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Vultures, Human Evolution, Global Warming, and Windmills

10,000 Birds

Yes, these things are all connected. He correctly criticized my advisor at the time, Glynn Isaac, for having done that. Your argument is invalid.

What's wrong with climate change economics?

Environmental Economics

Er, nothing? Joe Romm : Last week economist William Nordhaus slammed global warming deniers and explained that the cost of delaying action is $4 Trillion. A key reason for that, I believe, is a chronic low-balling of future temperature rise and hence future climate impacts and hence future climate damages by the mainstream economic profession.

Pink Slime in 70 Percent of Ground Beef


USDA scientists are saying that 'pink slime' is used as filler in ground beef found in grocery stores even after objections were raised. Read More. Eats News Top News

Are ESLs A Mercury-Free Replacement for CFL Lights?

Green Prophet

Spectrums: CFL (top) has mercury’s characteristic violet and green. Incandescent (middle) spectrum is smooth with strong reds (warm).

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Crimson-rumped Toucanet

10,000 Birds

There’s something about a toucan, isn’t there? Toucans tell you that you aren’t in Kansas anymore. Is this a beautiful bird or what?

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Hey, that’s not in my field guide!

10,000 Birds

When you spend a lot of time outdoors you get to see strange things happen. Here now, with brief captions, are some oddities. Osprey…?

Playa del Carmen, Mexico: world’s 1st hotel eco-microturbine

Green Traveler Guides

The world's first hotel use of an eco-efficient microturbine will reduce the Royal Playa del Carmen's energy consumption by more than 48%, and also eliminates the necessity for emergency generators. Microturbines work like jet engines but produce electricity instead of thrust.

WATCH: 20 Beached Dolphins Saved by Good Samaritans in Brazil


A man with a camera filmed the stranding of 20 or so dolphins in Arraial do Cabo, Brazil. Read More. Animals Causes News Top News Video

New Oil Slick in Egypt Threatens Red Sea Coral Reef

Green Prophet

This coral reef in Egypt is threatened by a new oil slick, according to local reports.

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Robin Egg Blue

10,000 Birds

I was startled by an American Robin flushing from directly in front of me, not more than three feet away. Good luck, egg! ……… a.

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DIY Removable and Reusable Wallcovering: A Renter’s Dream

Eco Chic

Removable and reusable vertical stripe from I’m sort of obsessed with the entryway to my modestly sized Brooklyn apartment.

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Ricky Gervais Launches Cruelty Free International


The 50-year-old comedian and animal activist wants a global ban on cosmetic testing with animals. Read More. Animals Causes Featured News Video ricky gervais

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Saudi Potato Battery Could Be Commercially Available in One Year!

Green Prophet

Saudi researchers have produced a potato-powered battery that could be commercially available within the next year! DIY Potato Batteries.

Home Solar Installations Doubled in 2011

Solar Power Ninja

The U.S. added a record 1,855 megawatts of photovoltaic capacity in 2011, a 109% increase from 2010. It’s the falling prices of solar panels.

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Solar Sail: First of its kind solar EV charging station installed in Texas


New York company pitches Solar Sail EV charging stations. Via: Autobloggreen

Bipartisan Bill to Help Canine Veterans of War


Recently proposed legislation would ensure all retired military dogs are provided with veterinary care, a loving home, and recognition for their heroic work. Read More. Animals Causes News Top News Richard Blumenthal Walter Jones

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Paper Made From Sewage Rolls off Israeli Shelves

Green Prophet

Eventually the paper you write on could come from a loo near you! Here’s how it works : First it is necessary to separate solids from water.

Back in New York and Birding Part 2

10,000 Birds

And who wouldn’t enjoy birding Jones Beach, where there are always birds and often rarities to be found? Sweet! And what a look at a life bird!

Trees are sanctuaries

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth.

Ricky Gervais Thinks Everyone Should Be Against Animal Testing


Ricky Gervais has a few favorite topics that he covers on twitter. His atheism and making fun of religion. Animals. Self-promotion. Read More. Animals Causes News Top News ricky gervais

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2012 21

Dubai Finally Gets Serious About Overfishing

Green Prophet

Overfishing has led to a massive depletion of Gulf fish stock, so Dubai has announced plans to crack down on illegal sales of immature fish.

Where the Kingfishers Are

10,000 Birds

You have been warned! More importantly, it is a fantastic area to watch birds in its own right. Not sure how it learnt that one! Go see them soon!

Solar-powered radio station to spread the light in forest of Oshwe


Sun-Powered Forest Radio. Run by a bunch of volunteers it has for long relied on diesel for power needs. Via: Greenpeace

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Donald Trump’s Sons Kill Animals on African Safari


Photos leak of Don Jr. and Eric posing with dead animals in Africa. Read More. Animals News Top News donald trump jr. eric trump

Pink Slime A Non-Issue for Kosher McDonald’s

Green Prophet

Good news! This McRoyal Burger sold in Israel doesn’t contain pink slime, and it never did. . Pink slime up close. Photo: McDonalds Israel.

The Woodpeckers of New York City

10,000 Birds

Disbelief probably seems like the proper response to the idea that there are woodpeckers in New York City. Read on curious picophile, read on!

Will increased ocean acidification end up causing mass extinctions?


Why we are asking this now? Ocean acidification has been an ongoing process that relates to decreasing pH values, and thus increasing of acidic nature of our oceans. The reasons are many; however the major one among

Ashley Judd Speaks Out About Human Trafficking at UN


While most people know her as the star of films like “Double Jeopardy” and “Kiss the Girls” there’s a lot more to Ashley Judd than her acting chops. A 2010 Read More. Causes News People Top News ashley judd

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Israeli Technology Creates The Basil Tree

Green Prophet

Flavorful basil for cooking now grows on trees, says Hishshtil , Israeli garden and agricultural nursery. and stomach cramps. How luxurious.

Soul-Satisfying Scarlet

10,000 Birds

Sometimes a species just stops you in your tracks. So it was with a superlative, breeding-plumaged, male Scarlet Tanager today at Jamaica Bay.

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Awesome green creations from old cellphones


The staggering rate at which mobile technology is advancing, means that people in search for the best and the latest discard their cellphones in no time. While some manufacturers are trying to green their credentials by

‘Forks Over Knives’ Scores Again! Kristen Bell Goes Vegan


The actress and her fiance, Dax Shepard, went vegan in January, after they learned about the health benefits of the diet. Read More. Entertainment Film/TV News Top News Vegan dax shepard kristen bell

Going Bananas Over Food Miles – Putting the Eco Back in Economics

Green Prophet

Food miles explained: I know the best option is to grow and buy locally. But when that isn’t possible, what is the least worse option? Pollution.

The Cost of a Shower (and an Easy Way for a Family To Save More Than $1000 Per Year

Living Green & Saving Energy

The real cost of a shower is not just the water you use. In fact, the overwhelming factor in the cost of a shower is the energy required to heat the water you use. A typical 10 minute shower will cost more than $2.00. If you simply cut your showering time in half, to 5 minutes from 10 minutes, you will save more than $1.00