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10,000 Birds

Weavers are truly magical birds, combining bright plumages with ingenious weaving talents and cheerful, noisy social lives. Birds Weavers

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Chewing Gum And The Environment

Green Living Tips

Chewing gum? You could well be chewing fossil fuel. Cutting back on chewing or. bubble gum, or being especially careful of how you dispose of it, is just one of. the many little things we can do to reduce our environmental impact

Nader Khalili-inspired Eco Resort in Oman Wins Big Accolades at WAF

Green Prophet

Cal-Earth conducted on site training programs in earth architecture in the Shuwaimia fishing village, attracting a throng of curious onlookers.

James Cameron Challenges Environmentalists to Go Vegan


James Cameron is challenging us all to remove animal products from our diets. Read More The post James Cameron Challenges Environmentalists to Go Vegan appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Environment Featured News Vegan

Maybe I shouldn't worry so much about the wording of survey questions on the sidebar of webpages?

Environmental Economics

Here are the results of the poll in the sidebar of the article mentioned in this post : I voted "Yes, through a cap-and-trade system."

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The name of our department is Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics, and this story has them all.

Environmental Economics

This looks like they are sending up the benefit/cost bat signal: Four Nigerian farmers and the environmental group Friends of the Earth took oil giant Shell to court Thursday in the Netherlands to demand a proper cleanup and compensation for pollution in the Niger Delta. Based on "years of oil. The three villages. to Friends of the Earth.

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The paper cup and its environmental impact

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) And I do not even want to talk about the expanded polystyrene (Styrofoam) cup. So, what is the answer?

Modern Design Ideas for the Home

Green Furniture Home Design

Modern Design Ideas. Wall Decals. Simplicity. Using Vintage Furniture. Modern modern bathroom modern design modern furniture

Kaley Cuoco ‘Heartbroken’ Over Kelly Ripa Pit Bull Comments


Kelly Ripa made more than a few people angry on her show yesterday when she made a comment about pit bulls, calling them dangerous. Read More The post Kaley Cuoco ‘Heartbroken’ Over Kelly Ripa Pit Bull Comments appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News kaley cuoco kelly ripa

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We're part of a new enlightenment

Environmental Economics

From the inbox: I'm following up with you about the list has published of the Top 100 Sites for Enlightened Economists. I emailed you last week to let you know you'd been nominated, and I'm pleased to report that your site made the Top 100. You can view the list here: [link]. via

You could lose your right to sell your own stuff

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Yes, you have read that right. The case is called Kirstaeng v. John Wiley & Sons and involves copyright law.

REVIEW: New Documentary Follows Turkish Village’s Battle Against Invading Garbage

Green Prophet

Despite promises that the waste would be carefully contained, it began leaching into the surrounding soil, water, and air almost immediately.

WATCH: Stars Say Vote Yes on GMO Labeling with Prop 37


In a new PSA the stars came out to ask the public to vote yes on prop 37, a ballot initiative in California that will make it so companies have to label whether or not their foods have genetically modified organisms (GMOs) Read More The post WATCH: Stars Say Vote Yes on GMO Labeling with Prop 37 appeared first on Ecorazzi.

A nonzero probability of a U.S. carbon tax?

Environmental Economics

So whether or not [President Obama] would actually consider it, I think is actually a more important question for whether or not the other side of the political aisle would consider it,” said Joseph Aldy during a debate on energy between campaign representatives at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Friday night. via

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Don't fall for greenwash

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Tom's of Maine, best known for it's supposedly environmentally friendly toothpaste practices, is seen by a great many people to be a real caring company but few know that it is almost wholly owned nowadays by Colgate-Palmolive and that means by one of the biggest corporations in the personal care market.

Columbarium is an Eco-Luxe Cave Dwelling in Israel

Green Prophet

A surprising number of people still live in caves throughout the Middle East, but hardly any of them have a home that is as luxurious as the enviable Columbarium in Israel. Not so with this Airbnb listing for a two bedroom apartment located between caves Hazan and Beit Govrin in the Judean hills of Shefek Israel. For about €290 a night (gasp!),

How Much Do Cats Actually Kill?

10,000 Birds

Do you or someone you love still doubt the apocalyptic ecological impacts of outdoor domesticated cats? The Oatmeal serves up a must-see infographic that makes the connection between cats and the number 2,912,000,000 crystal clear. Asides cats

Costs of accreditation

Environmental Economics

A number of years ago I tried to debunk the "one million dollars per mile" rule of thumb for hurricane evacuations as too high (and more heterogeneous than the rule of thumb). Nevertheless, the cost of evacuation is still high. I would say the same thing is going on here. The study is a doctoral dissertation by Paul Woolston Jr.,  

Repair Café: A concept that hopefully catches on all over

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Trust the Dutch to come up with a great idea of waste reduction yet again and it is an idea that should find followers everywhere. What do you do with a chair when the leg has come loose? With a toaster that no longer works? Or a woollen jumper with moth holes? Toss it? No way! Why a Repair Café? repair Repair Cafe

Egypt Environment Activists Fighting Back Over Sinai Red Sea Bridge

Green Prophet

A bridge over troubled waters still being planned for Saudi Arabia and Sinai. About 20 dive sites will be lost, activists tell Green Prophet. A grassroots environmental group of activists are continuing to put pressure on the Egyptian government to end its plans to develop and erect a bridge linking the Sinai Peninsula with Saudi Arabia.

WATCH: NFL Player Bret Lockett Joins PETA’s Anti-Fur Campaign


Former NFL player Bret Lockett says no to fur for PETA's anti-fur campaign. Read More The post WATCH: NFL Player Bret Lockett Joins PETA’s Anti-Fur Campaign appeared first on Ecorazzi. Animals Causes News Top News bret lockett

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MR: Handicapping the 2012 Nobel

Environmental Economics

Tyler Cowen: This article mentions Alvin Roth, Bob Shiller, Richard Thaler, Robert Barro, Lars Hansen, Anthony Atkinson, Angus Deaton, Jean Tirole, Stephen Ross, and William Nordhaus. I’ll predict a triple prize to Shiller, Thaler, and Eugene Fama.    Tirole and Nordhaus are deserving perennials, with various bundlings (e.g.,

Going naked for the Planet

Green (Living) Review

Going sans clothes for the sake of the Planet by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Man was not made with clothes or fur and clothes were just “invented” as a means to protect us from the elements in inclement weathers and climates. Kids get dirty and should be allowed to get dirty and the best way to do that is sans clothes.

Adventures in Shoes with the Eco Friendly and the Fabulous: Coclico Covers All Our Bases

Eco Chic

The Pepper Clavel. I expect a lot from my shoes; they need to look great (but unique, cool and as creative as the rest of my wardrobe).

‘Twilight’ Star Embraces Vermicomposting


When it comes to composting kitchen scraps, “Twilight” star Nikki Reed prefers to enlist the help of worms. The 24-year-old vegan actress recently revealed that she was inspired to take Read More The post ‘Twilight’ Star Embraces Vermicomposting appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes Environment News Top News nikki reed

Iranian Farshid Moussavi’s Prismatic MOCA in Cleveland Goes for LEED Silver

Green Prophet

But with a price tag of $27.2 The three story museum opens with an enormous lobby area and a bold staircase that winds through the interior.

Another new trip in GreenSumption

Green (Living) Review

Has the Conscious Box got real eco-consciousness? by Michael Smith (Veshengro) I really must say that there is not much of eco-consciousness here, as far as I am concerned, for it is but another way of having people buy so-called green products. Let's say no to consumption and consumerism in whichever shape or form or color.

Greenpeace action exposes shockingly weak security at Swedish nuclear plants

Green Blog

On Tuesday this week more than 70 Greenpeace activists took action in what they said was “a peaceful stress test” of two Swedish nuclear power plants.

Ben Affleck Making 7th Congo Charity Trip in November


With news that Ben Affleck is about to undertake his 7th trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo, I’m easily convinced that this guy is in the same league as Read More The post Ben Affleck Making 7th Congo Charity Trip in November appeared first on Ecorazzi. Causes News People Top News ben affleck

Water-Producing Eole Wind Turbine Has Gulf States Drooling

Green Prophet

Eole Water from France has developed a water-producing wind turbine and Gulf states are drooling at the jowls to have at least one of their own.

Save tons of money by ditching the take-away coffee

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) You could save over £500 ($850) by Christmas if you stopped having your daily takeout coffee. And I mean from now to Christmas, but obviously depending on how many takeout coffees you have per day. Don't get me wrong. If you want to be really cheap find a cemetery. But ask first if they are and if it is OK to use them.

Gorgeous Bird Door

10,000 Birds

Communications Director Ilana DeBare posted a series of photos of the mural in progress from bland beige door to SF Bay landscape. Inspiring!

VegCo Market: 100% Plant-Based Supermarket Coming to Phoenix


Attention plant-loving denizens of Phoenix, Arizona: You’re all lucky bastards. Starting in early 2013, the 12,000 square-foot 100% plant-based VegCo Market will open in the heart of the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Read More The post VegCo Market: 100% Plant-Based Supermarket Coming to Phoenix appeared first on Ecorazzi.

Killer Fungi

Green Home Blog

Killer Fungi. black mold It might seem overly dramatic to refer to some fungi and molds as deadly, but in fact they can be. What can black mold do?