bali: sleeping in Michael Franti’s green bed

Green Traveler Guides

| Ubud’s Green Yoga |. Soulshine yoga: al fresco. It’s all included, and it’s all good. Deep exhalation. Franti groupies, take note.

2011 68

Where Low Flow Water Fixtures Make Sense & Where They Might Not

The Green Samaritan

This is a guest post by Trish Holder of Greenspiration Home.

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Renewable Energy Vital For Jordan & Lebanon’s Future

Green Prophet

Whilst the Middle East may be known worldwide for its oil, many nations are now starting to look to renewables for a sustainable source of energy.

Green Tourism Mobile Application for UK & Ireland Launched by TripSketch

Green (Living) Review

Award winning online Green Travel company TripSketch has announced the launch of a new Green Tourism mobile application for the United Kingdom and Ireland. TripSketch is delighted to announce our partnership with Green Business UK, the company that runs the GTBS,” says TripSketch Founder and CEO, Lalitha Swart. Green Business UK Ltd.,

Cities, Biodiversity and Governance: Perspectives and Challenges of the Implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity at the City Level

The Green Changemakers

The way cities are designed, planned, and governed influence the amount of their direct and indirect impacts on biodiversity. UNU-IAS/2010/No.

Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder App Provides Database of Every Federal, State Land in America

Wend Magazine

The brand-new (and free) iPhone App Oh, Ranger! app is a great resource for information. Once users have chosen where they want to go, Oh, Ranger!

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Why is the Robin’s Breast Red?

10,000 Birds

Why is the Robin’s breast red? Why are any of the parts of any birds colorful? To make it easier for birders to identify them, of course!

2011 82

My entry in the Department of Interior design your own logo contest

Environmental Economics

Here are the rest fo the entries: [link]. Hat tip: The blog formerly known as Green, Inc

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Living Green and Healthy: 5 Health Benefits from Going Green.

Living Green & Saving Energy

Green living can improve your health as well. Here are 5 health benefits you can realize from creating a greener lifestyle