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Qatar’s Sahara Forest Project Grows Its First Cucumbers from Saltwater

Green Prophet

The Gulf region is showing exactly why they are quickly becoming the top destination for renewable and clean technology in the world.

Qatar 40

NASA’s 10 Most Stunning Pictures of 2012


For the second year in a row, we've gone through an entire years worth of photos and picked out our favorites. Check out last year's list and scroll down for some 2012 beauty. Read More The post NASA’s 10 Most Stunning Pictures of 2012 appeared first on Ecorazzi. Featured News Science

2012 34
2012 34

A Skip of Skylarks?

10,000 Birds

During the middle ages, a specialised vocabulary became popular in the sport of hunting. I wonder if a Sussuration has been taken yet. Merry Christmas.

Kerosene lanterns may be an overlooked source of Climate Change pollution

Green (Living) Review

The researchers have found that 7-9% of the kerosene ends up in the atmosphere as black carbon. What are the cleaner alternatives? In fact, 1.9

‘Wadjda’ – A Saudi Girl & Her Green Bicycle

Green Prophet

“So in some ways, the story is part of my life and the things I encountered in my life. So Wadjda decides to try and raise the money herself.

2012 31

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Turning Arabian Desert Fog Into Energy and Water

Green Prophet

The UAE’s Masdar looks to create renewable energy from desert fog. The idea is simple.

UAE 22

Are Kids Sicker Today Due to Pesticides in Our Environment?

Eco Chic

Photo via iStock. Editor’s Note: This week we will begin regularly running Earth Talk questions and answers about the environment and health.

ABA-Area Bird Number 500!

10,000 Birds

How did I finally reach this lofty peak? There were, however, several rarities around that would get me to 500 birds. This option seemed perfect.

Designed Obsolescence

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) Instead of being repairable and upgradable most products today are designed – yes, designed – with a maximum lifespan and then to be tossed out. In most cases this lifespan is a maximum of three years. Often one finds that printers, scanners, etc., are suddenly no longer supported.


Qatar Airways Praised for its Natural Gas/Biofuel Push to the Skies

Green Prophet

Cheaper flights for all? Qatar has the largest per capita carbon footprint in the world. . Image of airplane in sunset from Shutterstock.

Qatar 18

A Happy and Healthy 2013

Hug a Tree with Me

I just can’t believe that we are only days away from 2013; seriously, it feels like 2012 came and went by in a flash.

Pictures Galore!

10,000 Birds

So my last couple of posts have not had pictures in them. Or I could get a real dramatic uptick in my photography skills.

WorldWatch Institute Aims for Small Consumer Carbon Footprints

Green Home Blog

WorldWatch Institute Aims for Small Consumer Carbon Footprints. For example: reduce. reuse. recycle. One guy got an almost new Armani suit that way.

Turkish Natural Wonder Threatened By Erosion And Power Plant, Geologist Says

Green Prophet

Without any effort made to preserve the delicate structures, warns a Turkish geologist, they’ll begin to erode away rapidly over coming years.

Beat the Christmas Frenzy and Find Your Focus

The Alien Next Door

Sammy in his element. How many of you are still running around preparing for the Christmas celebration or secular family festivity? That’s good.

Where Are You Birding This Final Weekend of 2012?

10,000 Birds

The last weekend of December 2012 is the last weekend of the entire year. How will you do it? Isn’t that what birding is all about?

Gaming the System for Sustainability

Green Home Blog

Gaming the System for Sustainability. A lot of young (and not so young) people are going to be getting video games this Christmas.

Vegetarianism Can Save the Middle East

Green Prophet

Also on the list of reasons why people turn away from flesh consumption is the environment and health concerns. . Doubtful.

Peace on earth?

Environmental Economics

Get ready for a Krugman/Mankiw spat on a day typically reserved for goodwill among men and women.   Or are circumstances different now? 

The Razorbill Invasion of Florida

10,000 Birds

Razorbills ( Alca torda ) have invaded the coastal waters of Florida on an unprecedented scale this December of 2012. Birds Florida seabirds

Born on Christmas Day

Green Home Blog

Born on Christmas Day. But what about those others who share a birth date with the most famous man in history? In fact, the wealth of Capricorns (Dec.

6 Eco Resolutions for 2013

Green Prophet

It’s nearly 2013 and I am grateful. Here are six of my resolutions. Please feel free to share yours in the comment section. Walk the green talk.

2013 13

Gauging the Gear: Avex Autospout and Autoseal Water Bottles

Wend Magazine

L: Autoseal R: Autospout. Water bottles, are water bottles, are water bottles, right? Maybe not. Click here to view the embedded video. General

Whooper Winterland

10,000 Birds

It’s Christmas Day and all through the house people are eating and lounging about. They are popular birds, and are the National Bird of Finland.

What’s For Holiday Dinner?

Green Home Blog

What’s For Holiday Dinner? Other historic or regional favorites descend from a pioneer menu that included whatever was edible and growing. Oh, well.

Gulf Greywater Recycling Could Cut Water Use by 30%

Green Prophet

Currently the average Emirati consumes roughly 550 liters of clean water every day, 30% of which is flushed down the toilet. Literally.

Consultants for Ecological Impact Can Help Keep Your Business Green

Living Green & Saving Energy

Consultants for Ecological Impact Can Keep Your Business Green. Green News Consultants for Ecological Impact green business

Crow Roosts

10,000 Birds

Have you ever gone to look for a American Crow roost in the United States? If you haven’t checked out a crow roost do. Birds crows

Holiday Blues, Greens and Everything In-betweens

Green Home Blog

Holiday Blues, Greens and Everything In-betweens. Sometimes, it feels as though you have blinked and the holidays are back. Get in the Soup.

Morflora’s Plant “Vaccine” Boosts Food Production Without Using GMOs

Green Prophet

A new seed treatment could stop the use and need for GMOs. The trademarked product, TraitUP, will be on the market in 2013. It is a paradigm shift.”.

Soy 9

New Year’s resolutions for green travelers

Green Traveler Guides

Tis the season for looking ahead to 2013. Here are eight New Year's resolutions to enrich and broaden the horizons of any green traveler. New Year’s resolutions for green travelers is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

Don’t Lick the Pied-billed Grebes

10,000 Birds

I was pretty happy with the Pied-billed Grebe shot I shared yesterday. But I took things to a whole new level today. Click to embiggen.) The colors!

Reflections, Inspections and End of Year Projections

Green Home Blog

Reflections, Inspections and End of Year Projections. We may wish that every day could be a day we learn and become enlightened. However, it is no surprise that for many, each day often blurs into another. That brings us to the opportunity each holiday season offers when it comes to reflections, inspections and end of year projections. Reflections.

Lootah Biofuels to Grow Algae in Dubai to Reduce Oil Spillage

Green Prophet

Image of the US-researched Aquatic Species Program from Jimmy Carter era. Lootah is the company that is helping bio-power buses in Dubai ).