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Red Hot Chili Peppers Dedicate Upcoming Shows to Sea Shepherd


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The Sad Story of Fish Oil and Small Sample Sizes | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

When there were only a little data available, fish oil looked like manna from heaven. The current best estimate of relative risk (bottom row

Oil 29

Manmade Ice Climbing Wall Now Open in Jackson, WY

Wend Magazine

Located at Snow King Mountain , the route is frozen onto a retaining wall where the highest point is 40 feet and wanes to ten feet. All General

2013 28
2013 28

Masdar City Unveils Phase B For the First Time (PHOTOS)

Green Prophet

Back then the “zero carbon, zero waste” development received a pile of bad press for falling short of its ambitions.

Pet Fish Could Give You Freaky Antibiotic-Resistant Skin Diseases.

Mother Jones

Have a freshwater fish tank at home? Stop petting Nemo and Wanda for a minute, and take a deep breath.

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Is the Housing Bubble Back? | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

Yesterday I read a post by Karl Smith suggesting we might already be headed into a second housing bubble. His argument was a little convoluted, though, so I filed it in the back of my brain and continued with my day

DC 9

Glencore chief Simon Murray launches private navy

Green (Living) Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro) In the beginning of January 2013 Glencore chief Simon Murray launched a private navy intended, so the story goes, to combat the menace of the Somali pirate which time and again endanger shipping. would assume that this is but for starters.

Release Your Truth: How I Survived (and Triumphed Over) My Own.

Elephant Journal

I was so afraid, that I would sleep in my blue jeans and t-shirt?the the soft fabric was my only sense of security and comfort.

Renault’s Electric Mini Car is More Electric Bang for Your Buck

Green Prophet

Now exactly the 2014 Corvette, this smaller and cheaper electric model may be popular for older purchasers and the eco-aware in the Middle East.

Little Green Corvette: Four Sweet, Fuel-Efficient Cars at the Detroit.

Mother Jones

Alan Baum has to shout into the phone for me to hear him over the cacophony of the Detroit Auto Show, which opened Monday.

Knit Your Own Sustainable Beard Hat

Green Prophet

Knit a beard. Look local. . Green Prophet archives hold a brilliant story on a  handknit sunnah beard. So I concocted a recipe to make my own. 

Servants Welcome, Roommates Barred

Sightline Daily

The staff at Downton Abbey. Scraped clean of rationalizations, roommate caps are simple. But if you can afford servants? 90 ]), Oregon. That’s fine.

What is an Alouette?

10,000 Birds

” But the biggest question has to be, “What the heck is an alouette?!” Birds Sports football meadowlarks

Aguanomics: Pigouvian taxes do NOT produce deadweight losses

Environmental Economics

Many students gave useful answers, but many also made two big mistakes. The other was simultaneously frustrating and enlightening to me.

Felonious Jive Back from Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

The facemelting, it will be too much. Asides

A Day in the Life of a Plastic Bag

Green Home Blog

A Day in the Life of a Plastic Bag. Plastic first appeared on the scene in 1862, at the Great International Exhibit in London. rigid plastic).

The Predominately Western, Golden-crowned Sparrow

10,000 Birds

At first glance you might not recognize this bird as a Golden-crowned Sparrow ( Zonotrichia atricapilla ). Resources: 1 Birds of North America Online.

New Camp Cookware Kickstarter Project from Alite

Wend Magazine

There are numerous other pledge levels too. No related posts

Poor Nesting Success for Wading Birds in South Florida

10,000 Birds

In 2012, for the third straight year, wading birds in south Florida had poor nesting success. Asides Florida herons and egrets

Win a Solar-Powered Radio

Living Green & Saving Energy

Win a Solar-Powered Radio with a competition from Green Reviews. green products solar energy green product reviews solar radio

A Look Back at 2012

10,000 Birds

Back in January of last year I said in my list for the year that I’d be happy if I hit 300 birds in 2012. ” Well yes, I guess.

Obama Introduces Hopeless Set of Gun Proposals | Mother Jones

Mother Jones

Ban 2

Calamity Jane (Except Not at All). ~ Miki Bowers | elephant journal

Elephant Journal

Source: via Janice on Pinterest And, donkeys are nocturnal and speak Sanskrit. just came home after spending four days in the

Ken Salazar, Obama's Secretary of the Interior, Is Heading Home.

Mother Jones

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced Wednesday morning that he will not be sticking around for President Obama's second term.

Alternative Medicine in Today's Society | elephant journal

Elephant Journal

Not only is alternative medicine more common than you think, but it now has a firm place in today's world

Knit Your Own Sustainable Beard

Green Prophet

Green Prophet archives hold a brilliant story on a  handknit sunnah beard. So I concocted a recipe to make my own.  Give it a try?

Healthy Eats in Chico. | elephant journal

Elephant Journal

Healthy Eats in Chico. IMG_6478-300x225. Known for being a college town surrounded by farmland, Chico is a great little town in California.

Jessica Alba’s Book ‘The Honest Life’ Hits Shelves in March


Jessica Alba gets ready for the release of her new book 'The Honest Life' in March. Healthy Living Lifestyle News Print Top News jessica alba

I am still learning | elephant journal

Elephant Journal

It aint what you know that gets you into trouble, its what you know for sure that just ain't so

Post Mubarak Egypt Struggles to Supply Wheat to Hungry Country

Green Prophet

Taking irrigated water from the Nile, the Toshka pumping station in upper Egypt was supposed to help combat encroaching desert.

Ghanaian Designer Wins Red Carpet Green Dress Challenge


A 20-year-old designer, Michael Badger, wins Suzy Amis Cameron's 2013 Red Carpet Green Dress Challenge.

one healthy change each day…

Green Living Ideas

One of our favorite vegetarian chefs, Sarah B. of My New Roots was recently featured on a TEDx Amerdam video.

Governor Scott Adopted Dog to Win Election Then Gave Him Back


Kissing babies doesn't seem to be enough anymore. In 2010 Rick Scott made a big fuss on his facebook page about adopting a Labrador retriever.

Experts: Tel Aviv Will Flood Again

Green Prophet

Tel Aviv University professors tell Green Prophet that it’s just a matter of time: Tel Aviv will flood again.