June, 2012

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5 Ways To Green Your Bedroom

Green Home Blog

5 Ways To Green Your Bedroom. Green your bed! To get you started, here’s a list of five ways you can keep your bedroom safe, clean, and green.

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Carbon Omission

Wend Magazine

More on Big Coal BS. From Coal Tattoo: Coal PR firm set up state’s anti-Obama meetings. From Source Watch: Environmental impacts of coal. From Yes!

Namibia’s 15 key birds

10,000 Birds

Before self-rule it was administered by South Africa and known as South-West Africa. It has the second lowest population density (6.6

Whither t = 1.92?

Environmental Economics

In addition to publication bias, there is evidence of a researcher response. Here is a picture of spike in t-statistics a little greater than 1.96

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Manhattan’s biggest hotel gets even greener

Green Traveler Guides

A new living green roof and a super-energy-efficient heat and power system are the latest eco-upgrades at Hilton New York, the city's largest hotel. Manhattan’s biggest hotel gets even greener is a post from: Green Traveler Guides.

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Striding Snake-killers

10,000 Birds

There is no raptor quite so removed from the typical confines of what a bird of prey should look and behave like. Watching them hunt is fascinating.

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Sun-Believable Solar Nanotechnology Paint May Revolutionize Renewables

Green Prophet

Paint researchers at University of Notre Dame go green, and not just ‘cause they’re the “Fighting Irish”. Low cost may counterbalance low efficiency.

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How to Save a Little Green by Going Green

Living Green & Saving Energy

Here are a few ways to not only go green but save green! saving energy saving money saving water go green save money going green green lifestyle how to go green save energy save money sustainable living

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Michelle Pfeiffer on Her New Vegan Diet


The actress opens up to Dr. Sanjay Gupta about why she switched to a vegan diet for hear health. Read More. Eats News Top News Vegan caldwell esselstyn michelle pfeiffer

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A Guide to Radon

Green Home Blog

A Guide to Radon. What is Radon? If you look on the periodic table you’ll find it all the way on the bottom right listed as Rn. Is it dangerous?

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Ridiculously stupid quote of the day

Environmental Economics

Stocks closed lower Thursday with all three major averages logging their worst May since 2010, driven by mounting concerns over the euro zone debt crisis in addition to worries over a slowing U.S. economy. via www.cnbc.com. Worst May since 2010? How many have there been? Let's count the Mays since 2010. 1) May, 2011. 2) May, 2012. What? OK then.

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Southern Lapwings and their Sexy Spurs

10,000 Birds

One attribute endowed in T&T by its geological parent Venezuela is a deep diversity of avifauna, including a lot of South American specialties.

Jacob Karni’s Solar Turns Brown Coal Into Clean Fuel

Green Prophet

Greenearth energy looks to Israeli solar tech to make use of Oz’s vast brown coal resources. Jacob Karni from the Weizmann. Jacob Karni.

How to Save a Little Green by Going Green

Living Green & Saving Energy

Here are a few ways to not only go green but save green! saving energy saving money saving water go green save money going green green lifestyle how to go green save energy save money sustainable living

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10 Amazing Green Features of Justin Timberlake’s Golf Course


Timberlake owns Mirimichi, a golf course in his home state of Tennessee, and it's one of the greenest in the country. Read More. Causes Environment Featured News Sports justin timberlake

Hemp facts

Green Living Tips

Hemp is an extraordinarily useful plant that can provide more environmentally friendly food, fiber, fuel, medicinal and building products

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What am I missing in the whole health care mandate debate?

Environmental Economics

I'm a simple man.    And by simple I mean I seek the simplest solution to complex problems.    At times that means I miss the nuance and detail that is really at the heart of many complex problems, but that doesn't stop me from offering simple analysis. It's all about the risk pooling.  So what am I missing?

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Where Tulips Come From (It Ain’t Holland)

10,000 Birds

It seemed that anywhere one looked some kind of flower, whether it was an iris, a tulip, or something else, was blooming. No, no, and no!

TIGI’s Honeycomb Solar Collector Wins Big Euro Award

Green Prophet

Last Wednesday in Munich, Germany, Israeli solar energy company TIGI Ltd. Israel Embraces Solar As It Races Towards 2020 Clean Energy. MW Project.

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Heroines for the Planet: Summer Rayne Oakes, Green Inspiration, Ecopreneur and Activist

Eco Chic

Such is the case of Summer Rayne Oakes who is, without question, doing more than a few things right. How does your platform help support cooperatives?

Mike Zigomanis on Being a Vegan Athlete


If you think there aren’t any great vegan athletes, think again! Many athletes are going for plant-based diets to keep them strong and healthy. Ironman triathlete Brendan Brazier, wrestler Daniel Read More. Entertainment News Sports Top News Vegan mike zigomanis

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Homemade Wire Weeder

Green (Living) Review

The answer is: “Extremely easy and it takes but a few minutes”. The original wire for this would be the Imperial or British Standard No.8 2012. #8

Reducing the cost of online surveys

Environmental Economics

From the inbox: As you may have heard, Zoomerang is now part of the SurveyMonkey family. SurveyMonkey is the world's largest survey company, home to over 12 million customers and used by 99% of the Fortune 500. By joining forces, we're able to give you the very best in survey tools and analytics. So you'll never have to worry.

Okay, okay, wood warblers are the bomb.

10,000 Birds

And to inform North Americans that their so-called wood warblers would be more aptly named Silly-Canaries. Polite. Excited. Sharing. where? where?

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Qatar’s QSAS Turns Other Rating Systems Green

Green Prophet

Step back, LEED. Back off, BREEAM. Easy there, Estidama: Qatar’s developing a new building standard and it’s called QSAS.

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A Himalayan resort made of dry stacking of stone and wood without cement


Himachal is a diverse place in its own right—the culture, dialect and architectural style changes as often as the geography it is endowed with.

‘Whale Wars’ and ‘Seal Wars’ Kick Off June for Animal Planet


The calendar has flipped and that means an epic month for the Sea Shepherd on Animal Planet has finally arrived. While “Viking Shores”, the first spin-off series for the Whale Read More. Animals Causes Featured Film/TV Top News

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Green washing machines

Green Living Tips

Front loading vs. top loading - what washing machine should you choose to help minimize the environmental impact of your clothes washing activities

Come study sustainability at THE Ohio State University

Environmental Economics

Blatant self-promotion alert: New undergraduate major in sustainability at Ohio State. Students who have a passion for sustainability can put their passion into practice by enrolling in Ohio State’s new major called Environment, Economy, Development and Sustainability (EEDS) ( [link] ).  Students can enroll now for Fall 2012!

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The Ubiquitous European Starling: The Bird We Love to Hate

10,000 Birds

1 ” By 1877 New York pharmacist Eugene Schieffelin, an avid admirer of Shakespeare, was the society’s driving force. www.youtube.com/watch?v=XH-groCeKbE

Gaza’s Water Too Dangerous To Drink

Green Prophet

According to a recent report by charities, Gaza’s only source of fresh water is contaminated with fertiliser and human waste.

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Clariant's eco advanced denim manufacturing process


Surbhi Sharma: Denims are one of the most favorite wears through all age groups, across the world. Eco Friendly Denim Process. Via: gizmag

Leonardo DiCaprio Calls for New York Shark Fin Ban


The actor tweeted his support for Oceana's campaign to get New York's shark fin ban passed. Read More. Animals Causes News Top News leonardo dicaprio

Best Western hotels ‘eco-zap’ viruses and bacteria

Green Traveler Guides

Best Western International has rolled out a new cleaning program that equips its housekeepers with ultra violet (UV) sterilization wands and UV inspection lights. Hotels News Technology Best Western green cleaning Green Travel News Reuters

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